Esports Risk Free Bet Bonuses: Find the Best Offers and Use Them Well

Posted on August 8, 2019 - Last Updated on July 10, 2020

If you are new to the world of sports betting, you may not be familiar with the term esports risk free bet. It is a type of bonus that many bookmakers offer to customers as a way of enticing them to either open or retain an account with them.

In this article, we’ll look at what an esports risk free bet actually is, and how you can find the best offers. We’ll also give you some risk free bet tips that you can use to help you formulate more successful betting strategies.

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What is an esports risk free bet?

Defining an esports risk free bet is actually pretty simple. A risk free bet is a wager where you will have your stake refunded if your bet loses. You will usually receive the ‘refund’ as an extra bet rather than cash, although occasional bookies have offered cash refunds from time to time, though this is very rare.

Offering you a bonus bet refund does not really cost the bookie anything, but also allows them to appear to be very generous to their customers. A risk free bet is sometimes offered to customers as an incentive for them to bet on certain events too. This is common when mainstream sporting events like soccer’s World Cup or cycling’s Tour de France are taking place, but it is becoming more widespread in esports betting too.

This makes it a good idea to look out for risk free bet offers when major esports tournaments like the DreamHack or the League of Legends World Championship are taking place. If you are astute and keep your eye on a good range of bookies, you can pick up some good offers this way.

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Types of esports risk free betting

Plenty of bookmakers, whether esports specialists or not, will try and tempt customers to open accounts by offering bonuses. You must always exercise a degree of caution when evaluating these offers. It is important to remember that when a bookie offers what they call a ‘free bet’ it is not ‘free’ at all.

An extra bet will always require you to deposit money into your new account and, usually, to place a bet of a certain size before you receive your extra bets. You can only claim your ‘free bet’ when you have spent this money, so it is important to realise that it is not a ‘free bet’ at all. You need to be aware of this when it comes to checking out bonuses and evaluating which offer represents the best value for you.

Here, we’ll look at some different types of bet that you can use if you have picked up a esports risk free bet bonus.

Esports match betting

This is a very simple form of betting where you place a wager on which of two teams will win an esports match. In football and other sports, this type of bet is sometimes known as a 1X2 bet, where you can bet on one team to win, a draw, or the other team to win. Most esports matches can’t end in draws, so you are basically picking a winner.

When it comes to esports betting and esports betting bonus, it is better to wager like this in the latter rounds of esports tournaments, as favourites tend to dominate in the early rounds. Of course, you can make betting on favourites be more lucrative, by using a type of bet known as an accumulator.

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Accumulators area good form of esports betting

An accumulator is where several individual bets are combined into one bet on one betting slip. The esports odds from each bet are multiplied together, so accumulators can potentially bring in very big wins. It is important to remember, though, that if one bet on the accumulator loses the whole bet slip loses. You are never guaranteed a win in any form of betting and accumulators are no different.

But accumulators are very useful if you want to bet on a series of favorites in the early rounds of esports tournaments. Favorites almost always win in these early rounds, and you can reap some good rewards by combining three or more of these bets into an accumulator.

As with any kind of betting, you need to make careful selections when choosing your markets. Never rely on instinct or blind luck when it comes to choosing bets. Use your knowledge of the game in question, and research recent news about the teams and players on whom you are betting.

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Look out for live betting options

Sometimes you may pick up risk-free bet tips that can be used for what is called live betting. This is sometimes also referred to the aspects explained below.

Tips for wagering with an esports risk free bet

Whether you have picked up a good esports risk free betting bonus or not, there are certain ideas that hold true for all forms of sports betting, including betting on esports. Here are three principles to hold to when you are betting on esports. If you stick to them you will not only make better use of your bonus, but also be more successful when it comes to betting with real money.

1. Always do your research

While many newcomers to betting may not associate placing wagers with doing some kind of research, experienced punters all know that knowledge is power when it comes to betting successfully. The best way to pick up risk-free bet tips is to know as much as possible about your favored esports teams and players.

The more knowledge that you have about recent results and performances the better you will be able to assess the odds on offer to see what makes for a good bet. It helps if you focus on a handful of specific teams and players too, as this can give you a laser-like focus when it comes to picking out the best bets. The more you know, the more likely you are to place winning bets.

2. Never let greed cloud your judgment

One thing that every esports punter should avoid is greed. It is a familiar feeling to many gamblers, especially if you have successfully used a betting bonus to win big. You begin to feel invincible, like none of your bets can ever lose. This is dangerous. You end up placing big bets on long odds markets, something which is a recipe for disaster.

Always remember that long odds do not guarantee a win, and just because you have wagered a large stake, it doesn’t mean that you are definitely going to win. Greed clouds your judgment and leads to bad decisions. Never get greedy when you are indulging in a spot of esports risk-free betting.

3. Never chase losses – have a rest instead

More experienced sports betting punters may well be familiar with the term ‘chasing losses’. If you are a newcomer to the world of sports betting and you have never heard this term you need to make sure you take it to heart. Chasing your losses is where you try and compensate for a series of losing bets by placing more bets with higher stakes at longer odds.

Anyone should be able to see the flaws in the logic here, even if they are not that experienced as sports bettors. If you place bigger bets at longer odds you are simply increasing your chances of losing a lot of money. Chasing losses tends to happen when you are feeling frustrated or angry, so stop betting if you start to feel those emotions.

Risk Free Bet Esports Betting


As can be seen, when it comes to esports risk free betting you have a number of possible betting strategies that you can adopt. While risk free bet offers have not become too common at esports specialist bookies, you are sure to come across them if you bet on esports at mainstream bookies like Betway Esports or Bet365.

A great source of risk free bet tips is, of course, At our site you can access all the latest bookmaker reviews, bonus offer articles and up-to-date betting tips that you need to be a successful esports punter. Make sure you come back here regularly to keep yourself updated about all the latest risk free bet offers, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

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