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Posted on January 3, 2022 - Last Updated on April 28, 2022

The LCS (or League of Legends Championship Series) is a major LoL esports competition in North America. It was founded by Riot Games in 2013 to serve as the battleground for the region’s strongest teams. The LCS is regarded as one of the most famous and financially secure competitions in professional League of Legends, and its participants often recruit star players from all over the world. Bookies pay this league the attention it deserves, and punters can find LCS betting odds in most esportsbooks.

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LCS History

League of Legends is the world’s most popular esport with a decade of competitive play and the largest fanbase of any competitive title. The regular season for LoL works very similarly to a traditional sports league like the NBA or NFL. Teams play weekly with predetermined matchups. Then, the top six rosters compete in the season playoffs. Two regular LCS seasons run every year in the Spring and Summer, although the 2020 pandemic significantly altered that year’s schedule. The regular stream of LCS odds is returning in 2021.

The League of Legends Championship Series is the North American portion of League esports. While the players come from all over the world, the LCS is geared towards American fans. Their playtimes are suited for fans in western time zones, and squads are usually sponsored by American esports organizations. If you’re a sports fan looking to make the jump into video game betting, LCS betting odds are the easiest way to make the transition.

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The League of Legends Championship Series is completely free to watch on the LCS’ official Twitch page. Unlike some other esports, League games are announced well ahead of time, and tournaments tend to run much slower. The viewing experience for League of Legends is most similar to traditional sports, but the pace is still fast enough that you can watch multiple series for an LCS odds betting session.

International events like the MSI Mid-Season Invitational and Worlds are also entirely free to watch, though superfans might be interested in Pro View. The premium viewing option allows you to see multiple player perspectives simultaneously with live commentary.

LCS Regular Season

Each LCS season is divided into a Spring Split and Summer Split, during which ten teams battle each other over nine weeks. Before the start of Spring Split, the LCS also hosts a Lock-in tournament, in order to give the teams a chance to get accustomed to the new meta and environment.

The competition follows the Double Round Robin format, where every team plays two best-of-ones (single-game matches) against every opponent. Players have a single chance to showcase their quality, so LCS betting provides punters with unique opportunities. They can take advantage of the higher LoL odds on underdogs, as upsets are more frequent.

Until 2020, the League of Legends Championship Series scheduled matches on Saturdays and Sundays. From 2021 onwards, LCS betting fans can also follow their favorite teams on Fridays, with two games scheduled for this day. They can use their knowledge at both League of Legends betting sites and LCS Fantasy to hit two birds with one stone.

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The NA LCS Academy teams also play over the weekend, mirroring the LCS squads’ schedule. LCS odds on Academy teams are also available in advance at the top esports betting sites, and punters can bet on these matches live.

In addition to NA LCS betting, League gamblers get even more opportunities to bet on North America’s development league. The Academy is essentially a minor league but features tons of upcoming talent. Particularly savvy League fans should look for LCS Academy odds when deciding on a sportsbook.

LCS Playoffs

Starting from 2021, the LCS changed its format on how standings are calculated. There’s no distinction between Spring and Summer, and both splits’ results are carried over until the end. After the end of Spring, the new playoffs, known as Mid-Season Showdown, feature the top 6 teams. They will be fighting for the spot at the first international tournament of the year, the Mid-Season Invitational.

Once the summer split ends, instead, the top 8 teams will participate in the LCS Championship. It replaces the Playoffs and it has a double-elimination bracket, with Best-of-5 matches throughout the whole tournament.

Image Credits | LoL Esports

The Bo5 format is much better at highlighting the participating teams’ strengths and weaknesses, so each lineup has to go the extra mile to take the W. On top of that, LoL esports fans get the undisputable benefit of watching more quality League of Legends.

The first and second-place teams from the regular season secure a bye to Round 2 in the Winners’ Bracket, with 3rd to 6th place fighting in Round 1 of the Upper bracket. All the losers in the Upper bracket will have another chance in the losers’, joining the 7th and 8th place teams. Once you lose in the losers’ bracket, you’re eliminated.

The top 3 of the LCS Championship are then invited to participate in the most prestigious tournament of all, the League of Legends World Championship (Worlds). It’s not surprising that most lineups treat spring as a warmup, so the competition reaches its peak in Summer. This is the best time of the year for LCS betting, as games are scheduled daily and feature teams from other regions. The LCS betting odds are published in advance and then updated to reflect the latest changes and any replacements made to the rosters.

LCS Champions: Old Guard and New Challengers

After a string of dominant finishes throughout 2019 and 2020, Team Liquid has overtaken TSM as the most successful team in the LCS.

TSM previously held their position as the kings of North America with seven LCS Playoffs championships, but Liquid’s myriad of roster changes and talent development have led to a permanent place on the podium for the last two years. With that being said, in 2021, the NA LCS saw the rise of new organizations like 100Thieves, Evil Geniuses, and the return of Cloud9, always ready to deal damage.

Image Credits | Cloud9

Now that the rivalry is not about TSM and TL anymore, fans can enjoy a greater competition for the LCS title. A new wave of players will be reaching the LCS in 2022, making it the most exciting competitive season of recent history!

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LCS at Worlds and MSI

LCS teams don’t enjoy a lot of success at international tournaments. Even though the best teams usually qualify for the World Championship, they struggle to make it past the group stage.

There’s only one exception and that’s Cloud9. They are the only NA team to have reached a semifinal finish at Worlds, and even in the last Championship, they were the only LCS team to advance to the Knockout stage. Cloud9 is an obvious choice when it comes to LCS betting, this team has the advantage of always pulling something out of the hat.

North American teams’ real challenge is to prove their quality in international League of Legends tournaments such as the MSI and the Worlds. Past performances provide little reason for optimism, but this might be the year things change. 

The MSI Mid-Season Invitational is a yearly closed tournament that pits the best teams from each region against each other, and the event is highly prestigious. While Korean or Chinese teams usually do the best, western teams have shown they can have the potential to do well. LCS teams aren’t known for doing great at the mid-season, but we already witnessed upsets in the past that would bring a massive payout from higher LCS betting odds.

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