What is an esports betting bonus?

There are different types of betting bonuses that you can pick up, and these are divided broadly into two types. Bookies will offer welcome bonuses for new customers who open an account, and they will also offer a range of bonuses that established customers can claim. We take a look at what these types of bonuses entail here.

One important thing to note about claiming any kind of esports bonus code is that using certain types of payment methods often prevents you from being able to claim a bonus.

Spotting a good esports welcome offer

When it comes to an esports welcome offer, there are some tempting bonuses available from many bookies. The most common form of welcome bonus is some extra bets, and bookies usually offer around £20 to £30 of extra bets. The amount you receive is often dependent on the size of your first deposit or, more commonly these days, your first bet.

Esports Betting Bonus

How this works is that you will deposit an amount in your account first. This sum will usually need to be at least £5. Some bookies will then match this deposit by awarding you extra bets to the same value as your first deposit. Other bookies work it by offering your extra bets to the same value as the first bet that you place. This first bet will often have a minimum odds condition attached to it too, so make sure that you always check the terms and conditions properly. Betway and Bet365 offer variations of this type of bonus.

Other types of esports bonus

Of course, bookies also want to retain the new customers who have opened accounts with them, so many will offer recurring bonuses that established customers can claim. These take a variety of forms. One popular bonus with many bookies is an accumulator guarantee. This offers punters the chance to claim their stake back as an extra bet if one selection on their accumulator fails. You will usually need to have at least four selections on your accumulator to claim this kind of bonus.

Another type of esports bonus code is sometimes awarded that relates to specific tournaments or events. This bonus will sometimes take the form of you receiving an extra bet if you place a bet worth at least £5 on a specific esports tournament, like the DreamHack or the Dota 2 International.

Bookies will also sometimes offer an esports bonus to customers who place a regular weekly bet, or who bet a certain amount.

Only the best Esports Bonuses

How to spot a good esports bonus

When it comes to spotting an esports bonus that offers good value there are a number of things you need to look out for. Here are three factors that should influence your choice of bookie.

Good range of esports offered

Obviously this should go without saying, but if you are an esports fan looking for a good bookie they need to offer a good selection of esports. While some mainstream bookies, (see our Betway review, or Bet365 Esports and 10Bet offer) a good range of esports markets, other mainstream operators have a much more limited selection available. Esports specialist bookies like Thunderpick or Vulkanbet might be better if you just want to bet on esports and are not interested in betting on any other sports.

The esports betting bonus offers good value

A bonus should always be worth claiming, in terms of the value that it offers you. At the very least, you need to be picking up extra bets or bonus credit that is equivalent to what you have deposited in your account. Bonuses that are only paid out if your first bet loses need to be treated with caution, as you can often end up gaining nothing from them at all.

No complicated wagering requirements

It is also a good idea to check the terms and conditions that apply to a bonus to see what the wagering requirements are. Although wagering requirements are usually applied to casino bonuses, they are sometimes still in place for sports betting bonuses too. Basically, wagering requirements demand that you wager your bonus credit a certain amount of times, often as many as 15x the original bonus amount. This can take a long time and make claiming the bonus a very onerous and tedious process. Again, always make sure you check the terms and conditions before you sign up for any esports betting welcome bonuses and promotions.

Tips for using an esports betting bonus

If you have claimed an esports betting bonus from a bookie, and you’re all excited to be using an esports bonus code you need to remember that certain principles apply to all betting. Here are three vitally important things to remember when you are betting on esports.

1. Several small bets are more fun than one big bet

It is important to remember that betting is supposed to be fun. This is why it is a good idea to spread out your spending between several bets. You need to choose the bets carefully, of course, but this does improve your chances of enjoying some success. The buzz you get from betting comes from placing winning bets, and the more bets you place the greater your chances of recording at least one win. Never let your bets get too big, though.

2. Greed is always your enemy – never chase losses

Placing too many big bets can soon lead to trouble. As your losses mount up, you might be tempted to do something called ‘chasing losses’, where you place a series of increasingly bigger bets to try and compensate for your losses. This can trap you into a very negative cycle and lead to real financial problems. Stick to carefully selected small bets.

3. Research and use your knowledge

Successful punters will always spend time researching their favourite teams and players. Focus on your favourite esport, whether that it CS:GO, LoL or anything else, and research as much as you can about the teams and players. The more you know, the greater your chances of being a successful punter, and making proper use of any esports bonus code you have claimed. Read our also Esports Betting guide for more insights.