The Best Valorant Players

Top 20 Valorant Players of 2021


The Valorant Champions Tour is Riot’s mega tournament that spans across an entire year. Teams from all around the world are battling for the ultimate prize and the prestige that comes along with it.

We would like to take a look at some of the best Valorant players competing in this event. We will briefly cover their professional background, and then focus on the key elements such as the role they play in the team, as well as the playstyle that defines each one of them.

#Player IDNameTeam
1TenZTyson NgoSentinels
2AsunaPeter Mazuryk100 Thieves
3SicKHunter MimsSentinels
4BabybayAndrej FrancistyFaZe Clan
5ZyppanPontus EekFunPlus Phoenix
6HikoSpencer Martin100 Thieves
7ShahZaMShahzeb KhanSentinels
8SteelJoshua Nissan100 Thieves
9WardellMatthew Bowman YuTSM
10FNSPujan MehtaTeam Envy
11BuZzYu Byung-chulVision Strikers
12cNedMehmet Yağız İpekAcend
13daprMichael GulinoSentinels
14MakoKim Myeong-kwanVision Strikers
15MixwellÓscar Cañellas ColochoG2 Esports
16nAtsAyaz AkhmetshinGambit Esports
17TurkoMehmet ÖzenSuperMassive Blaze
18ScreaMAdil BenrlitomTeam Liquid
19DephhRory JacksonXSET
20DomaDomagoj FancevFnatic

Top 20 Best Valorant Players in 2021

These are the top 20 best Valorant players, ranking from top to bottom. Without further ado, let’s get right into it, starting with the number 1 on the list.

Best Valorant players 2021

1 – TenZ

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo is a professional Valorant player coming from Canada. He started off his Valorant career in Cloud9 Blue, but has recently found a new home with Sentinels. He’s our number one pick for the best Valorant player of 2021, and here’s why.

Simply put, TenZ is a monster at fragging. He’s fast and unpredictable, and loves to duel people. His unpredictability, and his quick reactions, make him one of the most feared Duelists in NA. He’s not a selfish carry, and will read the game and adapt to the team. Whether he’s on Jett, Reyna, or Raze, he’s always a powerhouse capable of taking down anyone he crosses paths with.

best valorant player
Credit: © HLTV

2 – Asuna

Here comes another Duelist, and this time it’s Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk. This 17-year-old is a member of 100 Thieves, and already he’s one of the best Valorant players in the world.

His Agents of choice are Raze and Phoenix, and no matter which one he’s playing – he’s dominating. Asuna is the main fragger for 100 Thieves, and he likes to use Raze’s entire toolkit to crush the enemy teams, utilizing this Agent’s sheer destructive output. He likes to stay in the thick of battle, and plays extremely aggressively, which means he’s usually the player who carries the round for 100 Thieves.

best valorant player 2021
Credit: @FaZeClan

3 – SicK

Hunter “SicK” Mims is an ex-CSGO legend who used to play for Misfits, TSM, and Complexity. Ever since joining Valorant, he’s been playing for Sentinels and is one of the best Valorant players today.

SicK is one of the most versatile players in Valorant. He covers multiple roles, and can adjust his playstyle according to the team’s needs. When playing his Phoenix, he’s a deadly force, especially when coupled with TenZ’s Jett. While he’s most effective as a Duelist, he can easily swap to an Initiator with his Sova, or support his team with Sage. You could say that he’s like the Swiss army knife of Sentinels.

best valorant player of all time
Credit: © HLTV

4 – Babybay

Against many Valorant Champions Tour predictions, FaZe emerged as one of the top teams of the event, in large part due to Andrej “babybay” Francisty’s carry potential.

This American Jett player is a force to be reckoned with, and his aggressive Duelist playstyle makes him stand out as one of the best Valorant players in North America.

Not only does he have the confidence to play offensively, but he has excellent aim to back it up. This makes him a scary opponent to fight against. While other Jett players tend to use this Agent’s toolkit defensively, babybay uses it to immediately close the gap and catch his opponents off guard. His decisive battle approach makes even the strongest players feel under pressure, forcing them to make mistakes and causing them to lose the fight.

top valorant player
Credit: © Blizzard Entertainment

5 – Zyppan

Pontus “Zyppan” Eek is the new rising star in EU Valorant, especially after his recent performance in VCT Stage 2 Challengers 1. This Swedish 18-year-old monster carry is the main Duelist of FunPlus Phoenix, and his Raze plays are just a sight to behold.

Although he’s mostly playing as a Duelist, he tends to swap to Sage from time to time, and even then he’s as deadly as ever. He finished the EU Challengers 1 as the number one performing player, scoring a massive 523 ACS in the Grand Finals against Guild Esports.

With Ange1 as the IGL and the rest of the team supporting him, Zyppan is a terror on the battlefield, and right now he looks unstoppable.

Credit: © Zyppaan

6 – Hiko

The 100 Thieves star, Spencer “Hiko” Martin, is the team’s most experienced member. As a former professional CSGO player, Hiko brings a plethora of game knowledge to the table.

Hiko plays Sova, and uses his vast experience and the information he gathers through his Agent’s abilities, to relay important messages to his team and guide their next move. Since he’s usually the last man to fall in battle, he has a history of taking down multiple enemies solo, earning himself a reputation of a clutch master.

hiko valorant player
Credit: © liquipedia

7 – ShahZaM

Here’s yet another former professional CSGO player, and this time it’s the IGL of Sentinels – Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan.

