Lcs Power Rankings 2020 Edition

The 2020 LCS Summer Split is the 15TH competitive split in League history. The ten teams had a minor midseason free agency compared to the pre-Spring Split offseason.

The North American teams are facing a strong Cloud9 at the top and an improved Evil Geniuses in the LCS this summer. With the free agency period going great for some and terrible for others, we are going to break down the rosters and share our thoughts behind every roster in the league and give you our in-depth LCS power ranking superlist for the 2020 Summer Split!

10. Dignitas

ROSTER: V1per (Top), Dardoch/Akaadian (Jungle), Froggen (Mid), Johnsun (ADC), Aphromoo (Support)

With 2.3 million chipped out just to keep Huni on board, Dignitas tried to lay a strong claim on the Spring Split. The trade was definitely not worth their money as they finished the 2020 Spring Split in 7th. The rest of the roster consisting of veterans Froggen and Aphromoo, Johnsun and Akaadian remains in the Summer Split. Huni has however been released, and V1per has been signed in his place. Grig was traded off to Team Liquid and in his place Dardoch joins to the split Jungle position.

On paper the team looks even meeker then Spring. Huni’s contract definitely didn’t pay itself out, but he was also the only stable performer in Dignitas last split. This new roster is packed full with veterans but their performance does not match their accolades.


© LoL Esports

All things considered, Dignitas has a great roster with four players resting on their laurels. If all players find their top form they can potentially be a better contender, but for now, last place is where we see them.

9. 100 Thieves

ROSTER: Ssumday (Top), Meteos (Jungle), Ryoma (Mid), CodySun (ADC), Stunt (Support)

The Thieves went on to surprise most of the league with their Top 3 finish in Spring. The Cody/Stunt botlane managed to work out their kinks and performed admirably throughout the split. Coming into Summer, 100T has not made any changes to their roster and is confident in their selection. We however are not.


© 100 Thieves

Ryoma still does not instill us with the confidence that he can hold up to any of the other midlaners in NA. Meteos might have to do even more carrying for both his lane and midlane this split. All in all, 100Thieves has a roster that did great during Spring but will get outscaled into Summer. They caught many teams by surprise and managed to snatch just enough games to make it to 3rd last split. Everyone is now aware of how the Thieves steal Victories and we expect them to drop in the rankings rapidly as a result.

In our books, they are only ahead of Dignitas for this iteration of the LCS Power Rankings.

8. Counter Logic Gaming

ROSTER: Ruin (Top), Wiggily (Jungle), Pobelter (Mid), Stixxay (ADC), Smoothie (Support)

It might come as a surprise to many we deemed a two-time NA LCS champion only as a good as 8th in our LCS Power rankings. We gave them 7th in Spring Split and they managed to place even worse than that. We can’t reasonably see CLG’s roster going any worse then last split. During the midseason, Crown was released from the roster and Pobelter is the sole Midlaner on the roster.


Wiggily ©clgaming

Out of five players on the team, four are notorious for being weak communicators. The exception being Smoothie down at the Support role, who will now need to become the main shotcaller on top of everything else. This voice power vacuum might very quickly deteriorate the team if the calls being made are not successful, leading to even further problems down the line.

Additionally, CLG’s style has been slow and tempered which didn’t work in spring, but might work on occasion in Summer. If the team wants to succeed they need to diversify their gameplay and tactics. We hope they have a better placement then the horrendous 10th they achieved in Spring.

7. Golden Guardians

ROSTER: Hauntzer (Top), Closer (Jungle), Damonte (Mid), FBI (ADC), huhi (Support)

GGS had the worst free agency period before the season started. The bar wasnt set high for Summer Split as any trade was an improvement. After an “OK” Spring Split considering their roster signings, GGS went on to demote both Keith and Goldenglue to the Academy roster and put Huhi and Damonte in their place.


© Golden Guardians

The new roster doesn’t scream Summer Split champions or even Playoffs. They should remain roughly around the same place they were in Spring, and this is exactly where we are putting them. 2020 is not be year of GGS, but at least the organization is getting valid experience each consecutive year they are on the scene.

6. Immortals

ROSTER: sOAZ (Top), Xmithie/Potluck (Jungle), Aika (Mid), Altec (ADC), Hakuho/Gate (Support)

One of the rosters getting radical placements in different LCS 2020 Power Rankings are the Immortals boys. They keep with this tradition in the 2020 Summer Split as well. Some fear the roster is too underwhelming and won’t pop off well while others see ways it can work better than most of the league. Our verdict is straight down the middle placing IMT right at the edge of playoffs once again.

lcs predictions

© LoL Esports

Back in Spring, the organization picked up one of the longest standing veterans in the league in sOAZ. His performance wasn’t great but was better then his fellow teammates. Xmithie was the big trade for Immortals last split which also didn’t pay dividends. He is not even on the starting roster in Summer if thats a hint. Aika in the midlane is still finding his way 6 months into the season as well. Overall, Immortals has a tough road ahead in Summer, they are ahead of other teams not because they are stronger, but because their opponents are having other issues that make them weaker. First round of playoffs is where we are likely going to part ways with IMT.

