The Best Valorant Players in the World

Top 10 Valorant Players of 2024


The best Valorant players are a testament to how popular the game has become. Valorant is one of the most hyped games of today, boasting a growing esports scene with some of the top teams.

Within just a few years, Valorant took over the first-person shooter genre and overshadowed similar titles such as CS:GO, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six Siege.

Riot Games struck gold with Valorant, and they’re actively investing in the game to expand its esports ecosystem. Consequently, the Valorant Champions Tour attracts the cream of the crop in the gaming world. Many have switched games to compete in this arena and to establish their legacy.

best valorant players

Here we’ve decided to take a look at some of the best Valorant players in the 2024 season. We’ll briefly cover their professional background and then focus on their role in the team and their strengths and weaknesses. Our list will also answer the question of ‘Who is the best Valorant player in the world?’

The 10 Best Valorant Players

Who is the best VALORANT player? Understanding who is the absolute best VALORANT player is not easy, but below you find our ranking:

RankAliasPlayer NameTeam
🥇 1# zekkenZachary PatroneSentinels
🥈 2# MeteorKim Tae-oGen.G
🥉 3# TenzTyson NgoSentinels
🏅 4# cauanzinCauan PereiraLOUD
🏅 5# somethingIlya PetrovPaper Rex
🏅 6# DerkeNikita SirmitevFnatic
🏅 7# KaronKim Won-taeGen.G
🏅 8# AlfajerEmir BederFnatic
🏅 9# LessFelipe BassoLOUD
🏅 10# johnqtAmine OuaridSentinels

With an ongoing VALORANT Champions Tour, we’ve balanced our subjective list based on a season of performances weighed by VALORANT 2024 performances.

Notably, we have statistics thanks to the public database of VLR.GG.

Here are the best players to keep an eye on at VALORANT tournaments this season.

#10 – johnqt

best valorant players
Image Credits: Riot Games

For 2024, Amine “johnqt” Ouarid is the best African player in all of VALORANT and came straight out of Tier 2 to sign for Sentinels.

While many questioned this move, this rookie proved his worth, serving as the in-game leader with influential agents such as Cypher, Viper and Killjoy.

After dominating VCT NA Kickoff with an ACS of 187.50, he led his team to an incredible victory at VCT Masters Madrid.

#9 – Less

The 10 Best Valorant Players - VCT 2024
Image Credits: Riot Games

There were several factors contributing to another impressive season from LOUD back in 2023.

Namely, Felipe “Less” Basso fielding either Viper or Killjoy made him one of their most influential players all season long.

Beyond his impressive VLR rating of 1.16 for the entire 2023 season, Less earns his spot here due to his insane clutch-factor. Regardless of the numbers, Less always has a chance of pulling off a win somehow.

Moreover, at VCT Masters Madrid, he carried LOUD to a strong placing with his K/D of 1.32 – the best of any player at the tournament.

#8 – Alfajer

VCT EMEA League Best Valorant Teams in 2024
Image Credits: Riot Games

When consulting the statistics for the entire season and VALORANT Champions, Alfajer is a name which seemingly stays at the top.

As a Sentinel on this list, his ability to lock down the rear and sites made Fnatic untouchable on Defence. For example, he sported a 1.38 K/D in the entire 2023 season and a 1.39 K/D at VALORANT Champions 2023.

While Fnatic had a poor start to 2024, Alfajer remains a top player to keep an eye on.

#7 – Karon

best valorant players
Image Credits: Riot Games

With a confident attitude, Kim “Karon” Won-tae came out of nowhere to award Gen.G one of the best Controller players in the world.

Pushing a K/D of 1.12 at VCT Kickoff Pacific 2024, his fragging ability is insane for a Controller, sporting a 36% headshot percentage.

Despite his youth, Karon demonstrated composure at VCT Masters Madrid and helped Gen.G reach the Grand Final.

#6 – Derke

best Valorant players
Image Credit: Riot Games

As the tip of the spear of a deadly Fnatic, Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev was simply deadly all season long.

Beyond dominating the EMEA scene, his prowess extended to the international stage, facing up against some of the flashier and younger duelists on this list.

Instead of being flashy, Derke focuses on getting the job done, making him on of the best VALORANT Players of 2024.

#5 – something

best valorant players
Image Credits: Riot Games

As one of the most interesting roster changes heading into 2023/4, Ilya “something” Petrov signing for Paper Rex had everyone curious.

Striking terror into the enemy teams, his 1.24 K/D speaks volumes and is a key reason contributing to Paper Rex’s bittersweet second place finish at VALORANT Champions 2024 after dominating VCT Pacific.

If only VISA issues didn’t cause him to miss an event in 2023 – we’re sure he’ll be able to attend all of 2024’s VCT tournaments.

#4 – cauanzin

best valorant players
Image Credits: LOUD

Another pillar of the LOUD roster, Cauan “cauanzin” Pereira is a deadly initiator player with ridiculous consistency and massive impact on any round he plays.

At VCT Masters Madrid his 1.10 K/D and impressive teamplay made the difference every round, helping LOUD secure a strong finish.

This is on the back of a remarkably consistent 2023 season after joining LOUD following some roster moves.

#3 – Tenz

best VALORANT players
Image Credits: Riot Games

While he’s always been discussed as one of the best players since his early time on Sentinels, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo is a fan-favourite who hasn’t won in a minute.

However, with a rebuilt Sentinels team, he’s risen to become one of the best players in the world now that he’s focused on teamplay. Specifically, he had the highest Assists Per Round (0.54) at VCT Masters Madrid.

That makes him one of the best VALORANT players out there.

#2 – Meteor

best VALORANT players
Image Credits: Riot Games

After a long history of competing since 2021, Kim “Meteor” Tae-o has finally reached his peak form.

Joining Gen.G at the tail-end of 2022, this curious Pacific veteran rose to form with the start of 2024. Supporting “texture”, he runs the secondary duelist and plays other agents, racking up an ACS of 230 and an impressive 1.14 K/D at VCT Masters Madrid.

As a core component of Gen.G, he’s impressed as one of the best VALORANT players out there.

#1 – zekken

best valorant players
Image Credits: Riot Games

There are few means of describing just how dominant “zekken” has been since the start of 2024. Ranked as the best player at both VCT Americas Kickoff & VCT Masters Madrid statistically, he’s the main reason why Sentinels are the best team in the world.

At VCT Masters Madrid, he scored an ACS of 249 (1st), K/D of 1.21 (1st) and 167 ADR (1st).

If he can keep this up, he could be one of the best VALORANT players in the world.

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