UFC 4 Betting: How to Bet on UFC 4 Matches


You probably think UFC 4 betting is something only the most fanatic UFC fans participate in. The title’s straightforward markets, however, are suitable for anyone interested in the fighting video game genre. If you’re here, that means it includes you. Let’s dive deeper into the experience of betting on EA Sports UFC 4.

Best UFC 4 Betting Sites

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How to Bet on UFC 4

UFC 4 betting is just as simple as Tekken betting. Take a look at the type of UFC 4 wagers you can place:

  • Fight Winner – Bet on the winner of the fight. This is the most common UFC 4 betting market you’ll find in most bookies.
  • Draw – Bet on the game ending in a draw. A UFC 4 fight can end in a draw if the scorecards result in a tie. The draw outcome is normally turned off in most simulated UFC 4 fights, although you may find matches that do have it. Note that some bookies may add the Draw market to the Fight Winner market, setting up the UFC 4 odds in a 1X2 market instead. Find out more about the meaning of 1X2 betting.
  • Total Rounds – Bet on how many rounds a fight will have. Most bookies simulate UFC 4 fights in 3 rounds to speed things up, while most professional matches between actual players use 5 rounds as the format.
  • Method of Fighter’s Win – Bet on how the fight will end. A UFC 4 fight can be decided by knockout, submission, TKO, or points. Some of the best esports betting sites may provide individual props for each of these win conditions, such as KO Victory, Victory by Submission, TKO Victory, and Points Victory.
  • Method of Win in Round – Bet on how the fight will end in a particular round. For instance, you may bet on a knockout victory in Round 1 or a submission victory in Round 2 or a TKO in Round 3.

All that said, the majority of esports UFC 4 are simulated between computers. And even when real players are pushing the buttons, there’s often very little to no data to work with.

Given these conditions, we can only suggest turning to the quality of the odds themselves and comparing one bookie to the next to find where the advantage is—perhaps using bonuses and markets as a guide.

UFC 4 betting

Using Mobile Apps to Place UFC 4 Wagers

Placing UFC 4 wagers on your phone and on the go can be a great plan if you value the convenience. Seeing two fighters throwing kicks and punches and rolling on the canvas is engaging in and of itself. With money on the line, however, you’ll probably wince too every time your horse gets kicked in the body.

The good news is, many of the UFC 4 betting sites on our list have a functioning mobile app for smartphone bettors. GG.Bet, for example, has an APK (Android Package Kit) for Android and a PWA (progressive web app) for iOS users. You can download both by visiting the site. Find out more about GG.Bet, an esports betting specialist site in our GGBet review.

Rest assured that operators that do not have a downloadable app will have a mobile or tablet-responsive website for you to access when you are away from your computer desk.

UFC Esports Overview

The Esports Fight League (ESFL) is the only recognizable UFC 4 esports league to ever pit the hardest hitters in the game and crown a winner. Because mainstream esports organizations and teams haven’t decided to make a UFC 4 division, the ESFL is the closest thing the game has to a professional league.

UFC 4 betting sites

Before you get disappointed, it’s important to point out that many individuals and groups hold UFC 4 tournaments frequently. These tournaments sometimes even have small-time sponsors that crank up the prize pool.

Notable UFC 4 Tournaments

Here are the biggest UFC 4 tournaments since the game launched in 2020:

  • UFC 4 Summer Series – After the open qualifiers in 2021, the summer series had 16 competitors in the playoffs.
  • ESFL Teams Grand Finale – In January 2023, the Grand Finale was the culmination of the ESFL Season 4, which started in September 2022.

Where to Watch UFC 4

Unlike with the real UFC, you can watch UFC 4 matches for free without paying for a cable network.

Follow the ESFL Twitch or the ESFL YouTube if you want to see high-stakes UFC 4 games. Don’t worry if you only find old videos in the channels: ESFL mostly does live streams.

Whenever there’s a UFC 4 tournament with too big of a prize pool, make sure to check out the UFC YouTube channel itself. The last UFC 4 Summer Series was covered there, and it may get a sequel in the future.

Understanding UFC Gameplay

ufc 4 wagers

Betting on UFC 4 is like betting on Street Fighter. The similarity in markets doesn’t translate to mechanics though. UFC 4 has a complex set of controls that can take some time to master. You can access the control settings from the main menu to study them.

To win, you need to have a solid strategy for both offense and defense. This means understanding the art of striking, grappling, clinching, and take down—all of which you need to deliver a powerful knockout or submission.

Being one with your fighter and getting a feel of their physical trait and fighting style while reading your opponent’s attacks is also crucial. Because the fight can go the distance, you have to adjust to your opponent’s play style before it takes you out cold in the Octagon.

UFC 4 Betting FAQs

Can you legally bet on UFC 4?

Yes, you can legally bet on UFC 4 by signing up for a licensed esports betting site that caters to players in your jurisdiction.

Where do I bet on UFC 4?

You can place your bet on UFC 4 through esports bookies that provide UFC 4 betting markets and odds.

Which UFC 4 betting app is real money?

Esports betting specialist GG.Bet lets players bet on UFC 4 with real money through its Android and iOS mobile app.


Images courtesy: EA Sports UFC 4

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