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Top 20 World of Warcraft Raiding Guilds in 2023

WoW Top Guilds

The only certain things in a gamer’s life are death, taxes, and getting addicted to World of Warcraft. At one point or another in our gaming life, we have all dipped our toes in the MMO pool. But some people stick around longer than others. They found the Raids. Raiding isn’t just an interesting distraction from the base World of Warcraft campaign, it is the whole point of the game. As a viewer or a fan, you could even take part in some WoW betting on some of the WoW best guilds.

List of the Best Guilds in WoW

The list of Wow guilds below is based on the progression of the last incredibly difficult raid, Vault of the Incarnates, which put all the best guilds in WoW to the test and to their limits. While some World of Warcraft top guilds seemed to be better than others at first, the longer and harder the raid proved itself to be, the true reflection of the guilds’ value came to display. 

Guild RankGuildVault of the IncarnatesSepulcher of the First Ones RankSanctum of Domination RankCastle Nathria Rank
6Chao Jie681910
8Instant Dollars8122159
13Exposed13 222633
16Рак Гейминг16374652

1. Echo, EU Tarren Mill

Wow best guilds - Echo

When it comes to WoW best guilds, there should be no surprise that Echo is number one. Ever since Castle Nathria (which was this guild’s first big achievement), Echo has been very consistent in being one of the best guilds in WoW, and they will probably continue to dominate the scene with future raids.

Whenever a new raid comes out, Echo is always the favorite when it comes to WoW betting, and considering that they were World 1st in the last three released raids, betting on them to win the next race in Dragonflight is definitely a good idea.

2. Liquid, US Illidan

Liquid Illidan guilds best guilds in wow

Previously known as Complexity Limit, it is the best guild that the US has to offer. They have constantly been fantastic rivals with Echo, and while they did have World 5th on the Jailer, they were very neck to neck with Echo until the race was over.

Many love Liquid, mostly because it consists of some of the best WoW streamers that the game can offer.

3. Method, EU Twisting Nether

method wow guilds

The guild that went through quite a lot of controversy in the past few years, and one that many have heard of since they have been around for years, is Method.

Even after all the drama, and some of the best players leaving to create Echo, Method has been proving that they got what it takes to be one of the best guilds in WoW, especially when it comes to MDI and other World of Warcraft tournaments that have been going on.

4. BDGG, US Illidan

bdgg best wow guild

The Big Dumb Gaming Golden Guardians have quite an interesting name, but according to the skill they are displaying when it comes to raiding, it is quite the opposite. When it comes to the US raiding guilds, they are easily the 2nd best guild.

5. Skyline, CN The Great Sea

When it comes to the Asian region, Skyline is indisputable, as they have constantly been number one or two in the region. They are constantly in the top 10 guilds in the world, and they are worthy contestants in the best EU and NA guilds.

Skyline Warcraft Log

6. Chao Jie, CN Scarlet Crusade

Another guild that has been quite consistent in showing results is Chao Jie. They have been getting into the top 10 kills since Crucible of Storms, which is when they got rank 5, which is the highest spot they have ever gotten on a kill during their career.

7. Jitianhong, CN Isillien

jitianhong wow guild

Back in BFA, this guild was quite a good contender to be one of the best WoW guilds out there. Then, in Shadowlands, their rankings slightly slipped as they finished Sanctum of Domination as the World 14th but quickly stepped back up with the 7th Jailor kill, and now once again, the 7th kill on Raszageth the Storm-Eater.

佶天鸿 Warcraft Log

8. Instant Dollars, US Mal’Ganis

The guild that has been showing some rapid progression when it comes to competition by going from 59th to 21st and now to 8th kill in the world is Instant Dollars, and that kind of progress is something that should not be taken lightly. We hope to see more amazing performances from these players in the future, and they might even get into the top 10 on our list.

9. KeaHoarl, CN Shadowmourne

There are quite a lot of the best WoW guilds from China on the list, and that is because Asian servers are proving to be some of the best of the best. The 4th best guild in the region and 9th in the world is a guild that came out of nowhere in Sepulcher of the first ones to claim the 9th kill, only to continue their placing with Vault of the Incarnates.

10. FatSharkYes, EU Kazzak

FatSharkYes WoW Guild

One of the oldest guilds on the list was created back in 2012 during the Cataclysm era. Their first big breakthrough into the top guilds was in 2013, and while they haven’t gotten any world-first kills, they are always very consistent when it comes to mythic clears in a timely fashion.

11. Mate, KR Azshara

There have not been that many Korean guilds in the top lists and Mate, who has been far off from being in the World’s top 100, has somehow managed to get a big jump to the 11th spot. This group of incredible players might just be someone who will hit the top 10 in the future. Keep an eye on them.

12. 火锅英雄, Unknown

Unfortunately, this guild seemed to have disbanded, and their page no longer exists at, but at least we can give them props for getting the 12th kill in the game and hope they resurface later in the future.

13. Exposed, EU Drak’thul

While the Fated version of the rate is not something we considered into the ranking of the guilds, Exposed got some really high ranks there, (7, 3, and 3). Seeing them get the world’s 13th kill in Dragonflight is quite exciting, and they look like a promising contender for the top 10 in the future.

14. Honestly, OC Frostmourne

The first and only guild from the Oceanic region, is Honestly. They have been around since Tier 15, and they have managed to get into the top 100 and top 50, and they have been proving to be consistent in getting better with each tier.

15. Conspiracy, EU Ragnaros

This guild showed just how much they have improved with the final raid of Shadowlands, and seeing them still being one of the best WoW guilds in the world shows a promising candidate for future world races.

16. Рак Гейминг, RU Soulflayer

Out of nowhere, Рак Гейминг from the Russian servers came and showed that those servers also have someone who is worthy of being in the top 20 guilds in the world. While they have been in the top 50 before, this is the first time they broke into the top 20, which is great for the Russian region.

17. Aversion, DE Blackhand

Aversion WoW Guild 2022

One of the best guilds in Europe that comes out of Germany is Aversion. They have been sticking to their server, Blackhand, ever since they formed, and they have been one of the first ones to plow through the mythic content with each raid.

Of course, like with many other guilds, Shadowlands took quite a toll on the guild, which made them drop in ranks, but not down enough to not make them one of the best guilds in WoW, especially on the German servers.

18. Impact, FR Archimonde

French servers have not shown that they have a serious competitive guild for quite some time, as the last good guild from the region was Zero Empathy. It is nice to see the FR region being in the top 20 once again.

19. LEVELS, EU Twisting Nether

Castle Nathria rank 163, Sanctum of Domination rank 68, Sepulcher of the First Ones rank 32, and now Vault of Incarnates rank 19. One could say that this guild has been leveling their WoW skills quite a lot in the past few years.

20. Project, EU Kazzak

After always being in the top 50, Project managed to snatch the 9th kill on the Fated Jailor and now the 20th kill on Raszageth, which shows another fantastic guild in the EU scene to keep an eye on.

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