The Best WoW Players of All Time

Published: Apr 10, 2024

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World of Warcraft is one of the most multifaceted games, requiring a huge variety of skills to play at a high level, so it can be hard to pinpoint the best WoW player of all time. That said, some players have emerged over the years as the best, most influential, and most well-regarded. While crowning a “best WoW player” might be impossible, compiling a list of the most important and highest-level players is achievable. 

The best ever World of Warcraft players

Below is a list of the most iconic, highest-achieving WoW players of all time. From streamers, to MDI and WoW tournament champions, and World First raiders, below we’ve attempted to put together a list of the very best-of-the-best of World of Warcraft players of all time.

10. Gingi

best wow players
Image Credits: Gingi Twitter

Gingi is a World First raider, six-time Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) champion, and fitness advocate. Besides being one of the most decorated and famous WoW veterans out there, with multiple MDIs and world first kills, Gingi also has an incredibly popular stream that highlights both his in-game WoW prowess and what he calls the “swollest and fittest gaming community” around.

9. Merees

world of warcraft players merees
Image Credits: Screengrab via Merees Twitch

Echo Guild officer, six-time MDI World Champion, and three-time The Great Push Global Finals champion, Merees is well known as one of the one the premier tanks in the game, having tanked several of Echo’s World First kills. Besides his achievements, Merees is known as one of the most technically proficient players in WoW, and one of the best tanks to ever play the game, and one of the best WoW players of all time. 

8. Trill

best world of warcraft players trill
Image Credits: Method

Perhaps one of the most formidable and best-known Arena World Championship players ever, Trill has had a prolific career that’s seen him represent Method, OTK, and Team Liquid as a top-level PvP player. A Blizzcon Arena Champion and a multiple-time AWC victor. Trill is also lauded as one of the most technically proficient Arena players in the game, and many cite him as one of the greatest players of all time, having also been a World-First raider, and MDI competitor, as well as achieving some of the highest ranks available in Classic WoW.

7. Cdew

top world of warcraft players cdew
Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

Chuck “Cdew” Dewland is both one of the most successful PvP players of all time and a top-level raider, having reached the pinnacle of the two most-competitive aspects of World of Warcraft. A competitive player for almost a decade and a half, Cdew has claimed dozens upon dozens of titles in AWC, playing for all the best guilds in WoW history. From Evil Geniuses, to Method, OTK, and Team Liquid, Cdew has etched his name in stone as one of the greatest to ever play WoW.

6. Fragnance

The Best WoW Players of All Time fragnance
Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

A multiple-time MDI World Champion, and a World First raider, Fragnance has solidified himself as one of the best Demon Hunter players of all-time, although now often branches into other meta DPS as his raid requires. This broad DPS experience is further enhanced by the fact Fragnance previously multiclassed heavily, dipping into all raiding roles. Fragnance is truly a Method old head, having played with the guild on and off since Mists of Pandaria. Returning to the guild in 2022, he’s been a foundational part of the guilds rebuilding into a top-tier organization.

5. Byron “Reckful” Berenstein

reckful wow best players
Image Credits: Byron Berenstein Instagram

Byron “Reckful” Berenstein was a streamer pro-player who found success in World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Asheron’s Call. Reckful pioneered the idea of the professional gamer, innovated the Rogue class in WoW, and was one of the first highly-successful live streamers on and later Twitch. Sadly, Byron suffered with bipolar disorder, and in July, 2020, tragically took his life. His passing sent the entire World of Warcraft community into mourning, as Byron was a universally beloved personality, who many called a friend, and many more saw as an inspiration. Berenstein was immortalized within World of Warcraft with an in-game trainer NPC, called Reckful, located in the Cathedral of Light.

4. Athene

The Best WoW Players of All Time
Image Credits: AtheneWins YouTube

Bachir “Athene” Boumaâza is an internet personality who first built an online presence by playing World of Warcraft. Developing his Athene persona – a cocky, arrogant gamer who insulted his opponents. This persona attracted an enormous amount of popularity, and Athene quickly built up a large following on YouTube and Twitch. In-game, Athene obtained records for being the first player to obtain level 80 and 85. In the mid 2010s, Athene shifted to charity work, before forming an organization called the Singularity Group. The group’s activities have included creating content, live streams, charity, and political engagement. Athene’s activities on World of Warcraft have effectively concluded, so while the player was one of the best and most well-known players in WoW, his time has seemingly passed.

3. Asmongold

asmongold best wow players
Image Credits: Twitch zackrawrr

A contentious pick for one of the best World of Warcraft players, but undoubtedly one of the most influential WoW players of all time, Asmongold is still perhaps the most-watched MMO streamer on the planet. With an online presence that spans over 15 years, Asmongold is a true WoW OG, having played since 2006. Beyond becoming the undisputed king of WoW on Twitch, Asmongold has over 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube. He’s also the co-owner of two companies, Starforge systems, a custom gaming PC company, and One True King (OTK), a media and streaming company. Love him or hate him; it’s impossible to downplay Asmongold’s success.

2. Maximum

The Best WoW Players of All Time maximum
Image Credits: Maximum Twitter

Co-owner of Team Liquid, and leader of the guild formally known as Limit, Max “Maximum” Smith. As leader of one of the most successful guilds in WoW history, Maximum has been part of dozens of World Firsts and pioneered the idea of the 21st man in raiding – a raid leader who observes the raid like a coach, calling plays and bringing order the chaos that can sometimes be a World First raid. Maximum is also a prolific streamer whose Undercover Raid Leading series has garnered millions of views on YouTube and Twitch.

1. Scripe

The Best WoW Players of All Time scripe
Image Credits: Logitech

A 10-time World First winner and raid leader for Echo Guilde, Scripe is one of the most influential and well-known WoW players in the scene today. Beyond just a raid leader, Scripe is a CEO of Echo, and has led his guild to be one of the most successful in the world, claiming multiple MDI championships, AWC titles, and more. Beyond this, Scripe is (like many others on this list) a successful streamer, whose found success outside of WoW as his RWF raid team takes on the challenge of Final Fantasy XIV’s Savage and Ultimate raids.

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