1v1 CSGO Betting Guide: Best Sites with Exclusive 1v1 Betting Markets

CSGO betting markets are known for being some of the broadest markets in esports betting, with some bookmakers even offering Knife and Zeus kill markets for competitive games. 1v1 CSGO betting is one of the most uncommon markets that players will find due to the almost-total lack of tournaments and lack of popularity in the space.

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In the past, CSGO 1v1s have been a great way for players to announce themselves to wider audiences. In 2016, women’s legend juliano defeated cadiaN in a best-of-three 1v1 at the HTC 1v1 Invitational. It was a huge win for the reputation of the women’s game and was a hit to cadiaN’s reputation that took years to overcome.

Where can I take part in 1v1 CSGO betting?

Because of its lack of popularity, 1v1 CSGO matches are rarely shown in the competitive scene, so CSGO betting sites rarely offer markets for them. When they do happen, they’re usually hosted by some of the biggest companies in CSGO, such as BLAST and ESL. In 2021, s1mple and EliGe faced off in a 1v1 during the BLAST Stand Off. These stand-offs are usually part of a bigger production, such as a major, as filler content between games.

The only way to guarantee you partake in 1v1 CSGO betting is by keeping up with competitive play and capitalizing when sites offer the markets. These are blink-and-you-miss-it markets, and it makes sense. CSGO is predominantly a 5v5 game, with 1v1 typically reserved for casual play with friends.

Many players will want to learn how to 1v1 in CSGO before entering the market. This can be difficult, as there’s an inherent randomness to 1v1s. Many matches are decided by who sees who first rather than the better-skilled player coming out on top. This is one of the reasons that 1v1 CSGO betting hasn’t taken off in the way traditional 5v5 has.

CSGO 1v1 betting

Though betting always has an element of luck, players like to be able to make informed decisions that give them the best chance of winning big. Even for the most well-researched players, all of the CSGO betting tips in the world can be undone by an unlucky peek, making it hard to justify putting money down on predictions.

This element of randomness could benefit new players wanting to get into CSGO betting – 5v5 CSGO is a game of intricate team-play that can take years to learn. New players might not understand the level of depth and make ill-informed decisions based on betting odds rather than game and team knowledge. The fact that so many of these tactical elements are removed from play makes the barrier to entry so much lower in these markets.

On the other hand, 1v1 CSGO is so fast-paced that it’s hard not to get excited when watching it, and betting money on it is another way to get the heart racing. Most CSGO 1v1 betting sites offer in-play odds during these games, but the speed that rounds happen make it difficult to get the best from these markets as it’s hard to keep up. We’d recommend pre-game CSGO betting for 1v1 matches, as this allows you to take the most objective view on the game as possible.

How do I find CSGO 1v1 Betting Sites?

Though the market itself is a rarity, CSGO 1v1 betting sites aren’t as uncommon as you might think. Plenty of bookmakers offer extensive esports markets, and the more in-depth of these sites will offer 1v1 CSGO betting when the relevant time arrives.

In a scene that is always growing, there are always going to be new players, and we understand that CSGO betting for beginners can seem daunting. There are so many sites out there that it can be hard to know what’s what – that’s why we’ve put together this small list of reputable CSGO 1v1 betting sites so you can participate in the fun with licensed, regulated bookmakers.

GG.Bet: For Betting on a Specialist Esports Betting Site

GG.Bet is an absolute must-use for 1v1 CSGO betting. Whenever 1v1 games arise, you can be sure GG.Bet Esports will have you covered. The highlight of this site is its in-depth markets, so no doubt their 1v1 markets will be among the widest available, with extras that you can’t find anywhere else.

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Betway: For Betting on a Globally Renowned Site

Betway Esports is a great option for 1v1 CSGO betting because they offer an amazing minimum deposit of £5. As mentioned earlier, the random elements of 1v1s in CSGO make betting on it unpredictable and hard for even experienced players. Players can experiment with the markets with a low minimum deposit to figure out their favorite and most profitable methods.

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Thunderpick: For 1v1 CSGO Betting with Crypto

We can also definitely recommend Thunderpick Esports for 1v1 CSGO betting, which offers great odds with an esports focus. Both GG.Bet and Betway use real-world cash for deposits, while Thunderpick uses cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which will be a preferred option for many technically-minded players. Thunderpick’s crypto deposits allow for a minimum deposit of €1, once again perfect for people wanting to try new markets.

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Overall, we’d recommend 1v1 CSGO betting. Its rarity means if you miss it, you won’t have another chance for a while, and it can be one of the most adrenaline-pumping ways to get involved with CSGO betting.

Frequently asked questions

1v1 CSGO betting is a type of online gambling that involves real-money betting on two players competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

1v1 CSGO betting works much like any other type of online CSGO gambling. Before a match, punters will wager on the outcome of the match.

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