Lcs Power Rankings 2020 Edition

The 2020 LCS Spring Split is the 14TH competitive split in League history. The ten teams had the most intense offseason to date this past winter with players being tossed around left right and center.

The North American teams pulled out all the stops in a race to dominate the LCS and takeover Team Liquid’s supremacy. With the free agency period going great for some and terrible for others, we are going to break down the rosters and share our thoughts behind every roster in the league and give you our in-depth LCS power ranking superlist for the 2020 Spring Split!

10. Golden Guardians

ROSTER: Hauntzer (Top), Closer (Jungle), Goldenglue (Mid), FBI (ADC), Keith (Support)

We kick off our LCS Power Ranking with the meme generating machine that is Golden Guardians. Among the ten teams, GGS had the worst free agency period. The team bet heavily on getting Vulcan onto their roster and ended up not signing him. As a result, former ADC Keith signed up to take over the support role, raising question marks among analysts.

lcs 2020 power rankings

The only upside to GGS this season is Closer from the jungle position. A notoriously aggressive jungler with amazing early game awareness is what the meta dictates and the team has it. But the downside is that he would have to get Hauntzer or Goldenglue going, neither of which have a tendency to become alpha carries in their previous teams.

While the preliminary opinion in the team is overwhelmingly positive and every single player stated outright that they are having fun as a unit, their overall strength curve puts them once again in 10th place in our LCS 2020 power rankings.

9. 100 Thieves

ROSTER: Ssumday (Top), Meteos (Jungle), Ryoma (Mid), CodySun (ADC), Stunt (Support)

The Thieves are once again rebuilding their roster and figuring out the strategy forward for this season. The Cody/Stunt botlane is based on two very vocal and opinionated players who rarely budge or compromise. Luckily these two are friends IRL so they might figure out the kings beforehand, but if this is not the case then the botlane can break the entire 100T roster from the start. The problems don’t stop there however.

The team signed a relatively mediocre midlaner in Ryoma in a meta where the mid position dictates the outcome of the game. When compared to other midlaners in North America, Ryoma does not instill us with the confidence that he can hold up to any of them. To top it all off, Meteos (in the now weakened Jungle role) has the task of pulling the weight for both his lane and midlane while stylistically being a passive jungler.

All in all, 100Thieves have a roster that might gel together only if they have amazing communication and have a clear hierarchy of power on their squad. If the comms are a mess the team will be a mess as well. As a result, we can only place them as high as not being last in our pre-season LCS Power Ranking.

8. Flyquest

ROSTER: V1per (Top), Santorin (Jungle), PowerOfEvil (Mid), WildTurtle (ADC), IgNar (Support)

FlyQuest built a solid roster in the off-season but ended up being beaten by the meta. Both Santorin and PowerOfEvil are notoriously passive players in the early game which simply doesn’t cut it for the current game state.

lcs power rankings

Additionally, WildTurtle has not performed well in quite a while and we cannot be confident the addition of IgNar will change things around. Finally, V1per in the top can go either way in his playstyle. The Riven pop-off games can be crucial for the team in some matches, but he then fails basic lane mechanics in other games.

Overall, FlyQuest would be a solid roster for a slow meta where both Jungle and Mid have time to scale and build up. For this year’s Spring Split we can’t expect the roster to do great hence they only go as far 8th in the LCS Power Ranking.

7. Counter Logic Gaming

ROSTER: Ruin (Top), Wiggly (Jungle), Crown (Mid), Stixxay (ADC), Smoothie (Support)

It might come as a surprise to many we deemed a two-time NA LCS champion only as a good as 7th in our LCS Power rankings. Yet, we can’t reasonably see CLG’s roster going any higher than this. While the team does possess two Korean sololaners and a Korean coach coming into the season, they also have the quietest roster in the whole league.

Out of five players on the team, four are notorious for being weak communicators. The exception being Smoothie down at the Support role, who will now need to become the main shotcaller on top of everything else. This voice power vacuum might very quickly deteriorate the team if the calls being made are not successful, leading to even further problems down the line.

Additionally, CLG’s style has been slow and tempered and the current meta has completely shifted from they are comfortable with. If the team wants to succeed they need a full style change plus more vocal players and a proactive play from Wiggly in the jungler to get the Koreans going.

Overall, CLG working as a solid unit could rocket them to the top five places easily, but too many things have to happen at once for this team to be great. This is why we are only confident in a low 7th for the LCS 2020 Power Rankings.

6. Immortals

ROSTER: sOAZ (Top), Xmithie (Jungle), Aika (Mid), Altec (ADC), Hakuho (Support)

One of the rosters getting radical placements in different LCS 2020 Power Rankings are the Immortals bois. Some fear the roster is too underwhelming and won’t pop off well while others see ways it can work better than most of the league. Our verdict is straight down the middle placing IMT right at the edge of playoffs.

lcs predictions

First up, the organization picked up one of the longest standing veterans in the league in sOAZ. Although he did not have a great last season in Misfits, the baguette king is still known for being nearly un-gankable on lane and always providing support for the team regardless of how his laning phase goes. And all of this was with Junglers having much more resources than the current patch. With this season starting on a patch that gives sOAZ free reign to overextend all he likes on top without a valid punishment while also enabling Xmithie to fully focus on Aika and Altec, we can expect a very good split from Immortals.

