Dota Pro Circuit | DPC Predictions, Rankings and Schedule for 2022

Posted on January 15, 2022 - Last Updated on January 20, 2022

The Dota Pro Circuit is a professional league for Dota 2. It’s the 2022 season of the DPC, and it will feature many changes to the format. The DPC has come a long way since 2017, growing and becoming one of the most significant esports events with DPC predictions available for winning teams.

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GameDate & Tournament
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American Odds Format:
05/10/2022 09:00
BTS Pro Series SEA
05/10/2022 12:00
BTS Pro Series SEA
Team SMG
Army Geniuses
05/10/2022 20:00
BTS Pro Series Americas
Wolf Team
05/10/2022 23:00
BTS Pro Series Americas
The Cut
Team DogChamp
06/10/2022 09:00
BTS Pro Series SEA
BOOM Esports
08/10/2022 02:00
The International Last Chance Qualifier
Team Secret
08/10/2022 02:00
The International Last Chance Qualifier
Natus Vincere
08/10/2022 02:00
The International Last Chance Qualifier
Xtreme Gaming
Team Liquid
08/10/2022 02:00
The International Last Chance Qualifier
Virtus Pro
08/10/2022 04:30
The International Last Chance Qualifier
Vici Gaming
Team Secret

Dota Pro Circuit Predictions 2022

The past season of the Dota Pro Circuit saw many up-and-coming teams make their way to the top of the European Dota 2 scene. Among the notable teams that made it to the finals was Virtus Pro.

After Team Secret went down following their record-breaking run, OG remained a favorite. Aside from Virtus Pro, Natus Vincere also looked rejuvenated after regaining its place among Europe’s elite. Although many of the top teams in Europe are no longer in the top five, Kuroky’s team is still in the running for the top spot.

The North American scene is still considered a one-horse race. Evil Geniuses are currently leading the way in NA. Quincy’s Crew and Sadboys are presently in second and third place, respectively. More teams might emerge in the coming months with the scene still recovering.

TNC Predator and Fnatic are expected to fight it out for supremacy in Southeast Asia. T1 should also still be considered a contender despite their disappointing season.

China is still full of talented players, with the likes of EHOME, Vici Gaming, and PSG.LGD rounding out the country’s finest.

Dota Pro Circuit

Dota Pro Circuit Rankings

  • 1st place: Virtus Pro
  • 2nd place: Team Secret
  • 3rd place: Elephant
  • 4th place: OG
  • 5th place: Evil Geniuses
  • 5th place: PSG.LGD
  • 7th place: TNC Predator
  • 7th place: Team Liquid
  • 9th place: Vici Gaming
  • 10th place: Fnatic

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Dota Pro Circuit History

2021 – 2022 Season

The 2022 DPC Season will see the best Dota 2 teams in the World compete against each other for victory, rewards and spots at the International. The 2021-2022 season will have three tours instead of the previously organized two.

Instead of two tours, it will have three. Each tour will have a roster lock, which will be used until the end of the season. Rosters will be revealed at the end of the Regional League, and each change will incur a 15% penalty.

Substitutes may be used for up to four matches for the Regional League. If more than four matches are played with a substitute, a team will be disqualified and forfeit any remaining games. Any team that uses a substitute in a major tournament will be punished with a 40% penalty on DPC points earned.

A team that removes a player from a major tournament will be punished with an extra 20% penalty on DPC points earned during that event. The top twelve teams from the third tour will qualify for The International 2022, with the remaining eight spots being decided through regional qualifiers.

The remaining teams from the third tour can still qualify through regional qualifiers if they did not replace more than two players during the third tour. There will be no Open Qualifiers, as all Regional Leagues will have Open Qualifier tournaments for their Division II spots.

2020 – 2021 Season

Due to the cancellation of the Dota Pro Circuit, the third party tournament market became the focal point of the competitive season. The emergence of the OMEGA League provided both teams and fans with a competitive environment that they yearned for. This gave rise to the total number of online viewers and increased Dota 2 betting.

Dota Pro Ciruit Rankings
© Dota 2 The International

In 2021, the season featured a six-week League phase, culminating in a Major qualifier. There was also a series of qualifiers for The International 10 in August in Stockholm. The biggest event of this season was the WePlay AniMajor with PSG.LGD coming out victorious.

In this season, Valve did not use the previous season’s DPC points to seed teams into the league. Instead, it only selected the top 4 teams from each region. With the changes, Valve aimed to create a more stable and attractive environment for all teams.

2019 – 2020 Season

The 2019-2020 season of the Dota Pro Circuit was the third edition of the league. It followed the same structure as the previous two seasons. One qualifier per region was used for the Minor events, and this season, teams would have a better chance of qualifying for the Major events. This qualifier provided teams with several qualification points to have a better chance at qualifying for subsequent regional qualifiers.

The league was cut short by the coronavirus pandemic in April 2020. The earliest events of the season were dominated by Asia, with Team Nigma winning at WePlay! Bukovel Minor 2020 and Predator taking down the MDL Chengdu Major.

Asia dominated the early events of 2020, with Invictus Gaming and Predator winning at the DOTA Summit 11 and MDL Chengdu Major, respectively. Europe bounced back with wins from Team Nigma and Team Secret. The ESL One Los Angeles tournament was postponed, after which an online format was adopted.

This season came with a lot of sudden changes to Dota 2 odds. Due to the postponement of The International, Team Secret emerged as the best team in the World. The turn of events affected the scene as a whole, with many premier teams folding.

Dota Pro Circuit 2019 2020
© DreamHack

2018 – 2019 Season

The second Dota Pro Circuit had many changes compared to the first. For instance, there were five Majors and five Minors instead of having ten events. Every team had to qualify to play in the events, regardless of how they performed in the previous season. This ensured that only the best teams were guaranteed a spot in the event.

In the 2018-2019 season, the Majors offered 15,000 qualifying points for The International, while the Minors only provided 500. The main event was only for the Majors, while the Minors were for the other qualifying events. The biggest event of this season was the Epicenter Major, which Vici Gaming won.

In total, 12 teams would receive invitations to The International instead of the eight given last season. The remaining six tickets were decided through regional qualifiers: China, Europe, South America, North America, CIS, and Southeast Asia. These regions had their own Regional Qualifiers.

2017 – 2018 Season

The 2017-2018 Dota Pro Circuit season started with many changes. A partial qualifier system was used, which led to dissatisfaction. The first preliminary tournament schedule was released by Valve on August 1, 2017, which featured 11 major and 11 minor championships with varying prize pools. The most significant events were the MDL Changsha Major, ESL One, and the China Dota 2 Supermajor.

The Dota Pro Circuit of this season was won by and Team Liquid, PSG.LGD, and Team Secret followed behind them.

The circuit had over 20 events, and it was difficult for teams to practice or rest. The players constantly moved from one event to the next, resulting in frequent burnouts. Some players were also disappointed by the lack of high-quality play. The casters, analysts, and fans were the only people who were somewhat happy with the format as they were able to watch and analyze matches frequently.


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