LCS Power Rankings Summer Split 2023

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Yo, League fans! Get ready, ’cause this LCS Summer Season of 2023 is lookin’ like a straight-up wild ride. So check this out: player strikes pushing the start line back, we’ve got legends like Bjergsen calling it quits, and all of this is going down with the MSI disaster still fresh in our minds.

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But first things first, the player association stirred the pot big time, kicking off a strike that pushed our start date two weeks out. Now, our MSI vets, Cloud9 and Golden Guardians, probably didn’t mind the extra chill time – especially after that rough patch they hit at the tourney.

And don’t even get me started on the meta – as you know in the LCS it’s all about scaling. Seraphine’s not known for practically running the show, even having the best LoL players crown her the ‘CEO of NA’, for no reason, historically LCS teams look to scale up and fight late in an attempt to emulate the LCK. With all that being said, let’s get right into the LCS Power Rankings list, hopefully you will learn something new today to help you with your LCS betting adventures.

LCS Power Rankings Summer Split 2023

  1. Cloud9
  2. Golden Guardians
  3. FlyQuest
  4. Evil Geniuses
  5. 100 Thieves
  6. NRG
  7. Immortals
  8. Liquid
  9. TSM

The Kings, The Back to Back

Cloud9: The Reigning Titans

C9 – There’s no arguing here, folks. These guys are the top dogs and they’re lapping up all the victories. Blaber has been ruling the jungle like a king for years now. And Zven? The guy’s a beast of an ADC and guess what? He’s swapped to support just to back up someone he thinks is even better.

Enter Berserker – an import from T1’s academy and twice crowned the LCS playoff MVP. This guy’s a monster on the ADC, tearing up the bot lane like nobody’s business. And let’s not forget Fudge up in the top lane, although he was memed to oblivion in his early days, he is now giving everyone a masterclass on how to dominate.

cloud9 lcs power rankings
Image: Cloud9 via Twitter (@C9LoL)

Put simply, it’s like C9’s got a dream team in every role. They’re on a win streak that’s got everyone’s jaws on the floor. Good luck trying to touch ’em, ’cause right now, they’re playing in a league of their own and deserve the top spot in our LCS Power Rankings list.

A Challenger Approaches

Golden Guardians: from Underdogs to Rising Stars

Golden Guardians, known as GG, have made a spectacular comeback this season, especially when you consider that they weren’t even a blip on anyone’s radar last split. Their recent journey to MSI seems to have given them a solid boost of confidence – just check out their performance against BLG, nabbing a win no one saw coming!

golden gardens lcs summer split
Image: Golden Guardians via Twitter (@GoldenGuardians)

Let’s spotlight a few key players here. First off, we have Licorice, who’s been nothing short of incredible on the top lane. Then there’s River, whose performances have been turning heads all around the league. And, we can’t forget Stixxay. After a tough time, he’s really found his groove again and is reminding everyone why he was once considered one of the best ADCs in NA.

FlyQuest: A Rocky Climb, but Potential for Great Heights

The last split, they were on fire, blazing through with an 8-0 run that shocked us all. They bagged that sweet 3rd place, flexing their strength and making us sit up and take notice. But lately? Things have been a bit, well… off.

Our once-hailed ‘prince that was promised’ seems to be tripping over his royal robe, while Vicla, who shone brightly in spring, is kinda MIA. But hey, we’re talking about FlyQuest here – these guys still have enough mojo to stir things up in the NA scene.

Evil Geniuses: New Faces, High Stakes

Enter a brand-spankin’ new roster, ready to kick ass and take names. Unforgiven has come all the way from EU and he’s brought his A-game. And get this: Jojopyun’s rocking the scene, being the best talent NA’s put out since Blaber showed up. It might seem like a wild dream right now, but if these guys gel? Watch out top four, EG’s gunning for you.

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

100Thieves: Amidst the Shakeup, an Underdog Tale Brews

On the surface, things might look a bit gloomy for 100T. With Bjergsen out and Tenacity gone, they’re definitely feeling a pinch. Ssumday’s return isn’t exactly the morale booster we’d hoped, considering he’s been playing a pretty average game lately. Closer, on the other hand, might just be the trump card this team needs for the playoffs, despite the greenhorn support Busio still finding his footing. But hey, let’s not write off 100T just yet.

lcs rankings
Image: Riot Games via Twitter (@LCSOfficial)

If Doublelift can shake off the rust and our new import Quid can get his visa stuff sorted, this team could very well make it big in the LCS Ranking. Nukeduck’s stint as a stand-in should help till then, but the real magic will happen if everything falls into place just right. So, keep your eyes peeled, folks. 100T may still have a few tricks up their sleeve!

NRG: Seasoned Veterans, Banking on Synergy Over Firepower

Moving onto NRG, we’re looking at a group of seasoned pros who’ve seen their fair share of the Rift. They might not be packing the most punch in the LCS right now, but they’re showing us that a tight-knit team can outpace a collection of superstar talents who aren’t on the same page. Sure, they’re not the flashiest, but they’re playing the long game, working together and steadily chipping away at the competition.

Immortals: Uncertain Climb

They’ve scooped up Treatz, a slick move if you ask me, and Solo’s stepping in, giving us a little bump up from Revenge. But will this be enough to skyrocket them to the top? It is a high possibility that they may climb a bit further in the summer LCS Ranking.

An American dream or a living nightmare?

Liquid: The Struggle to Find a Rhythm

Alright, let’s talk Liquid. Now, they’ve been pulling some odd tricks out of the hat recently with their roster shuffles. Take Pyosik, for example. Sure, the guy’s a World champ, but he was also on the brink of booting DRX out of the Worlds contention – and then ended up benched. So, was his World’s performance a fluke or the real deal? Honestly, if you’ve been following LCK over the years, you’ll probably agree it’s the former.

team liquid best lcs teams
Image: Team Liquid via Twitter (@TeamLiquidLoL)

Then there’s Summit. The dude started with a bang on C9 but was pretty much figured out and shut down in just one split. As for CoreJJ, it’s like he’s lost his cool and is just a ghost of his MVP self now. And don’t even get me started on the team synergy, or rather, the lack of it. Despite being an all-Korean squad, these guys seem like they’re each playing a different game. It’s just…weird. Can it all come together for summer?

Team Solo Mid: Lost Hope

Look out! It’s TSM! They were once one of the best LCS Teams in history and these guys managed to pull off some surprises last Spring, but their only move since then was scooping up Ruby from Heretics. Now, Ruby’s had his moments, but his champion pool seems a bit shallow compared to the big leagues.

But here’s the kicker: it looks like TSM’s just filling seats until they bounce out of the league. It’s a wild time, and they’ve got nothing to lose, so maybe – just maybe – that’s when we’ll see some crazy, unscripted action from them. Stay tuned, folks, maybe one day they will be back at the top of our LCS Power Rankings list.


From Cloud9’s dominance to TSM’s looming departure, and everything in between, we’re all strapped in for an unforgettable ride. Amidst a slower, heavy-scaling meta, each game could change the stakes. Will NA rise to the occasion at Worlds? Or are we headed for another dose of humility? We will look forward to NA’s involvement in the future League of Legends tournaments to come.

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