How to Use EA Sports UFC Odds for Betting Success


Esports versions of UFC are growing in popularity, with more and more esports bettors finding good value when it comes to EA sports UFC odds. In this quick guide, we’ll tell you more about how odds work and how you can gain success when doing some esports betting on EA Sports UFC.

Learn how UFC odds work

If you’re going to be a successful esports bettor then you need to understand how odds work. On a basic level, odds indicate how likely an event is to occur. They will also tell you how much you are going to win if your bet is successful.

The majority of esports betting odds that you see will be in decimal form, as this format is commonly used across much of the world, especially in Europe. If you are from the UK, however, you may be more used to seeing fractional odds. American style odds are also worth understanding. You can read more about these types of odds below.

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Decimal odds explained

Decimal odds are very easy to understand, which is why they are popular with bettors.

You will see decimal odds represented as numbers such as 1.5 or 4.00. The higher the number, the less likely the event is to occur.

To find your potential winnings, you simply multiply the number by your stake, so odds of 4.00 would bring a $20 win with a $5 stake.

Fractional odds explained

Fractional odds work in a very similar way to decimal odds, but are written as fractions instead of numbers, like this 2/1 or 4/5.

The higher the first number, the lower the probability of the event occurring.

If odds are 2/1, then they show that you will win $2 for every $1 you wager.

American odds explained

These are quite complex and tricky to understand if you’re not used them.

You will see either a positive or negative number, such as -760, or +600.

A negative number tells you how much you need to wager to win $100, while a positive number tells you what you will win if you wager $100.

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How to be successful at betting on EA Sports UFC

Once you have understood how odds work, there are several other things you can do to maximise your chances of success when betting on UFC esports contests.

  • Follow all the latest news and goings on in the world of UFC esports. Social media can help with this!
  • Find the best UFC betting sites! Check the range of markets on offer and whether they offer an esports welcome bonus.
  • Play EA Sports UFC yourself so that you gain greater insight into the game.

Final remarks

Betting on EA Sports UFC is sure to continue to grow in popularity over the coming years. Since the UFC Esports League launched in 2019, it has attracted thousands of fans, many of whom want to place bets!


What UFC odds formats are there?

UFC odds come in three different formats – decimal, fractional and American. The odds format changes depending on the region.

How to maximize your UFC betting odds?

To maximize your UFC odds, you should keep track of all the latest UFC events and familiarize yourself with all the different fighters. Also, make sure to pick up the game and play it yourself. The experience from playing will help shape your UFC betting strategy as well.