How To Use Bonus Bets When Betting Online?

Posted on August 4, 2022 - Last Updated on February 1, 2023

There is nothing better than receiving some kind of a bonus from your favourite betting site, especially one that you can incorporate into future bets. When it comes to betting online, there are a couple of ways that you can use bonus bets and take full advantage of them.

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What are bonus bets?

Before we get into how to use bonus bets on your account, it is essential to understand what bonus bets are. Depending on the site that you are gambling on, you can receive a different bonus. The way you can get your hands on one of these bonus bets is if they are given out through some kind of promotion, marketing offers via emails or SMS, reward points, loyalty club, VIP club, or whatever other systems a betting site would use.

how to use bonus bets

What can you bet on?

Depending on where you are gambling, the bonus bets will work differently. For instance, some sites will have a deposit bonus, which you can then use to bet on pretty much anything, while other sites may have an esports betting bonus, which, you guessed it, works only on esports bets.

Some betting sites will also allow you to use bonus bets on in-play betting, which are basically live bets. There are also situations where you can use bonus bets on money-lining bets too. If you are not familiar with the money line meaning, it is when you simply bet that a certain team will win, no matter the score.

How do you check if you have bonus bets?

Depending on where you are betting, there might be a different method to see if you have any bonus bets available. In most cases, all you have to do is navigate to your accounts page and check your deposits.

You should see the different balances you deposited separately from the bonus bet balance. While in some cases, the bonus bet balance might be $10, depending on the betting site, you might be able to split the bonus over a few bets, but in some cases, you can only use the $10 all at once.

How to use bonus bets in esports betting?

Again, depending on where you are planning to bet, it depends on how to use bonus bets. In most cases, using bonus bets in esports betting is pretty much the same as betting on regular sports. As you make a bet,  some sites will automatically stake the bonus bet for you, while others will require you to check a different option to do it.

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How are bonus bets paid out?

Every betting site has different rules when it comes to payouts from winning bets if you happen to use a betting bonus. In most cases, the winnings will simply be the money you won minus the betting bonus.

Here’s an example: You bet $10 on a bet that has odds of 1:6, and you use a bonus bet of $10 as well. This means that you placed $20 on a 1:6 bet. If you win, you will win $120 if everything comes from your pocket. However, because the $10 was from the bonus bet balance, you will instead receive $110.

Of course, this math can be different depending on where you are gambling, but it is the most common form of bonus bets being calculated during payouts. When it comes to withdrawing the money from the bets used with bonus bets, after you use the bonus bet and win a bet, you should be able to cash out your winnings immediately.

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