Bet365 Fortnite Betting Guide

bet365 fortnite betting

Want to know what kinds of Bet365 Fortnite bets are available? You’re in the right place. Join us to see whether you can bet on Fortnite at Bet365, and we’ll reveal what kinds of odds are available for betting on this iconic battle arena game. Keep reading for more about the Bet365 Fortnite betting service.

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Does Bet365 Have Fortnite Betting?

When we wrote this guide, there were no Bet365 Fortnite markets available, but that’s just because an all-new chapter has started in the game and the competitive season is yet to kick off. Typically, Fortnite betting markets only become available when a major tournament kicks off. It doesn’t automatically mean Fortnite is dying, though!

What Fortnite betting markets does Bet365 offer?

bet365 Fortnite betting guide

When a tournament is live, the Bet365 Fortnite betting offering is quite extensive, covering a decent range of markets. While the Bet365  Fortnite odds might not be the most competitive, there is coverage for almost every top-tier Fortnite tournament to take place. However, if there are no Fortnite events being played when you use the platform, Bet365 gives you plenty of different options for betting on everything from major esports like LoL and CSGO. This has us fairly hopeful that you should eventually be able to find many different kinds of Fortnite wagers at Bet365.

How to Bet on Fortnite at Bet365

We’re going to pretend that there were actually some Bet365 Fortnite odds on at the moment. So if you wanted to bet on these odds, this is what you’d do:

  • Sign up to Bet365 or login to Bet365
  • Make a deposit with one of the accepted payment methods
  • Go to the esports betting section (it’s listed under Sports)
  • Click on Fortnite and browse the different games
  • Select the odds that you want to bet on, enter your stake and submit your bet

Is Bet365 Offering Live Betting on Fortnite?

Sure, Bet365 absolutely offers live betting on Fortnite – when a tournament is live!

Although there was a lack of Bet365 Fortnite odds at the time of writing this piece, that doesn’t mean that they’re never there. However, you can bet live on all of the other featured Bet365 esports ranging from Dota 2 to Wild Rift. Plus, it’s worth noting that Bet365 even features live streaming for regular sports, although we couldn’t see whether this applied to esports. Still, you’d be kept up to date with a massive amount of live statistics to help you put down a more accurate live esports bet.

Pros & Cons to Bet on Fortnite at Bet365

bet365 fortnite cover
Image Credit: Epic Games

You’ll know that there are lots of great Fortnite betting sites out there, so is it worth sticking around at Bet365 to see whether the bookmaker puts on some Fortnite bets? Here are a few things to consider:


  • Great odds: Everyone knows that Bet365 has some of the best odds in the world. This means that you should definitely pay this bookmaker a visit when it puts on some Fortnite bets.
  • Reputation: Bet365 has a great reputation for being one of the most trustworthy and customer-focused betting sites. This is a big contrast to some betting sites that we can think of and another reason to consider Bet365 for your esports bets.


  • Lack of Fortnite bets: This is obvious, but you have to remember that there’s every chance that Bet365 will include some Fortnite bets at some point in the future – when a tournament goes live, that is.

Is Bet365 the Best Bookmaker for Fortnite Betting?

Seeing as there aren’t actually any Bet365 Fortnite bets, it probably doesn’t make sense to recommend this bookmaker for betting on the battle royale game. However, we are still fairly optimistic that Bet365 will include some Fortnite odds sooner or later.

After all, Fortnite tournaments are starting to get seriously popular and we can’t imagine Bet365 missing out on something like this. So, watch this space to see when you can actually make some Bet365 Fortnite bets!

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