CS:GO vs CS2: What’s New and Different in CS2?

Published: Sep 11, 2023 - Last Updated: Apr 19, 2024

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We are about to take a closer look at the differences of CS:GO vs CS2 and discuss what impact all these changes will have on the game itself, as well as betting and the professional esports scene.

We will analyze mechanics, maps, the engine used and much more, trying to understand how the future of the game and its esports scene will be influenced by these changes.

Make yourself comfortable and discover with us everything you need to know about CS2!

CS:GO vs CS2: Biggest Differences between the Games

With the arrival of CS2, Counter-Strike players will have to get used to a myriad of changes implemented in the newest instalment of the Counter-Strike franchise.

The comparison we will make will not be something trivial like “CS:GO vs CS2 smoke”, but we will go into detail. In particular, we will compare:

CS:GO vs CS2 Mechanics Changes: Smoke Grenades Aren’t The Same Anymore

On top of visual upgrades, Valve decided to implement a ton of new gameplay mechanics into CS2. Here’s a list of the most notable additions:

CS:GO vs CS2 Engine: Source 2 Engine Enters The Scene

Undoubtedly, the biggest difference between the games is the fact, that CS2 will be run on an improved engine – Source 2.

The Source 2 engine allows for various graphical improvements, both to maps and skins, which we will talk about later.

CS:GO vs CS2 Maps: Who Stays The Same And Who Changes Face

Classic Counter-Strike maps we all know and love have been either upgraded or completely reworked, depending on the map, in CS2.

Valve categorized the changes into three tiers:

  1. Touchstone
  2. Upgrades
  3. Overhaul
cs2 maps
Image credits: Valve

Touchstone maps, such as Dust 2 or Mirage, received the least changes, while maps in the other two categories underwent more significant alterations to both visual appearance and structural build. However, these improvements could have a negative effect on the CS2 performance vs CS:GO.

CS:GO vs CS2 FPS: More Powerful Computers Needed

CS:GO is known for its low demands on players’ PC builds, but CS2 seems to be closer in requirements to modern AAA games, due to the heavy graphical advancement made between the titles.

Unfortunately for players on a budget, upgrading your setup might become necessary if you want to have a smooth playing experience, which is especially detrimental in a competitive shooter, such as CS2.

CS:GO vs CS2 Skins: Light Is The Protagonist In CS2 Skins

Thanks to CS2’s new lighting features, many skins have received a massive glow-up, with the Doppler finish grabbing the most attention, as their shiny look is beautifully accentuated in the Source 2 engine.

As a result of the changes, numerous Counter-Strike skins increased in value, with knife finishes remaining in the most expensive bracket.

Future of the Counter-Strike Esports Scene

As the whole Counter-Strike community awaits CS2’s full release, professional CS:GO players are in a tough spot, as they are forced to allocate their time into practising both games at the same time.

Even though the next Counter-Strike Major in March 2024 will be played on CS2, the professional circuit is carrying on with CS:GO tournaments still taking place. Despite this transitional period slightly diminishing the stature and prestige of the last CS:GO tournaments before the switch, it will ultimately benefit the Counter-Strike esports scene in the long run, attracting more fans and sponsors to the competition.

csgo vs cs2 major pgl
Image credits: PGL

CS2 Betting Guideline: Pay Attention to the Data

Contrary to what most people might think, CS2 vs CS:GO betting might not share a lot of similarities. Due to S Tier CS:GO tournaments still taking place, most top teams are forced to put most of their time and energy into practising the ‘old’ version of the game. Not playing these tournaments would have a negative impact on the team’s Valve Ranking, which will be used to determine qualification spots to the RMR for the first CS2 Major in Copenhagen. Conversely, lower level teams have a chance to catch up to the front, by grinding CS2 through the remainder of the CS:GO circuit.

With that in mind, it is tough to predict which team’s form will transition into CS2, especially at the very beginning of the game.

Taking a sensible approach and waiting for more information from esports data providers, before making any rash decisions, might be the best play when it comes to early CS2 betting strategies.

For the time being, betting on CS:GO games is the way to go, until CS2’s inevitable release. To do so, use one of the best Counter-Strike betting sites available.

An Important Step For The Future of Counter-Strike

While CS:GO is one of the biggest esports titles of all time, in terms of both viewership and betting, CS2 has all the means and potential to surpass it.

Support from the loyal Counter-Strike fanbase as well as from Valve, bode well for the future of the franchise, with CS2 being in good stead to become a staple of competitive esports and esports betting.

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