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5. Team Liquid

ROSTER: Impact (Top), Broxah (Jungle), Jensen (Mid), Tactical (ADC), CoreJJ (Support)

Team Liquid comes into the Summer Split with a bag full of problems they developed last split. The four-time champions were the best team in the league, but their Spring performance pushes them way down in the Summer Split Power Rankings. During the midseason free-agency they lost Doublelift to TSM and promoted Tactical from the Academy roster in his place. Now the roster looks even weaker then last split.


© LoL Esports

As we mentioned before Spring, there is a downside to the “four team consecutive champion” mentality. TL were not been challenged for two years and general motivation was at an all-time low. As soon as problems arose the team fumbled and everything fell to pieces. Would a Spring Split in 9th position make the Liquid players work as hard as ever to reclaim their former glory remains to be seen. The rest of the LCS elevated their play and pushed TL back. Its now Liquid’s time to strike back or be forgotten.

As we stand, Team Liquid is now a “wildcard” team in North America and is no longer the go-to pick for any esports bets happening pre-season.

4. Flyquest

ROSTER: Solo (Top), Santorin (Jungle), PowerOfEvil (Mid), WildTurtle (ADC), IgNar (Support)

FlyQuest built a solid roster in the Spring off-season but ended up being beaten by the meta. Both Santorin and PowerOfEvil played their souls out  last split and fought all the way to 2nd. FlyQuest was not a flashy team by any metric. They stuck to the fundamentals and beat teams by the books.

lcs power rankings

© LoL Esports

Coming into the Summer Split, V1per has been traded off to Dignitas and Solo takes his place. We are yet to see how much this change will shake up the roster this split. With some stylistic opportunities opening up in the current patch,  FlyQuest would be a solid roster to take the organization all the way to Playoffs. Beyond this point its going down to the veterancy of the players to take them further.

3. Team SoloMid

ROSTER: BrokenBlade (Top), Spica (Jungle), Bjergsen (Mid), Doublelift (ADC), Biofrost (Support)

As expected, TSM comes into the Top3 in our LCS 2020 Power Rankings. The 2020 Summer Split roster is a clear update to the previous split and most LCS Predictions have them in 2nd or 1st. Dardoch is out the gate and Academy Jungler Spica takes his place. The bigger news however, is that TSM welcomed superstar Doublelift back into the fold.


© LoL Esports

This split TSM should have three winning lanes in most of their matches. It will come down to Bjergsen as a leader to put Spica on the right track to make this roster work. Additionally, Doublelift and Biofrost are an upgrade to last Split’s botlane, especially after Kobbe did not find his home in North America.

This version of TSM is definitely a top 3 contender. How the fair with the two teams ahead of them remains to be seen.

2. Evil Geniuses

ROSTER: Huni/Kumo (Top), Svenskeren (Jungle), Jiizuke (Mid), Bang (ADC), Zeyzal (Support)

EG retains their 2nd place at the top of our LCS Power Ranking. The reason are the strong laners that managed to overpower much of the opposition in the Spring Split. The core lanes in the meta are still Mid and Jungle and EG has 2019 MVP Svenskeren and Jiizuke dominating in both roles.

lol lcs power rankings

© LoL Esports

Last split the only “weakness” in the roster was be toplaner Kumo, who lacked the premier league experience. EG answered with the signing of Huni into the role to round out an amazing roster this summer. The current roster of EG has individuals that don’t need much to perform wonders and would swing heavily straight out the gate. They are likely going to reach playoffs and even the finals. Regardless if they first or second, we are definitely seeing EG at Worlds 2020 in Shanghai.

1. Cloud9

ROSTER: Licocire (Top), Blaber (Jungle), Nisqy (Mid), Zven (ADC), Vulcan (Support)

Cloud9 remains the top team in the LCS this split. After an absolutely dominating Spring Split, C9 not only exceeded all expectations, but are also the top pick coming to Summer. The roster found uncanny synergy and in the past 6 months barely dropped 2 games with Regular Season and Playoffs combined.


© Cloud9

Zven found his form on C9 and so did Vulcan and Nisqy. There is not much to be analyzed about this roster, they are currently the best team in North America and likely the champions of the LCS. We simply cant wait to see how they do at Worlds.

Images courtesy of LoL Esports