Stake Crash Game Guide: How to Play Crash on Stake


The Stake Crash game is easily one of the most popular online casino games of recent times and we’re here to tell you why. This means revealing the basics of how to play Crash on Stake and showing you how you can get more wins. All of this should be enough to help you avoid making too many rookie errors when you play this top crypto casino game.

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How to play Crash on Stake

  • With a good Stake Crash strategy, the Crash game is mercifully simple to play.
  • It just requires you to make a prediction about how far a dot will travel across the screen before it stops.
  • The dot will travel diagonally up a grid, and the further it goes, the higher the multipliers are.
  • It is less likely to reach the higher multipliers than the lower ones.

stake crash game

Example: How does Crash work on Stake?

  • You could bet that the dot will go beyond the 1.2x multiplier.
  • If it does, then you will win back your stake multiplied by 1.2.
  • If the dot fails to travel this far, you’ll simply lose your bet and your stake. It really is that simple.

Coming up with a good Stake Crash strategy

While the Stake Crash game is a lot of fun to play, it’s not always so easy to win. After all, the game comes with a 99% Return to Player percentage.

This means that if you wagered $100 in Crash, you would expect to win back $99 on average over time. As a result, the odds will be tilted in favour of the casino.

Make use of the following tips to keep those losses to a minimum:

1. Stick to the lower multipliers

  • You don’t need a Stake Crash predictor to understand the basic pattern of how this game works.
  • After all, those lower multipliers come around far more often than the higher ones.
  • This means that you’re far more likely to win if you wager on the dot not travelling too far.

2. Keep your stakes low

  • Anything can happen in a game of Stake Crash.
  • There’s nothing stopping the dot from finishing at 1.01x dozens of times in a row.
  • So prepare for this eventuality by only wagering with stakes that you don’t mind losing.

3. Use those promos

  • Anyone who has read our review will know that this crypto casino loves to put on lots of deals for new and existing customers.
  • Take advantage of these special offers to play Crash for free, but don’t forget to read the small print first.

Don’t try to use a Stake Crash predictor bot

Lots of people will try and use a variety of tricks to engineer more wins when they play Crash at Stake. However, all use of bots and algorithms are doomed to failure. This is because Crash uses a special kind of cryptographic hashing to ensure that all of the game’s results are completely random and cannot be doctored by anyone else.

how to play crash on stake

This is the same process at all of the best Crash gambling sites and it ensures that you enjoy nothing but fair play when you play this game.

Enjoy many more games like Stake Crash

It’s important to note that there are many more great casino games like Crash at Stake. Not only are there some awesome slots and table games here, but you can enjoy the full range of Stake Originals games.

These are a special series of exclusive games that you aren’t going to find anywhere else and they all offer an innovative take on the standard casino gaming format. Whether you want to play Limbo at Stake or prefer to mix it up with something like Plinko, Dice or Hilo, you’re sure to enjoy a whole new kind of gameplay.

Signing up to play the Crash game at Stake

By now you should know that there are plenty of great reasons to play Crash at Stake. So here is a quick guide to signing up to Stake and getting started:

  • Register an account: You can do this by clicking on the Register button and then filling in the registration form with your personal details.
  • Verify your identity: You may have to provide some evidence of your address and date of birth by uploading a scan of your passport or driver’s license.
  • Make a deposit: You can use regular payment methods or cryptos to make a deposit that’ll be used to fund your Crash gaming.
  • Start playing: Now you can navigate to the Stake Originals tab, click on Crash and then play from your web browser.

Enjoy playing the Stake Crash game

We have shown you that Crash is easily one of the hottest casino games on the Stake site. Not only is it easy to play, but it is also capable of serving up some truly massive multipliers. Also, the social feature means that it’s great to play with friends.

Remember that Crash isn’t the only game on Stake, and there are lots more casino games so that you can play Mines at Stake and much more. So be sure to sign up to Stake and ensure a superior casino gaming experience.

Stake Crash Game FAQs

What is Crash on Stake?

Crash is a crypto casino game featured at the Stake online casino. You can wager on it with real money just like you would with other crypto casino games such as slots and blackjack.

How does Crash work on Stake?

Crash works by letting you make a prediction about how far a little dot will travel diagonally up a grid before it stops. If it goes beyond the multiplier you predicted, you’ll win back your stake multiplied by the multiplier. If it doesn’t, you’ll lose your bet and your stake.

Is Stake Crash legit?

Yes, because Stake is a legit gambling site that is fully licensed in many countries. Plus you won’t need to ask, ‘Is Stake Crash rigged?’ because the game features a random number multiplier to ensure that each round of Crash is fair and completely unpredictable.
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