PUBG Nations Cup Betting Guide 2022 | Schedule, Format, Betting Tips & Odds

Posted on May 22, 2022 - Last Updated on June 23, 2022

Update: In a shocking turn of events, the United Kingdom stormed into first place at the PUBG Nations Cup. At the last Nations Cup event, in 2019, the United Kingdom finished in 15th place – one from bottom – but this time around, the $100,000 grand prize was all too easily picked up by the British team. Following a stunning performance across all twenty rounds, the United Kingdom stood atop the standings with 203 points and a whopping 126 kills.

The victors from 2019’s tournament, Russia, didn’t field a team in this event, but 2019’s second-place team, South Korea, dropped into fourth-place this time around. It was Vietnam that occupied the second-place spot when the dust had settled, sitting some way behind the United Kingdom with a respectable 177 points. At the opposite end of the table, Germany placed last, followed closely behind by Indonesia and Turkey.

At the peak of the tournament, on the final day, more than 239,000 concurrent viewers tuned in, and the competition pulled in an average of more than 120,000 users.

In 2019, the first PUBG Nations Cup was held in Seoul, but owing to the subsequent global pandemic, it never returned. That is, until 2022 when the second PUBG Nations Cup will be held in Bangkok, with 16 national teams emerging to fight for a $500k prize pool. There are delegates from all around the world – teams made up of the best PUBG players that their country has to offer. Today, we’re here to celebrate the return of this tournament and to bring you an in-depth PUBG Nations Cup betting guide.

For PUBG, the excitement never stops. Following the decision to make the game free-to-play in 2022, PUBG has only grown in terms of popularity and value. It’s widely considered to be the forefather of the modern battle royale title, and it still pulls in remarkably high numbers. This tournament represents a return to form for the PUBG esports space, and fans are excited.

Let’s jump right into the PUBG Nations Cup betting guide.

Schedule and Format

Like most esports events, the PUBG Nations Cup follows a relatively simple format.

Between the 16th and the 19th of June, the ‘PNC’ will take place, using the tried-and-tested ‘S.U.P.E.R’ point ruling system. This current system was first used at the PGC 2021 tournament, and it awards teams points based on kills, placements, and match points. It’s designed to be a fairer system and one that is conducive to more exciting, balanced PUBG tournaments.

At the PUBG Nations Cup, twenty matches will be played, with teams competing to climb up the standings into the highest position possible. That’s basically the tournament summed up – it’s remarkably easy to understand and very welcoming to those new to PUBG Nations Cup betting.

PUBG Nations Cup Teams

PUBG Nations Cup Betting Guide
Team Russia won the 2019 PNC (Image Credit: PUBG Esports)

For this tournament, teams were selected based on a peer-to-peer voting system. There are four players on each team, as well as a coach, and they’re all from the country that they’re representing. Before the tournament, there was a global voting system in place that determined which players would represent their nation, ensuring that the best of the best made it into the contest.

Here is the breakdown of the PUBG Nations Cup teams:

  • Argentina: mArtins4n, AleeRv, SzylzEN, f1sherr, PIPAA (c)
  • Australia: TGLTN, monty, Fludd, luke12, Insight (c)
  • Brazil: Sparkingg, Haven, vhz, lfp1, rbNN1 (c)
  • Canada: Shinboi, Adam, Kenan, f1nna, Didz (c)
  • China: MMing, ZpYan1, xxxLu, Aixleft, Rick (c)
  • Finland: mxey, D1gg3r1, curexi, Pag3, Tiikzu (c)
  • Germany: Myca, PaiinZ, AzzaRR, Zoccer, Itzz ChrizZ (c)
  • Indonesia: dNial, RDKboss, Kidx, Tedeeyy, Exagon (c)
  • Japan: Poly, runaxp, SHEVA, Kein, CiNVe (c)
  • South Korea: seoul, LashK, Inonix, Loki, ssonic (c)
  • Thailand: Nourinz, J4nku2of, PuuChiwz, Ezqelusia, Chak (c)
  • Turkey: Smash, Quetpa, Esqui, xLyron, Onur (c)
  • Chinese Taipei: Savior, YanLi, oeL, MaoRush, M4 (c)
  • United Kingdom: vard, fexx, TeaBone, mykLe, MiracU (c)
  • United States: Sharpshot, Shrimzy, Kickstart, hwinn, MachineGunner (c)
  • Vietnam: Sapauu, Clories, YmCuD, HaiSaki, DjChip (c)

Almost every player on this list is backed by a prestigious esports organisation. For instance, Canada’s Didz, Finland’s D1gg3r1, and the UK’s fexx are all coming in from FaZe Clan. There’s a dense concentration of talent in this tournament, and it can make for some tantalising PUBG betting.

PUBG Nations Cup Betting Tips

This is a massive tournament, despite being a relatively short one. There are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the PUBG Nations Cup odds across the many esports betting sites that are offering them. For instance,, a specialised esports betting platform that offers plenty of markets for PUBG tournaments, which of course includes the PUBG Nations Cup.

We’d recommend playing the field and diversifying your betting portfolio. If you’re betting with, why not expand a little and place some wagers with Betway Esports, for instance. These platforms have their own offers, promotions, and bonuses, and it can pay to take advantage of them.

If you’re new to PUBG betting, try sticking to the more simple markets, such as the Winner and Top 3 Finish markets found on

Nations Cup Winner Odds

Here are some of the best PUBG Nations Cup odds that we found on Betway.

South Korea6.00
Thailand 8.00
United Kingdom8.00
United States11.00
Chinese Taipei13.00

As with any esports tournament, particularly if you’re a new bettor, you should start off small and work your way up. There are many markets to explore and a lot of gameplay to enjoy – so take your time, place safer bets, and celebrate those wins, no matter their size.

We wish you the best of luck with your PUBG Nations Cup betting.

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