Best WoW Guilds 2021

The Top 10 World of Warcraft Raiding Guilds in Shadowlands

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The only certain things in a gamers life are death, taxes, and getting addicted to World of Warcraft. At one point or another in our gaming life, we have all dipped our toes in the MMO pool. But some people stick around longer than others. They found the Raids.

Raiding isn’t just an interesting distraction from the base World of Warcraft campaign, it is the whole point of the game. As a viewer or a fan, you could even take part in some WoW betting on your favorite guilds.

Some of the best WoW Guilds raid every day. Since most casual players may never meet up with these guilds, who play on Mythic difficulty almost all the time. Check out this list:

Top 10 best WoW Guilds

10. Memento: EU – Stormreaver

Memento WoW Guild

A relatively new guild in World of Warcraft. They formed in 2018 as a World of Warcraft Classic guild but have since made the shift to the current version of the game.

They claim they are a semi-hardcore raiding guild, yet they seem to be doing everything they can to rise up the ranks of the Mythic Raiding leader board. They have yet to get any World first kills, but they are rapidly gaining in strength and experience.

Memento WoWProgress: link

9. Aversion: EU – DE – Blackhand

Aversion WoW Guild 2021

Aversion is one of the best Guilds in Europe and without a doubt, the best Raiding guild to come out of Germany in a long time. Their server, Blackhand, is a new addition to the Guild and it has made them stronger than ever.

Since the Battle for Azeroth expansion, they have regularly placed in the top ten Best WoW Guilds in Mythic Raids. In fact, they were the ninth guild in the world to down Denathrius.

Aversion WoW Achievements: link

Official website:

8. Practice: EU – Ragnaros

If you had any interest in World of Warcraft and betting on esports, this guild would be the perfect dark horse candidate for the next big thing in Raiding. They were only formed in 2019 on the Ragnaros server.

In the two years that they have operated, they have consistently been in the top ten WoW Guilds in Mythic Raids. In fact, they were the tenth guild in the world to down Denathrius and the tenth in The Eternal Palace.

7. BDGG: NA – Illidan

The first North American Guild in our list and possibly the best named guild in World of Warcraft. Big Dumb Gaming Golden Guardians or BDGG for short, is a guild formed by the merger of two of the top US guilds, Big Dumb Gaming, and Golden Guardians.

This partnership has rocketed them to the number two spot in the US and one of the top ten in the world.

6. Method: EU – Twisting Nether

Method WoW Guild

Normally I would have ranked this Guild higher, but I hesitate to do that because of the numerous controversies to come out of this Guild in the past year. One of the high-ranking members was accused of several heinous acts and as a result, the Guild split apart.

This Guild has had plenty of world first kills under their belt but with the recent controversy, I don’t think they will get to the top any time soon.

5. Exorsus: EU – RU – Howling Fjord

Exorsus WoW

Unquestionably the best WoW Guild in Russia. Exorsus is a top-ranking Guild in Mythic Raids and even made the decision to change from Horde to Alliance to deal with the bleeding damage in the Shadowlands raid content. The lengths that they are willing to go to makes them a dream for anyone betting on esports as they will always go that one step further than anyone else.

4. FatSharkYes: EU – Kazzak

FatSharkYes WoW Guild

The Guild with the second-best name on this list. I put them in fourth place because they said so. They call themselves, “the undisputed world number four ranked guild,” and who am I to disagree.

They certainly have the pedigree to make that statement. Since the Legion expansion, they have regularly placed in the top 5 Guilds in Mythic Raids. FatSharkYes placed number 4 for Mythic Castle Nathria in Shadowlands.

3. Pieces: EU – Stormscale

There can be no arguing about the order from here on out. These are without a doubt the top three best WoW Guilds in the world. Pieces have been around for over a decade and still make esports odds in 2021. That takes some dedication and skill.

They had the world first on the Crucible of Storms raid in the Battle for Azeroth and they have not deviated from their goal of the Race To World First. They want to be the first guild to kill whatever Raid boss Blizzard dreams up of next.

2. Echo: EU – Tarren Mill

Echo WoW Guild

This is a splinter group from some of the former members of Method. They created this guild after the controversies with Method. They are already dominating in recent Raids and their years of experience outside of their current Guild makes them some of the best in the world.


1. Complexity-Limit: NA – Illidan

Complexity-Liquid WoW Guild

The best WoW Guild in the world right now. Formed in 2015, they already have plenty of world firsts in their trophy cabinet. They follow an esports methodology and actively train to be the best.

Most recently they have achieved world first kills in Castle Nathria and Ny’alotha.


Twitter: @LimitGuild

WoWProgress: link

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