Stake Limbo Guide: How to Play Limbo Stake


Welcome to our guide to playing Stake Limbo. This is one of the simplest casino games that you’re going to come across and it’s also great fun too. So we’ve prepared this handy guide that will explain how you can play Limbo at Stake, and hopefully enjoy making some decent wins too. All you need to get more out of one of the hottest online casino games of recent times.

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How to play Limbo Stake

Limbo is such an easy casino game to play. All that you have to do is to guess whether the next number shown on the screen will be higher or lower than your prediction.

If your prediction is right and the number is higher, you’ll win back your stake which will be multiplied by the multiplier that you predicted. However, if the number is lower, you will lose your bet along with your stake. It really is that simple.

stake limbo

An example of playing Limbo Stake

So let’s imagine that you signed up to Stake, made a deposit and then fired up the Limbo game. Here you could select the target multiplier to be 2.0x and then back this with a $10 bet.

The next number displayed was 10.0x and this would mean that you’d won your bet and would get $20 paid back to you (your original stake multiplied by the multiplier that won). However, if the next number displayed had been 1.50x, you would simply lose your bet and your stake.

Key things to understand about Limbo Stake

Like all online casino games, Limbo is set up in a way that has predetermined limits on how much you can play with, how much you can win and even your basic chances of winning. So make sure that you understand the following facts before you play Limbo at Stake:

  • Minimum bets: You can only bet on Limbo with a minimum stake of 0.00000001 BTC. Bear in mind that you can use other cryptos like Ethereum and Litecoin at Stake.
  • Maximum multipliers: You can win a multiplier going all the way up to 1,000,000x when playing Limbo at Stake. Just note that you will have to be very lucky to win this amount.
  • Return to player ratio: Limbo featured a return to player percentage of 99%. This means that for every $100 you wager on Limbo, you can expect to win back $99 on average over time.

Can you use a Stake Limbo predictor?

By now you will understand that, like those Crash games, Limbo is a game of chance and therefore you might want to know if you can make more accurate predictions about what the next number will be.

Unfortunately, this is not possible because Limbo uses a kind of cryptographic hashing to ensure that all of the results of the game are completely random. This means that you cannot affect what number comes next, nor can you use any kind of Stake Limbo predictor to make your guesses any more accurate.

What is a good Stake limbo strategy?

We thought that we should also give you some handy tips to get you started with your Limbo gameplay. While these won’t help you win each round of Limbo that you play, they should go some way to helping you avoid too many ruinous losses:

1. Keep it safe

  • You have the power to adjust the target multiplier and you’ll get more wins if you play it safe.
  • You can do this by checking out the Win Chance percentage as you adjust the target multiplier.
  • After all, a target multiplier of 2.00 will give you a win chance of 49.5%, while a target multiplier of 1.01 will give you over a 98% chance of winning.
  • Obviously, your returns won’t be as good with this approach but some wins are better than none.

2. Use the special offers

  • If you have read our review, you will know that this online casino is more than happy to put on lots of special offers for both new and existing customers.
  • These deals give you a great way of picking up extra credit that you can use as stakes for playing Limbo.

3. Set a budget

  • Finally, we just have to remind you of how important it is to gamble responsibly when playing Limbo.
  • The worst thing that you can do is play with huge stakes and expect to instantly make some big wins.
  • Far better to play with smaller stakes so that you can enjoy more Limbo gaming over the long term.

Plenty more to play at Stake besides Limbo

Let’s face it, there are only so many times that you can play Limbo at Stake before things start getting a little samey. But fear not as this casino site is packed full of hundreds more slots, table games and live dealer games to keep you busy.

Plus we have to mention the fact that there are dozens of Stake Originals exclusive games that you aren’t going to find anywhere else. Limbo is one of these games and other titles include Hilo and Plinko and you can even play Mines at Stake too.

stake limbo strategy

We should also note the fact that Stake is one of the best Crash gambling sites that you’re going to come across. After all, not only is the brand’s version of Crash quick and simple to play, but its multipliers could make your gameplay all the more worthwhile.

Get started playing Stake Limbo

We’ve shown you that while Limbo is easy to play, it’s not the easiest game to win. However, we think that you can still have lots of fun playing Limbo at Stake as long as you remember to play responsibly.

Of course, there is every chance that you might tire of the simplicity of Limbo. In this case, you should check out our guide to see how to play Crash at Stake for a great way to mix things up. All of this shows that you should sign up to Stake for some great casino gaming entertainment.

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