CSGO Betting: The Ultimate Guide for Your CSGO Bets

Are you eager to find out more about legal CSGO betting? Do you want the best advice about how and where to place your CSGO bets? Do you want to know which site is best in terms of being great value to bet on? Which site offers the best CSGO odds, or even CSGO-themed promotions?


So let us begin with a look at some of the best CSGO gambling sites you can find online today, which offer great betting options on CS:GO matches and a wide range of other esports too.

The Best CSGO Betting Sites

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When it comes to the CSGO betting sites that are top of our list, it is clear that there are a number of industry leaders when it comes to this particular type of esports betting.

Betway is a site that is very active in the esports industry and is renowned for offering some of the best value betting odds when CSGO betting in the UK.

Betway’s esports section not only offers extensive betting markets across a wide range of esports, including CSGO, but they are one of the relatively few sites that offer extensive esports promotions too.

If you are looking for a site whose sole focus is esports and which offers some of the best betting odds on esports that you can din, then check out Loot.bet. Designed and overseen by esports experts, it is easy to see why it is many peoples first choice for CSGO betting and the company also sponsors the popular Loot.bet Cup, which attracts some of the best CSGO players in the world today.

When it comes to CSGO gambling sites, you also cannot ignore what GG.Bet has to offer. Although originally a esports betting site, the company has diversified into sports betting too of late. However, its primary focus remains offering the highest quality esports betting markets, including a vibrant CSGO gambling section. Check out more about the site with our latest GG.Bet review.

csgo live bets
GG.Bet CSGO Live Bets

Is CSGO Betting Legal?

Provided that you are of the legal betting age in the country where you live, and that esports betting is legal, then you are free to enjoy CSGO betting perfectly legally.

Placing CSGO bets with a legitimate and legal esports betting service is fine, however there are also a number of illegal CSGO skins gambling websites in operation and these should be avoided. It can be very easy for the unwary player to gamble away some very expensive CSGO skins on these unscrupulous sites, so they are best left well alone.

What is the difference between CSGO Skin gambling and CSGO real money bets?

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Let’s take a look at the major differences between the two types of CSGO bets listed above.

  • CSGO Skin gambling is illegal, unlicensed and unregulated. CSGO betting with a reputable esports betting provider is legal, licensed and regulated in many countries around the world.
  • In Skin gambling, you are illegally wagering the skins you have earned playing CSGO, which have a monetary value. In standard betting, you are betting cash on a market at a regulated bookmaker who will pay you out at the stated odds if you win.
  • In Skin gambling, if you have a problem or are a victim of fraud or a scam, then you have no way of getting your skins back. This does not happen in esports betting as sites are licensed and regulated and work hard to ensure players accounts are safe and secure. They also have extensive fraud prevention services to protect players.

How to bet on CSGO

CSGO betting 2022

So, if you want to enjoy a wager on CSGO, what is the simplest way to go about it? Follow our step-by-step guide below to get yourself started:

1. Find the right website – Our list of top esports betting providers is a great place to start but remember that not all of them may be available in every region. Check that your chosen site has a reputable gambling license and is regulated. You don’t have to worry if you select a provider from our list as we have already checked that all these sites are 100% legitimate, so it is a safe place to start.

2. Check the welcome bonus details – Many of our great esports sites offer welcome offers for new customers. Now is the time to check them out just in case you need a bonus code, promotional code or need to deposit within a certain time frame and of a certain amount to trigger the bonus. Once you understand how the bonus works, you can move on to signing up.

3. Register with the site – This is where you sign up to join the site and for that, the site will need information from you, such as your name, date of birth, email, telephone, address and more. Some sites may also require you to submit documents to confirm your identity as part of the verification process for your account, or when you make a withdrawal. This is standard on all reputable sites and is nothing to worry about. Once you are registered, you are now a member of the site. Remember at this point, you may also need to add a bonus code to activate a welcome bonus offer.

4. Deposit some stake money – This may also be the point where you activate your welcome bonus, depending on the offer and site in question. Here you should deposit an amount of money in your account that you view as disposable cash. Do check the terms of your welcome bonus at this point as to how you receive the bonus. You may have to bet the stake first, before you receive the bonus, or it may be credited to you when you deposit.

5. Peruse the markets – Don’t jump right in just yet. There are a wide selection of markets available for you to bet on for CSGO. Now is the time, if you want to try and win cash, to follow our CSGO betting tips outlined below to help you get the most from your betting on site.

The Most Popular CSGO Bets

One of the most exciting aspects about CSGO betting is that compared to some other esports, there are a relatively large number of betting markets that you can find to bet on for the game. Some sites, especially specialist esports betting sites, may offer rarer CSGO bets alongside the more common betting options.

