100% Welcome Bonus Sites: The Best Places to Double Your Deposit


Are you ready to make the most of your first deposit? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about 100% welcome bonuses, which are one of the most generous promotions you can get when you sign up for a new online casino account.

We’ll also highlight some top-rated websites that offer 100% welcome bonuses to new players so that you can take advantage of these offers confidently. And to give you a complete picture, we’ll also examine the pros and cons of 100% welcome bonuses, so you can make an informed decision and get the most out of your online gaming experience.

Top Site Offers a 100% Welcome Bonus

Many bookmakers offer 100% deposit bonuses to their new players, but since they have different wagering requirements and terms, not all of them end up being as good as they sound in rewarding customers.  Here are some of the online betting sites that have the best 100% welcome offers that we’d recommend to a new customer looking to get a good welcome bonus:


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What is an esports 100% welcome bonus?

Bonuses are a big part of the world of esports betting. Whether you bet on esports at a mainstream bookmaker like Bet365 or at an esports specialist bookie, such as Thunderpick esports, the chances are you’ll find some kind of special offer for new players, so they’re worth looking out for.

An esports 100% welcome bonus is actually fairly simple to understand. A 100% welcome bonus is where you deposit a certain amount of funds into your new betting account and the esports bookmaker matches your initial deposit with a payment of bonus credit that can be used to place bets.

Welcome bonuses are special promotions mostly offered by betting companies to entice the player to make a first-time deposit and to experience using a gaming website.  You could say it’s also a way of saying “Welcome, and thank you for choosing us”. This, for example, is how GG.bet esports greets its new players, with a 100% betting welcome bonus of up to $300, or equivalent.

100% welcome bonus: advantages and disadvantages

As with any other type of bonus, there are pros and cons to signing up for it, and we will take a closer look at these here.

AdvantagesAs with any type of betting bonus, there are positive and negative features of a 100% welcome bonus. The main thing to recommend it is that bonuses of this type tend to be fairly generous. The amount of bonus you receive depends, of course, on the amount of money that you choose to deposit in your account, but you can often benefit from offers where the upper limit is close to £100.
DisadvantagesThe main negative feature of this type of bonus is wagering requirements, many of which can be very onerous indeed. Wagering requirements are what you need to do to turn your bonus into real money. You often need to wager the bonus amount as many as 30 times before it can be turned into real money, making it almost impossible for you to gain any real benefit from it. Always read the terms and conditions carefully when it comes to wagering requirements on a welcome bonus.

How do you calculate a 100% welcome bonus?

So, if you get an offer that’s like the Thunderpick welcome bonus of “Get a 100% bonus on up to $/€600 deposit”, you stand to get up to $/€600 total worth on your first deposit. In this case, if you fund your account by $50, you get $50 as bonus cash from the bookmaker.

You don’t need to worry much about the calculations though. Most times, the betting site will always do the work and quickly tell you how much you stand to gain if you input a deposit amount. So you can focus on your Call of Duty betting without having to be concerned much about the math.

Different betting sites have different deposit bonuses, as well as welcome bonus packages, terms and conditions and wagering requirements guiding them. So be sure to check through to know if a particular bonus might suit you or is just not useful to you so you can put your bonus money where it matters.

100% deposit bonus codes

As we’ve said, many online betting companies offer their newly registered customers a full 100% welcome deposit bonus package for the first deposit. The 100% is more like doubling your money because if you do your math, that’s just twice your initial deposit. So, it’s quite an attractive offer.

There are so many promotions on the betting sites you can take advantage of, so it’s important that you take up the best offers. You should check through the wagering requirements and where the deposit bonus codes really target – whether multiplying the money deposited or just a fixed bonus money sum, so you know how you wager to benefit from bonus winnings from the 100% deposit bonus.

Though mostly, a welcome casino bonus is just a one-time thing, some 100% deposit bonuses offered by some betting companies may not just be for the first-time deposit alone but may extend for a few consecutive deposits –  all the better, isn’t it? One such operator is Cobra Casino esports, which offers not just one deposit bonus but three.

100% welcome bonus

How do you go about claiming your 100% welcome bonus?

It’s relatively easy to use the deposit bonus feature on your chosen bookmaker betting site. You’d typically be required to open an account and these are common steps you’d need to take:

  • Step 1: Register on the site and create an account – Of course, the first thing is to log on to the website and create an account. You’d have to input some of your details during the registration. Your name, email and phone number are very commonly requested.
  • Step 2: Automatic login – Once you’ve been successfully registered, you’ll be automatically logged in to the new account just created.
  • Step 3: Verify your account – The next thing is to verify the news to prove you provided the correct details that belong to you. The verification subjects would be your phone number, email address, or both. Until you complete these steps, you won’t be able to make any transactions or receive any deposit bonuses. At some point, you will also be asked you verify your identity.
  • Step 4: Make deposits to fund your accounts – Now, you have to put some funds in the account to be able to stake bets and, more importantly, in this case, to get the deposit bonus due to you. Make sure you know what the minimum deposit amount for the betting site you’re registering with is, so you don’t fall short of the deposit bonus requirements.
  • Step 5: Meet the requirements to be able to withdraw the bonus amount you received already – After making your first-time deposit, the welcome bonus should be added to your account almost immediately.  However, you would not be able to withdraw these bonus funds directly until you stake bets with it or fulfil whatever the requirements of the particular online casino are.

