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Want to know what Fortnite wagers are? You’re in the right place. We’ve put together this useful guide that shows you all of the different kinds of Fortnite wagering you can enjoy.

You can try a wager on your own Fortnite gameplay, or even try betting on Fortnite like you would any other esport or sport. Each type of wagering has its own advantages and disadvantages, and so it’s important to understand what you’re letting yourself in for. So take a look below to see what your options are for making Fortnite wagers.

What Are Fortnite Wagers?

Fortnite wagers are simply where you play Fortnite against other players and wager on whether you win or not. For example, you could take on a friend for a game of Fortnite, wager a certain amount that you would win, and if you did, you’d get back your own stake along with that of your friend.

But how do Fortnite wagers work? Well, the action could take place as a standard 1×1 box fight or even one of the chaotic 4 vs 4 zone war games. There will be some kind of target that you compete against other players for. This could be something like the team that wins the whole contest or just gets the greatest amount of kills. Obviously, you’ll need a fair amount of skill to get anything back from your Fortnite wagers. After all, the best Fortnite players put in hours of practice and it can be all too easy to lose your money when wagering on your own gameplay.

Fortnite Wagers

Helping You Find the Best Fortnite Wager Sites

Now that you know how to do wagers in Fortnite, you’ll need to find somewhere to do it. There are a wide variety of wager servers out there and these simply let you find other players to compete against. It’s usually a good idea to stick with the larger wager servers such as Divine Wagers and Ember Wagers as these feature a large pool of players. Plus these sites will contain a variety of safeguards by which you can avoid getting hit by any scammers.

Lots of people also enjoy wagering against some famous Fortnite streamers. Here, you simply make a donation to the streamer. If they win, they’ll keep your money. If you win, they have to pay out otherwise they would get a lot of negative publicity. After all, there will be plenty of people watching the Fortnite live streams of your wager match and so you’ll have some kind of proof of your victory

Alternatives to Wagers in Fortnite

While the above Fortnite wagers can be fun, they aren’t the only way that you can try your luck on this iconic battle royale game. After all, there are lots of Fortnite betting sites out there that let you bet on the game just like you would any other esport or regular sport.

This means that rather than having to use tokens Fornite wagers can be enjoyed with real money. We think that this has many advantages and here are some of the biggest reasons why betting on Fortnite is better than wagering on the battle royale game.

  • Online safety: It’s important to remember that wager servers aren’t licensed or regulated. This means that you won’t get any kind of customer protection when you use these wagering platforms. As such, you could win your Fortnite wager, but there would be nothing that you could do if the wager server refused to pay out. In contrast, if you bet on Fortnite at Betway, you can take comfort from the fact that this is an officially licensed site where you’re guaranteed to get whatever you win with your bets.
  • Better entertainment: Let’s face it, most of us aren’t going to win the Fortnite World Cup. While it’s good fun to play Fortnite against friends, trying to win from your wagering against pro streamers is a completely different thing. So why not put down a bet on Fortnite and then sit back and relax while watching some awesome gaming entertainment!

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Helping You Find the Best Fortnite Betting Sites

The good news is that there is no shortage of excellent fully licensed betting sites that give you a safe, legal and fun way to bet on Fortnite. If you go to any of the bookmakers featured on our site, then you will find that the majority of them will have lots of Fortnite odds.

So how do you know which site to use for your Fortnite bets? We’d recommend shopping around and reading our bookmaker reviews. After all, betting on Fortnite at Bet365 will give you a pretty different experience from betting at one of the dedicated esports betting platforms. Here are the key features we look for when reviewing Fortnite betting sites:

  • Fortnite tournaments covered: Obviously, all serious betting sites will cover massive events like the Fortnite World Cup, but you might need to read our reviews to find those bookmakers who cover some of the more niche Fortnite tournaments.
  • Fortnite odds: We’ll always carry out odds comparison tests for each Fortnite betting site we review. This means that you’ll be first in line to see who has the best Fortnite odds and who could work a little harder!
  • Live Fortnite betting: We love betting live on Fortnite as it’s a great way to add some extra interest to the game. In particular, we love using those betting sites that feature live streams of Fortnite built into their live betting pages. A great way to get a little more accuracy on those ever-changing live Fortnite odds!
  • Licensing and security: Obviously, we will only recommend that you sign up to those Fortnite betting sites that are fully licensed and regulated, and that have been proven to be able to take good care of your data and deposits.


We’ve shown that there are lots of different ways to enjoy some quality Fortnite wagers. While lots of people have said that Fortnite is dying, it seems that wagering is giving this battle royale game a whole new lease of life. This isn’t surprising because Fortnite is great fun to play and wagering on your own gameplay is a great way to add an extra level of interest. But while Fortnite wagers are interesting, it’s important to note that you don’t get any kind of customer protection when you use wager servers.

As a result, we’d always recommend that you bet on Fortnite at one of our recommended betting sites rather than carrying out any risky wagering. So check back here to be first in line to see the ultimate Fortnite betting sites!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wagers allowed on Fortnite?

Yes and no. Epic Games doesn’t host a dedicated wager server and the brand doesn’t promote wagering on Fortnite. However, there is nothing stopping you from signing up to a wager server and trying your luck on Fortnite against other gamers.

Where can I play Fortnite wagers?

There are dozens of Fortnite wager servers out there. Our recommendation is to stick with the largest Fortnite wager sites out there like Divine Wagers and Ember Wagers as these should give you better protection against scammers.
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