A good esports betting site should offer all the following CSGO bets:

  • Betting on the winner of a CSGO match
  • Betting on the winner of a single map as part of a CSGO match
  • Handicap betting on the Match Winner market
  • Correct Score betting
  • Number of Maps won by a team in a series bets
  • Rounds won on a map handicap betting
  • Drawn Game/Overtime betting
  • Over/Under betting on Total Rounds played on a map
  • Map Pistol Round 1 and 2 winner markets

Major CSGO tournaments to watch out for in 2023

© ESL Gaming

A number of people have asked the question is CSGO dying? Well, given the fact that the number of tournaments available for people to compete in and bet on, is only increasing, then it is fair to say that the game remains in rude health.

In fact, one of the most exciting things for people looking to enjoy CSGO gambling is the sheer number of tournaments that take place throughout the year that attracts not just the top CSGO professionals, but also fans tuning in on live streams in their millions.

We have outlined below a list of some of the best CSGO tournaments to be played in 2023 on which you can enjoy a wealth of CSGO betting.

© BLAST Premier
  • BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023
  • IEM Katowice 2023
  • LAN Sweet LAN
  • ESL Pro League Seasons 17 and 18
  • IEM Spring 2023
  • BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023
  • IEM Dallas 2023
  • IEM Cologne 2023
  • IEM Fall 2023

Top CSGO Betting Tips

If you are considering making a few CSGO bets, then what are the best nuggets of advice you can pick up? Fortunately, we have put together a number of great betting tips which you should keep at the forefront of your mind when considering any form of CSGO gambling. The five tips are outlined in more detail below:

csgo betting
© Valve
  1. Research your bet

A little research on the bet you plan to make is always a good idea. You don’t want to bet on a team to win on a certain CSGO map if their record on that map is very poor. A little research into the form and trends that a CSGO team is showing can help you make better-judged bets.

  1. Watch the live stream

A great piece of advice for any CSGO bettor is to watch the live stream of the event, particularly of a match on which you have placed a bet. By following the action, you get a feel of how well the team you have backed is performing and not only does this give you an insight into the status of your current bet, but it is also great research for your next bet too. This makes you pick better picks for potential bets to make in the future.

  1. Don’t over-complicate bets

It may be tempting to put together a 10-team accumulator bet for a CSGO tournament, but the odds of that coming in for you are generally small. As a starter in CSGO betting, keep things simple. Low-risk single bets are a great starting place as they are easy to follow and, when selected well, can offer you a decent chance of a return on your bet.

  1. Explore the available CSGO betting markets

The top esports betting sites thoroughly research all the markets they offer to ensure that they offer the correct odds. However, there is often a disparity in odds on the same market with different esports betting providers. If you aren’t getting the best odds from your current provider for your preferred CSGO bets, then have a look around at what other sites are offering to see if you can get better value.

  1. Bet responsibly

While winning an esports bet is fantastic, losing is not a disaster, but only if you are betting with cash you can afford to lose, and you do not chase your losses. It is tempting to think that you can recoup your cash with your next bet, but there is no guarantee that this bet will be a winner. When esports betting you should always follow the principles of responsible gambling that you find promoted on sports betting sites and you should always bet this way. Betting with what you can afford to lose and never chasing your losses are the two cornerstones of responsible betting in any form of gambling.

  1. CSGO Pre-Match Betting Strategies

For any pre-match bet on CSGO, research is always your best strategy initially. Check out the team, its trends, its players, how it performs on certain maps against certain teams etc. The more research you do to arm yourself with this knowledge means you can slim down the pre match betting markets to those bets that you feel will offer you the best chance of success.

  1. CSGO Live Betting Strategies

Live betting is about betting at the right price and the right time. Therefore, you don’t have the luxury of being able to research bets as the game you are betting on is in progress. As such, the best strategy for any live betting fan for CSGO is to keep a close eye on the stream, trust your instincts and when you see a bet you like, try and place the bet at the optimal time to get the best price on that market.

Our Players' FAQs

Yes, you can gamble on CSGO and any of the CSGO betting sites (or their CSGO betting apps) we have mentioned in this guide are a fantastic place to start if you want to reduce the risk and place your bets on confirmed legal CSGO betting websites.

All the CSGO betting sites that we have mentioned in this guide, and which we feature on our site are completely legit. Other sites that also offer different types of esports and/or sports betting are also legally operating too.

However, don’t be fooled by the small number of illegal CSGO skin betting sites that also operate. These are not regulated and are illegal.

Valve, the developers of CSGO have made it clear that skin gambling in CSGO violates the terms of service for the Steam platform. Not only that, but almost all of the skin gambling sites that crop up are not licensed, are unregulated and offer no protection for the users.

Depending on where you live, the gambling age for betting on CSGO is usually either 18 or 21. In the United Kingdom, for example, the age you need to be for all forms of gambling is 18.

As you can see from this article, there are still plenty of ways for you to enjoy CSGO gambling legally and enjoyably online. That will continue to be the case for many, many years to come.

The answer to this is that this depends on your esports betting provider. However most of the top providers, including the sites we have mentioned in this article, do offer PayPal as a payment method to fund your account.

If that is the case, then yes you can use a PayPal account to bet on CSGO.