This team solely relies on how sOAZ contributes to the team and how well he and Hakuho on the opposing side enable the team to reach greatness. In our opinion, IMT is definitely making playoffs as at least the 6th place team.

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5. Dignitas

ROSTER: Huni (Top), Grig/Akaadian (Jungle), Froggen (Mid), Johnsun (ADC), Aphromoo (Support)

With 2.3 million chipped out just to keep Huni on board, Dignitas has shown they mean business in the free agency period. They went on to sign two additional league veterans in Froggen and Aphromoo and ended up with a Worlds veteran roster by the end of the offseason. To fill out the rest of the composition DIG went straight to TSM and poached both of their Junglers and their Academy ADC.

On paper the team looks solid. We have a hyperaggressive carry toplaner and a stable passive midlaner paired with a botlane that has one veteran and one semi-rookie. They are enabled by not one but two junglers who can create the winning formula for the team as the season develops.


On the downside, neither Grig nor Akaadian managed to get TSM rolling last season and aphromoo and Froggen both had abysmal season last year despite their veterancy. All things considered, Dignitas has a great roster that can do great if all players find their top form. If not, they can slide down the standings just as easily.

4. Cloud9

ROSTER: Licocire (Top), Blaber (Jungle), Nisqy (Mid), Zven (ADC), Vulcan (Support)

Cloud9 moved on a similar trajectory to Dignitas in the off-season. After losing the MVP Svenskeren and Sneaky got benched, C9 decided to pick up an underperforming veteran in Zven and pair him up with GGS’s much coveted Vulcan. The solo lanes remained the same as c9 already has one of the best top laners in the league and a decent enough midlaner. What hangs in the balance is how well Blaber fills Sven’s shoes in the Jungle role and how well he executes the jungle path.

lol power rankings

Overall, the top four teams could easily swap places in the LCS Power Ranking depending on how every individual player performs. The reason Cloud9 ends up in 4th place is them losing a stable voice in Sneaky, the uncertainty of Blaber and Zven’s performance and the overall team mentality after the initial weeks of play.

3. Team SoloMid

ROSTER: BrokenBlade (Top), Dardoch (Jungle), Bjergsen (Mid), Kobbe (ADC), Biofrost (Support)

As expected, TSM comes into the Top3 in our LCS 2020 Power Rankings. The 2020 roster is a clear update to the previous season and most LCS Predictions have them in 2nd or 1st. Although on paper Dardoch is a clear upgrade to Grig/Akaadian he does have a history of being quite toxic to play with.

It will come down to Bjergsen as a leader to put Dardoch on the right track early in the split for TSM to excel. Additionally, Kobbe and Biofrost are an upgrade to last year’s botlane but we are not certain how well they will synergize and how well will Kobbe adapt to the NA ecosystem that ruined so many European players.

TSM is definitely a top 3 contender but might drop too many games while they are synergizing and miss out on being at the top by the end of the split.

2. Evil Geniuses

ROSTER: Kumo (Top), Svenskeren (Jungle), Jiizuke (Mid), Bang (ADC), Zeyzal (Support)

EG shoots straight to the top of our LCS Power Ranking list after just joining the LCS. The reason is the strong laners they managed to pick up in every role and the absolutely amazing coaching duo in Irean and Artemis. The core lanes in the meta are Mid and Jungle and EG managed to get MVP Svenskeren and LEC’s Jiizuke both of whom are aggressive players in their own rights.

lol lcs power rankings

The team further acquired aggressive playmaker Zeyzal and paired him with a Worlds Champion ADC in Bang to create a formidable botlane duo. The only “weakness” in the roster would be toplaner Kumo who lacks the premier league experience but has carried his fair share of game in the Academy series.

Overall the roster of EG has individuals that don’t need much to perform wonders and would swing heavily straight out the gate. Therefore, EG rightly flies straight to 2nd in our LCS 2020 power rankings.

1. Team Liquid

ROSTER: Impact (Top), Broxah (Jungle), Jensen (Mid), Doublelift (ADC), CoreJJ (Support)

Team Liquid retains the No.1 position in every LCS Power Ranking list out there. The four-time champions are still the best team in the league and they even improved in the offseason with the acquisition of Broxah from Fnatic. Their roster largely unchanged from last year does mean the team already has built-in synergy and know each other well. Broxah as a player that excels on early game jungle champions like Elise and Lee Sin only adds to this deadly ensemble.

There is a downside to all the “four team consecutive champion” mentality, however. TL has not been challenged in two years and general motivation to keep improving might be at an all-time low. Would Liquid players work as hard as before and dedicated as before if they know the competition is not as heavy as they’d like? It comes down to the rest of the LCS to elevate the level and push TL to improve early on and if they cannot they might be overrun by the end of the season or even the Spring Split.

Lcs Power Rankings 2020 Spring

As we stand, Team Liquid is the superior team in North America and the go-to pick for any esports bets happening pre-season.

Images courtesy of LoL Esports