Super Smash Bros Betting: Best Sites for Smash Bets

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Published: Nov 24, 2022 - Last Updated: Feb 20, 2024

It might not be immediately obvious to an ‘outsider’, but Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros makes up an intense and popular portion of the esports betting industry. It has grown to be something special in the esports space today, and that’s why we’ve put together a one-stop Super Smash Bros betting guide.

From the best Super Smash Bros betting sites to the best tips possible for your Smash bets, we’ve covered every angle necessary to tell you all you need to know. Read on to discover a world of esports betting potential you may never have realised even exists, and find out how to bet on Super Smash.

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Best Sites for Super Smash Bros Betting

If you’re going to bet on Super Smash, you’ll need to do so on the right betting site. When it comes to Super Smash betting odds, there are many platforms that offer markets, but not all of them can be considered safe, reputable, or even reliable. With that in mind, we’ve taken the time to put together a list of the best betting sites that cover Super Smash Bros esports events.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a totally new esports bettor or a veteran punter, these platforms have something to suit every kind of gambler. They’re competitive and popular, and they boast countless features designed to infinitely improve your ultimate betting experience. If you want to take part in some Smash Ultimate gambling, look no further than this list:

How to Bet on Super Smash Bros

super smash bros betting smash bets
Image Credit: Nintendo

So, Super Smash Bros isn’t a powerhouse esports title like League of Legends or CSGO, but it is considered a key contributor to the esports ecosystem at large. There’s a powerful community behind Super Smash Bros that has remained loyal to the franchise for many years, effortlessly pumping up viewership figures whenever a tournament goes live. For instance, according to, the peak viewership for a Smash tournament was 245,624 users.

That community also means there are plenty of users eager to place Smash bets, potentially making a profit off their favorite game. There’s a dense market packed with Super Smash betting tips, and the best esports betting sites are all too happy to accommodate those wagers.

So, what kind of bets can you make on Smash tournaments?

Fortunately for newcomers to Super Smash Bros betting, there isn’t too much diversity where Smash bets are concerned. For the most part, the markets are slim and simple, and the majority of the wagers placed on Super Smash Bros will be basic match-winner wagers. This is as easy as it gets with esports betting, with the punter ultimately taking a stab at which team will be the victor in a given match or even an entire tournament.

When it comes to actually placing a bet on Super Smash, punters will follow the same steps that they would for betting on any esports title. There’s the act of selecting a betting site, following the sign-up process, ticking the boxes, depositing funds, and then finally, tracking down Super Smash betting odds and placing your wagers. There’s a little more to it than that, particularly when it comes to gathering in-game knowledge and information on players and teams, but that’s basically all you need to know.

Get an Edge on Super Smash Bros Betting

If you want to be good at Super Smash Bros esports betting, you need to understand the action. Most professional games are so fast that they seem like a blur to an untrained eye, so the first step of your journey to becoming a winning Smash punter is to get familiar with the game. There are plenty of guides and tutorials on YouTube and other platforms that will help you shore up the holes in your game knowledge.

Once you feel like you’re ready, try tuning into a Super Smash Bros competition on Twitch. Pay attention to the way players trade, zone, and pressure their opponents, and use this information to guess who’s going to come out on top. Also, keep track of things like tier lists and character stats to get a good grasp of the current metagame.

Another thing you can do to give yourself an edge is staying up to date with the news. Things like player signings and tournament announcements have a huge influence on the entire scene. Even interviews with pros and personalities can disclose vital information that will make it easier to make a correct prediction.

In the end, Super Smash Bros is a very dynamic franchise. Its players, tournaments, and even gameplay fundamentals are constantly changing. And if you want to be good at Super Smash Bros esports betting, you need to stay on top of everything going on in the scene.

Best Tournaments for Smash Bets

smash bros betting
Image Credit: Nintendo

If you want to get into Super Smash Bros esports betting, you have to understand the competitive scene surrounding it. For starters, the series includes several titles: Super Smash Bros (1999), Super Smash Bros Melee (2001), Super Smash Bros Brawl (2008), Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U (2014), and Super Smash Bros Ultimate (2018). The original game was a local hit in Japan, and it wasn’t until Super Smash Bros Melee was released that the pro circuit took off.

It had a very grass-roots feel at first, as the initial Super Smash Bros esports tournaments were held in basements and video game stores. The first major competition was the Tournament Go series that took place in Northern California in 2002, and its organizer — Matt Deezie — is often viewed as the founding father of the game’s competitive scene.

Fast-forward to the present day, and the scene is going stronger than ever. In fact, this is widely regarded as the Chaos Era of Super Smash Bros tournaments—a time when old legends and legacy players fall one after another to rising stars like Zain, Leffen, and Swedish Delight. The circuit is filled with large-scale tournaments like Evolution Championship Series (EVO), Super Smash Con, GENESIS, Shine, and Frostbite. Every single one of these events acts as a battleground for the best pros from all over the world, so the level of competition is ridiculously high.

Unlike most major esports, the Super Smash Bros scene didn’t forget its grassroots origins either. With that, smaller tournaments take place every day, and you can often run into countless local competitions on, which is the go-to platform for players and tournament organizers.

At the top of the betting table sits the EVO series of tournaments, though. There are no better opportunities to make money on Super Smash odds than with EVO betting.

How Super Smash Bros is Played

Let’s wrap up this Super Smash Bros betting guide with a quick breakdown of how the game actually works. We doubt you’d get this far if you didn’t know the base rules for Smash Bros., but we’re considerate enough to discuss them anyway!

The first thing you need to know about Super Smash Bros is that it isn’t your average fighting game. Sure, the series follows some rules of the genre like pitting players against each other in a 2D arena and allowing them to use a multitude of complex moves and combos to get an edge over their opponents. However, Super Smash Bros esports betting would be a walk in the park if that was all there was to it.

The first notable difference is that Smash has no health bars. With that, your goal isn’t to straight-up kill your opponent, but to launch them off the stage and past the edge of the map. On top of that, each player has a percentage that rises whenever they take damage. The higher your percentage, the farther you will fly when you get hit by an enemy attack, so there are heavy incentives to land blows on your opponent. Still, it’s entirely possible to win a match of Smash at 0% if you approach the game from the right angle.

Falling off the stage isn’t necessarily a death sentence either, and there are many ways to “recover” with jumping moves and other abilities that let you get back to the arena. Another thing to note is that player characters differ in weight and strength, so some of them will naturally knock their enemies farther than others. The most competitive Super Smash Bros tournaments require players to have razor-sharp mechanics, split-second reaction times, and depths of detailed game knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bet on Super Smash Bros?

Yes, you can bet on Super Smash Bros at many of the esports betting platforms featured at our site.

What types of bets can I make on Super Smash Bros matches?

You can bet on the match winner and the winner of the Super Smash Bros tournament.

What are the best Super Smash tournaments to bet on?

The Spring and Winter Super Smash tournaments are the most popular, but many people also bet on Super Smash at DreamHack and Canada Cup Gaming X. 

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