For some, you’d have to bet multiple times with the money before you can withdraw your winnings.

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Requirements and eligibility

The 100% deposit bonus would always come with its own wagering requirements and criteria to be eligible depending on the betting site or online casinos offering it. Some or most of the deposit bonus codes can only be claimed when the deposit is up to a certain amount.

General welcome deposit bonus similarities between bookmakers

As for what’s common about bookmakers’ requirements concerning their general 100% deposit bonuses, we could point out a few.

  • Eligibility: Firstly, as the name suggests, 100% deposit bonuses of betting sites are specific to new members and not already existing customers.
  • Minimum deposit required: Also, the betting welcome bonus would only be activated when a certain minimum funds amount is deposited into the bettor’s account.
  • Specific to regions: Some bet deposit bonuses, too, are only specific to a particular region, and the users must reside in that geographic location. For example, Betsafe’s deposit bonuses are only available for residents in Canada.
  • Cashing out: Depending on the terms and conditions guiding the bet placed and the deposit bonus you stand to gain, some betting companies may not offer a quick cash-out option after winning your first few games until you meet the single terms and requirements.

Other types of betting bonus

In addition to an esports 100% welcome bonus, there are other types of promotional offer that esports bettors can claim. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at some of these other bonuses. Remember to always check the terms and conditions before you commit to opening an account.

Risk free bets

Another type of bonus that is often awarded by bookmakers is something called a risk free bet. Of course, you need to remember that no bet is ever entirely risk free, as you will always be chancing some of your own money, not the bookie’s. A risk free bet bonus usually works by the bookie giving you an extra bet if your bet loses.

So, for example, the bookmaker might be offering risk free bets for a any customer’s first bet on the CS:GO ESL Pro League Season 15 finals. If you placed a bet on Fnatic to beat NRG Esports in the first round you would have lost your bet. The bookie would then have given you an extra bet worth the same amount as your stake to compensate for this loss. You have still lost your money, but you have another bet that you can use. There may well be wagering requirements attached to this bonus, so always check the terms and conditions.

promotions after opening a cobra casino account

Odds Boosts

This type of bonus can often be claimed if you bet on a certain sport or event. For example, a bookie might boost all the odds by a certain percentage on all bets on a CS2 betting event. You need to keep a close eye out for these bonuses, as they can be very valuable indeed, as long as you be with skill and judgement.

Extra bet bonuses

One of the most common types of welcome offers handed out by bookmakers to sports betting punters is the extra bet bonus. The bookmaker will usually call this extra bet a ‘free bet’ but this is not accurate. This type of bonus is usually handed out to punters who open an account and place a first bet of a certain value. They will then be awarded an extra bet as a kind of thank you for opening their account.

Remember that a ‘free bet’ is rarely free!

It is really important to remember, whether you prefer betting on League of Legends, CSGO or any of the many other varieties of esports out there that when a bookie offers you something for ‘free’ it does not mean that you get something for nothing. Bookies do not become vastly profitable companies by being generous and giving away free money in the form of bets.

A ‘free bet’ is usually a bonus bet that is awarded when you open an account and deposit money in it. You then usually receive an extra bet or bets worth the amount of money that you have deposited in your account. You also usually have to spend at least some of that money by placing a bet worth a certain amount of money at specific odds. Only when you have done that

Thunderpick Welcome Bonus

Get your 100% welcome bonus today

As you can see, bookies offer a good range of esports betting bonuses to entice customers to open accounts. The 100% welcome bonus is becoming increasingly common as esports betting grows in popularity. The important thing to remember with this type of bonus is to check the terms and conditions very carefully, as wagering requirements are often very restrictive.

Frequently asked questions

How do I activate my 100% welcome bonus code?

You become eligible for your 100% welcome promotion offer once you’ve made your initial deposit. If the bonus is not funded to you automatically, you can go to the “Bonus” section in your account and click on the “Activate” button.

Can I withdraw my 100% bonus without staking bets?

Most betting platforms will require you to wager multiple times on a welcome bonus you receive, and if your bets are settled favourably, you get to withdraw funds. However, depending on the terms and regulations specific to the betting site, you might have more favourable options. Some betting sites might allow you to withdraw only after one or very few wagers. Or, even more rarely, some may allow you to withdraw the welcome bonus immediately.

How long will my welcome bonus code last before it expires?

The duration for which your welcome bonus remains valid differs and depends on the betting site. Some betting companies may allow your bonus to remain for as long as the account remains as long as the bonus has not yet been used, while some other betting companies allow their welcome bonuses to last only as long as a week or longer or even shorter periods. That is why it’s very important you read and understand the terms involved with the welcome bonuses you receive.

Can I re-use my welcome bonus money?

Unlike other online casino bonuses, welcome bonuses are just for first-time users, and once you’ve used the bonus, you can’t get a welcome bonus anymore. However, there should still be other bonus offers the betting company would provide for already existing users. Some betting sites allow their users to use their welcome bonus for brief consequent initial wagers, say, the first two or three times you place a bet, and after that, the welcome bonus expires.
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