ShahZaM is a tactical genius. He’s in charge of making important calls during battle, and leading his team to victory. On top of that, he’s extremely versatile. When Sentinels need more map coverage, he can play Sova, but when they need an additional fragger he can always swap to Jett and fill that role. ShahZaM is the glue that keeps Sentinels together, and is one of the reasons this team has been so successful.

shahzam valorant player
Credit: © HLTV

8 – Steel

It’s very hard to reach the spotlight in a Duelist-dominated meta, but that’s where Joshua “steel” Nissan comes in. Despite transitioning to Valorant at a relatively late stage of his career, he has proven all the critics wrong by mastering the Sentinel role and leading 100 Thieves to victory.

His great game sense allows him to make incredible plays with Killjoy. He utilizes this Agent’s toolkit both offensively and defensively, predicting the enemy’s next move and placing his bots in the right place, and the right time. This is what makes him one of the best IGL’s in competitive Valorant.

steal best valorant player
Credit: ©

9 – Wardell

Matthew “Wardell” Yu is a Canadian player who is a member of TSM, and to put it simply, his job in TSM is to destroy the opposing team by any means necessary.

He mains Jett, which is the most popular Duelist pick in the current meta, so for that reason he’s ranked on number 9. However, Wardell is an absolute beast in combat and will often single-handedly carry his team. His energy and flair make him one of the most beloved players in the scene, and highly entertaining to watch.

Credit: ©

10 – FNS

We will wrap up this list with a Sentinel main, and that’s Team Envy’s Pujan “FNS” Mehta. Whether he’s on Sentinel duty with Cypher and Killjoy, or in charge of controlling the enemy team with Omen, FNS will fulfill his role flawlessly.

He’s Team Envy’s IGL and he’s managed to lead his team to incredible success in the ongoing Valorant Champions Tour, currently placing them as the number 2 team in North America. His playstyle is slow and methodical, and for attacking teams, he will prove to be a nightmare to deal with. He’s been around since the early days of CSGO, so he’s well respected by a lot of other professional Valorant players and fans alike.

Credit: © HLTV

11 – BuZz

Yu “BuZz” Byung-chul is one of the top Valorant players in Korea. He is the main Duelist of Vision Strikers and his Agent of choice is Jett. BuZz is an insane carry when he gets going, and hardly anyone is able to shut down his rampage. Still, he can sometimes struggle with consistency, but overall, he’s always a fearsome opponent.

Credit © BuZz

12 – cNed

Acend has been dominating the EU region for a while, and a good share of the credit goes to their top Jett carry – Mehmet Yağız “cNed” İpek. Many swear that he’s the best Jett player of today, although that’s a really bold claim seeing there’s so many great Jett players around. He is fast, has great smoke placements, and is an absolute beast when wielding an Operator.

Credit: © cNed

13 – dapr

Michael “dapr” Gulino is a key player in the Sentinels’ lineup. His skills in battle are unquestionable, as he’s proven himself to be highly capable with Viper, Cypher, and Killjoy. Perhaps some will say that he’s not the best Valorant player in the world, but nobody can deny his incredible sense of humor. You’ll often see him knifing people in LAN events, much to the delight of both fans and other professional players.

Credit: © Dapr

14 – Mako

Here comes another player from Korea – Kim “MaKo” Myeong-kwan. He’s another member of Vision Strikers who joined the team at the same time BuZz did. In short, he’s a Vision Strikers’ swiss army knife in terms of roles. Incredibly skilled and smart, Mako does it all – control, area denial, and sheer aggression. It’s very common to see Mako carry matches, finishing with top kills as either Viper or Astra.


15 – Mixwell

G2’s Captain, Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas Colocho is one of the top Valorant players in the world today. His skills in combat are equally matched by his real life confidence and charisma, which established him as the face of G2 Esports. He supports and leads his team in battle, rotating between Viper, Skye, and Killjoy.

Credit: © liquipedia

16 – nAts

Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin is Gambit’s secret weapon. An absolute monster with either Cypher or Viper, nAts swaps between the two depending on the needs of his team. He can pull off incredible setups and control the flow of combat, but when the need arises he can step up and carry his squad. This level of versatility will put fear into enemy teams, where they won’t know what to expect until it actually hits them.

Credit: © nAts

17 – Turko

Mehmet “Turko” Özen plays for SuperMassive Blaze, a Turkish powerhouse that fully came into spotlight during VCT: EMEA Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs. His job is supporting his team with Sage, and keeping everyone in top shape. You’ll also see him stalk the map with Skye, giving his team the opening they need. He’s very confident and skilled with his aim, which will catch many of his enemies off guard.

Credit: © liquipedia

18 – ScreaM

Team Liquid’s top carry, Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom, boasts some of the best aiming skills in the entire game. Before moving over to Valorant, he used to be feared for his headshots in CS:GO, and nothing has changed in that regard in Valorant. He’s still as deadly as ever, and his speed and precision are just out of this world.

Credit: © ScreaM

19 – Dephh

Rory “dephh” Jackson is XSET’s in-game leader and he’s in charge of piecing together the puzzle that is XSET. He joined the team mid-June of 2021, and in a short period of time, has managed to accomplish much. He’s locked into playing a single Agent – Astra, but he plays so well that it’s completely justified. You could say that he’s the glue holding this squad together.

Credit: © liquipedia

20 – Doma

Domagoj “Doma” Fancev is one of the most popular Valorant players today and he’s playing for Fnatic. This Croatian talent has had a long journey before making it big, first playing with SUMN FC and then landing into Fnatic. He’s an integral part of this lineup, and his Sage and Skye skills ensure his team remains in great shape throughout the match.

Credit: © Doma

This has been our top 20 list of the best Valorant players in 2021. If you’re looking for the best Valorant esports odds and all things related to Valorant betting, make sure to stay tuned for more news and reviews to come.

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