Dota 2 TI 2022: Our Complete Guide to The International 2022


the internationalWelcome to our one-stop hub for everything you need to know about The International 2022! Here, you’ll get the lowdown on what Dota 2 TI 2022 is all about. We’ll show you the best places to find amazing odds and raise your game when betting on this legendary esports tournament.

Dota 2’s The International 2022 is going to be the biggest tournament of this year, so we’ll give you a full breakdown of what you need to know to bet successfully. This includes showing you how Dota 2 TI points work and a full overview of the schedule and brackets. So keep reading to find out all about The International 2022!

TI Betting in 2022: How to get involved in Dota TI betting

In our dedicated betting section, we will dive deep into the world of betting on The International. We’ll provide insider info on the best strategies, and the best bookmakers and show you who has the best Dota 2 TI betting odds. All of which should set you up nicely for Dota 2 TI betting.

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Different ways to enjoy betting on Dota 2 TI 2022

Go to any decent bookmaker and they’ll give you lots of different ways to bet on The International. Here are the most common Dota 2 betting markets:

  • Match winner: Simply put, who will win a game in The International. This includes individual teams, such as a match between Fnatic and Evil Geniuses.
  • Outright bets: This is one of the simplest forms of betting. Basically asking, “who will win Dota 2 TI11?
  • Totals: This is where you bet on how many times something happens in a Dota 2 game, such as kills, assists or structures destroyed.
  • In-game bets: These are specialist bets that could see you predicting things like who will get the first blood, who will kill  Roshan and item timings such as a potential BKB patch record. 
  • Fantasy betting: Some betting sites even let you try fantasy betting, where you get to assemble your own teams to compete with other players. Dota 2 TI fantasy betting is a great way to enjoy the action against friends.

Finding the best bookmakers for your Dota 2 TI 2022 bets

All good bookmakers will have odds for The International, but there can be quite a lot of variation in the quality of these betting sites. This is why we have taken the time to rank and rate each esports betting site to see which is the best for betting on The International. Plus, it’s worth mentioning that GG.BET is the official betting partner for The International, so it’s bound to have great odds. Dota 2 TI 2022 Official Betting Partner
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Get a Dota 2 TI 2022 betting bonus

We can’t talk about Dota 2 TI betting without mentioning bonuses. Most bookmakers will put on deals for new and existing customers that can make Dota 2 betting so much more enjoyable. Here are some of the most common deals that you might find:

  • Matched deposit bonuses: These give you more promo credit depending on how much you deposit. This credit can then be used as stakes for your Dota 2 bets.
  • Matched bet offers: Like the above, but you’ll have to put down a certain kind of bet to get your bonus credit.
  • Losing bet refunds: These will simply refund any losses made with site credit or even cash. They’re a great way to get some insurance when betting on The International.

Finding the most competitive odds for Dota The International 2022

We’ve already said that Dota 2 TI 2022 betting is hugely popular and you’ll get TI odds at almost all online bookmakers. So how do you know that you’re betting with the best Dota 2 odds? Our special guide will tell you how!

Use our recommended esports betting sites

We carry out odds comparison tests for each bookmaker we review. This means that you can sign up to any of our featured esports betting sites and know that it will have passed the test for serving up relentlessly competitive The International odds. Sign up to one of our featured bookmakers and you’ll enjoy a superior way of betting on this massive esports contest:

Find value in the best Dota 2 betting markets

If you want to bet on those teams who are at the top of the Dota 2 TI standings, you’ll probably find that the odds for them to win each match are going to be fairly low. However, if you play around with some of the alternative betting markets, like totals and in-game bets, you might find greater variety in the odds on offer.

Try live betting on The International

Most good bookmakers will let you bet live on big esports tournaments like The International. This is where you bet after the game has begun, and the odds will be changing with each play of the game. It can often be a good way of finding greater value with your bets to wait just a couple of minutes into any game in The International.

Don’t forget those odds boosts

We should mention the fact that many bookmakers serve up odds boosts for the top esports tournaments, which should certainly include TI! . This is simply where you get enhanced Dota 2 TI betting odds for specific markets. An easy way to get more value with your Dota 2 bets. 

The International Winners: An EsportsBets Retrospective on the TI Winners

The International gathers together each year’s top Dota 2 team, who’ll be fighting hard to pick up their share of the Dota 2 TI prize pool. Last year’s winner managed to pick up a share of a prize pool that was more than $40 million, and this year it could be even bigger. The prize pool is crowdfunded as Valve sells a digital compendium called the Battle Pass, where 25% of all revenue goes straight into the prize pool.

