How to Bet on CS2: CS2 Betting Tip For Beginners


It can be daunting for new players to learn how to bet on CS2 matches. With so many teams with years of history, and so many sites offering a wide range of markets, it can definitely be off-putting from a first glance. But it doesn’t have to be – read ahead for the ultimate guide to CS2 betting for beginners. 


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Where to bet on CS2

  • The first thing you should consider on your journey is where you want to stake your cash. Many sites offer CS2 betting markets, and each player has different needs. Some will want the most in-depth markets. Some want the best odds. Some are looking for CS2 betting sites with low deposit minimums.
  • Whatever your requirements, our number one tip is this – look for a site that is licensed. Betting sites that aren’t licensed are also completely unregulated and so cannot be held legally accountable if there are any issues with your stakes. Worse still, it opens the door to potential scams, which isn’t possible on licensed and regulated sites.
  • Among our Counter-Strike tips for beginners is advice regarding sign-up bonuses. If you’re still learning how to bet on CS2, sign-up bonuses might not be something you’re fully aware of. When looking for the right betting site for your needs, always check the sign-up bonuses before making a final decision. Many sites are extremely generous with these bonuses to compete in an increasingly busy market. Use this to your advantage and get the best value for money possible. For example, GG.Bet Esports offers a 200% deposit bonus for deposits over a certain amount. These bonuses change all year round and depend on the site. However, it’s the best way to get the most for your cash in CS2 betting. 

Our brilliant guide to the best CS2 sites for betting provides a comprehensive list of the most reputable sites so that you can stake safely and securely.

Featuring sites such as GG.Bet and Thunderpick Esports, our curated list of betting sites, is a great resource when learning how to bet on CS2.

csgo betting for beginners

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Finding the best CS2 betting markets

In CS2 betting for beginners, knowledge is the most useful tool you can have in your arsenal:

  • You want to know the best CS2 teams;
  • You want to know the players that are in-form; and
  • What team is good on what map.

Some approach it differently. It’s not uncommon for players with favorite teams to ignore the odds and simply play favorites. In an era of CS2 where anyone can beat anyone, it’s an approach that can pay off massively. 

Once you’re confident with this, the time has come to find the best markets for you. CS2 betting is a growing scene, and so the variety of markets offered by betting sites is always evolving and expanding.

One of our CS2 tips for beginners is always to study the odds. You can find great value for money in CS2 odds, as many bookmakers still make odds based on reputation rather than form. It’s potentially a very lucrative opportunity for players who have done their research.

If you’re looking to find the widest range of markets, CS2 match betting is the most prominent. Match betting is a great introduction to Counter-Strike betting for beginners, as it features various sub-markets that provide an insight into how the game is played. In match betting, players can bet on just about anything that can happen in a CS2 match.

Bomb betting is a popular sub-category for those learning how to bet on Counter-Strike, with its simplicity appealing to players. Will a bomb be planted in a given round? Will a bomb be defused? There’s a beautiful simplicity to it that allows for players with great knowledge of game momentum to use it to their advantage. Some match betting goes further, with markets even being offered on knife kills. It doesn’t happen often, so if you can predict it correctly, you’re in for a big win.


how to bet on csgo

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For players who like to be an active part of the action, you may want to take part in live CS2 betting, where you can bet in-play while matches take place rather than prior to their beginning. If you’re doing this, you should remain engaged, checking every CS2 live score to ensure you’re keeping ahead of the odds. Competitive CS2 can be heart-racing without money on the line, so adding betting into the mix makes the experience immensely exciting.

Though if you’re still unsure on how confident you feel about wagering on CS2 matches, there’s still another avenue that’s worth exploring. We offer CS2 predictions that explore the upcoming competitions in the scene, giving important CS2 tips for beginners. With CS2 matches happening all the time, not every player has the time to keep up with the form of every team. That’s why our experts do that for you in our predictions, saving you time and winning you money.

How to bet on Counter-Strike: Step-By-Step Guide

Now armed with the right knowledge, let’s recap. CS2 betting is just like any other traditional form of betting, really.

Here’s how you can take part, step by step:

  1. Choose a reputable betting site that best fits your needs.
  2. Register for the website and verify your identity. Reputable sites should require age verification due to potential legal troubles that could arise from allowing under-18s to gamble.
  3. Make your first deposit. Whether it be cash or cryptocurrency, most sites offer a variety of payment methods that you can use. Don’t forget to claim your deposit bonus here, too!
  4. Explore the odds on upcoming games, and choose your match and market.
  5. Simply place the bet!
  6. After the bet comes in, you’re faced with a choice. You can either re-invest the money into another bet and try your luck once more, or you can withdraw to your chosen payment method and enjoy your winnings.

We hope we’ve given you important knowledge on how to bet on Counter-Strike 2 matches and are ready to begin your CS2 betting journey safely and responsibly.

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