The International hall of fame

dota 2 ti 2022 - 2021 winners team spirit lifting the aegis
Image credit: The International via Twitter

We’ve got a full breakdown of past Dota 2 International winners here. This is the place where you’ll see who has shown incredible resolve to win this toughest of esports tournaments. However, here’s a quick overview of previous International winners:

  • 2021: Team Spirit (Eastern Europe)
  • 2020: Cancelled
  • 2019: OG (Western Europe)
  • 2018: OG (Western Europe)
  • 2017: Team Liquid (Western Europe)
  • 2016: Wings Gaming (China)
  • 2015: Evil Geniuses (North America)
  • 2014: Newbee (China)
  • 2013: Alliance (Western Europe )
  • 2012: Invictus Gaming (China)
  • 2011: Natus Vincere (Eastern Europe)

TI Teams and Points: How Dota 2 TI Points work

There are 20 top Dota 2 TI teams taking part in this year’s event. At the time of writing this guide, all but two of these teams have been announced. The two remaining teams have yet to be decided from the Last Chance Qualifier and they will join the other teams at this year’s The International. Knowing where to start is the hardest part of any Dota 2 TI betting journey. Here are just some of the favorites to win:

  • OG: Only one team has managed to appear twice in our Dota 2 The International champions list – OG. This epic team has shown that they might just get a third title thanks to their impressive result at the ESL One Malaysia. It’s worth mentioning that OG are now playing with a completely new roster after their veteran team mostly left the pro scene following TI10.
  • PSG.LGD: Another team who are looking good in the Dota 2 TI power rankings. PSG.LGD have shown great form all year and their win at the Riyadh Masters was truly remarkable. They have also placed in the top 5 teams in the last 4 iterations of TI.
  • Team Spirit: All eyes will be on Team Spirit as they have shown great form in recent games with an Arlington Major win over PSG.LGD being a case in point. The reigning TI champions are no longer the underdogs they came in as in 2021.
  • Beastcoast: One of this year’s dark horses is in with a good chance of picking up a prize pool that’s expected to be the biggest ever. This would be the first time a South American team has ever won TI.
  • Team Aster: We think that Team Aster could also produce some big surprises. After all, their triumph at the Intel World Open in Beijing showed that Team Aster can get the results when it matters. 

While those five teams are the out and out favorites, there’s always the potential for big upsets at The International. Here are the other teams who will aiming for Dota 2 glory this year: Thunder Awaken, Boom Esports, TSM, Tundra Esports, Gaimin Gladiators, Evil Geniuses, Fnatic, Hokori, Betboom Team, Entity, Soniqs, Royal Never Give Up and Talon Esports. Remember, there are still 2 more teams to join them after the Last Chance Qualifiers.

The International Format and Schedule 2022: See the Dota TI Locations

The above teams are those teams who have managed to pick up enough Dota 2 TI points from their gameplay across the previous eight months of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC). This is the main season where teams have to earn  Dota 2 TI points which are used to get a direct invite to The International. 

The DPC features Valve Majors and Minors, which are officially sponsored contests where each team has to show their worth to pick up those all-important points. Major tournaments serve up 30 times as many points as Minor tournaments, with the winner of a Major getting around 800 points. These tournaments are another great opportunity to take part in Dota 2 TI betting.

dota 2 ti 2022 location
Image credit: Valve

This year, there were 12 teams who picked up top rankings and earned a direct invite to The International. After this, there were six qualifying playoff brackets that were held in September. These saw the winners of different regions like Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, China, South America and Southeast Asia booking their slots to The International.

We’ve prepared a handy guide that shows you the full Dota 2 The International schedule. But we’ll give you the basics here to get you started. This year, there are two Dota 2 TI locations that both take place in Singapore. This is the first time that the country has hosted the tournament, and the games take place at the Suntec Singapore Stadium and the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Both of these Dota 2 TI locations have the capacity to host thousands of fans who’ll add an extra level of atmosphere to the gaming action. The Last Chance Qualifiers take place from the 8th-12th with the main event running from the 15th-30th of October.

TI Group Standings & Brackets for 2022

Each year’s tournament will see the competing teams getting split up into the various Dota 2 TI brackets. There will be a group stage that features two groups of nine. These teams then have to play in a two-game series round-robin format. 

Here the team with the lowest number of points in each group will be eliminated, and the survivors will go on to the double-elimination event. This sees the top four teams moving into the upper bracket and the bottom four going into the lower bracket. 

From here, the opening round of the lower bracket will be a single-elimination game where the loser gets eliminated. All of the other rounds are best-of-three while the Grand Final is a best-of-five played between the winners of the upper and lower brackets.

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All you need to know about Dota 2 The International 2022

If you’ve made it this far, you’ll understand that the Dota 2 TI 2022 contest is going to be an esports tournament like no other. With the largest prize pool, a massive viewing audience and 20 awesome teams taking part, you’re going to have a great time enjoying some quality Dota 2 TI betting. This means that you should keep checking back to this resource to get constantly updated information about this fascinating tournament.

After all, things will be changing in the run-up to the tournament itself, and we can expect to see things like the Dota 2 TI power rankings and bookmaker odds getting adjusted in correspondence to the on-screen carnage. 

Thankfully, we’ll be here to offer constant updates on all that’s going down in Singapore. So bookmark this page, double-check how to watch T1 2022 and look forward to putting down some awesome bets on Dota 2 The International 2022!