Round-Robin Bets: A Beginner’s Guide to Round-Robin Betting

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Published: Mar 1, 2023 - Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

Betting can be an exciting endeavor. However, throwing your money into the wind with uninformed bets will delay your efforts to bag that dream payout. To succeed at betting, you must try different strategies, and one of these is round-robin betting. Now, you might ask, “What is Round Robin Betting?” Well, round-robin betting is a great way for experienced bettors to amass a good chunk of payout in little time. To help bettors fully understand what the round-robin bet is, we will explain in detail how you can take advantage of this strategy to get better wins.

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What is a Round-Robin Bet?

In regular betting, you go to the website, pick a bet or bets and wager a certain amount of money on a particular bet. Then you wait for the faithful day of the match; you might win or lose, and that cycle begins again. With a round-robin bet, you make a calculated series of bets that form a list, which can be called a parlay. Some betting sites allow you to make at least 3-8 lines on 2-4 different teams. You can make different sets of parlays if your bookmaker has a function for it, and this will reduce the stress of making it in general.

Overall, it’s all about making different wagers on a single full round-robin bet. This also means you will need to understand how parlay odds work and learn about other related betting terminologies through relevant betting guides. This type of betting requires you to be well-informed in betting as a whole, so be sure to try regular betting first.

round robin bet
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How Does a Round Robin Bet Work?

To understand the round robin bet meaning, let’s take a look at how it works.

Most times, round-robin bets take the form of three types of events; single, double, and accumulator, which is always offered on most betting sites. For example, say you have chosen your teams and the events you plan to bet on. If you place your bets on a single event, you only need to win one in three bets to get some returns on your stake, as opposed to a round-robin bet where you will have to win all three in a high-risk-high-reward setting.

There are also different round-robin bets, like the union jack round-robin bet, which is slightly different from your standard round-robin bet. Here, you need to make ten selections, and these selections will contain 8 to 80 bets, which can be overwhelming. Other unique round-robin bet variations, like the Union Jack patent bet, also exist on many betting platforms, making it essential to understand how round-robin bets work.

Lastly, you might need a round-robin bet calculator to organize your bets properly. This will help you prevent mistakes in the long run, as round-robin bets can become more understandable using a bet calculator.

Examples of a Round Robin Bet

round robin bet guideTo make things more transparent here’s a round-robin bet example. Let’s say you choose three teams, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, and Denver Broncos. These two teams’ parlays might be made, Jets + Eagles, Broncos + Jets, and Eagles + Broncos.

If the Jets win only, you stand to lose your stake. If the Jets and the Eagles win, you can earn a lot more money with your stake. It’s all about how much you are willing to stake to get that win. This is also based on the betting odds you get once you calculate your bets. An experienced bettor must know how to read betting odds to make huge returns on stakes.

Are Round Robin Bets Worth it?

Not only are round-robin bets a bit complicated to learn, but they also require an accurate understanding of how betting works to choose the teams you plan to use. This might not be good for beginner bettors, but it is excellent for advanced bettors that want to try something different.

It also involves risking a lot of money based on the teams you pick for the round-robin bet. For example, if you make a simple three-team with three parlay bets, and all three teams clear their matches, you might end up winning a considerable sum. However, if you end up with only one team clearing their match, you might lose your stake completely. The stake might also be higher with the number of teams you want for your parlays, although this depends on your chosen website.

A 200$ bet on a three-team point spread parlay can win you $1,200, while a round-robin bet with $200 could cost you $600, but you stand to win a lot more. Still, cost-effective-wise, a traditional point spread parlay is better, but it also depends on how betting odds are calculated. Make sure you use decimal odds, as they are easier to understand.

Best Betting Sites for Round Robin Betting

Most bookmakers offer round-robin betting, and it is basically down to you picking the right set of teams that might net the pot. The problem is that some betting sites might not have the tools you need, such as a bet calculator that will measure your odds.

These are the best bookmakers to try for round-robin betting:


Betway is one of the old popular betting sites. This means they have the tools required to calculate your odds and find the teams you need to win your round-robin bet. They are also known to offer great odds, which you can take advantage of when gunning for that betting win.


DraftKings is very popular, and they offer good odds for matches, which you can take advantage of when placing a round-robin bet. They also offer a round-robin bet calculator to make your betting process smoother.

round robin betting guide
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Tips for Round Robin Betting

Having round-robin bets explained is crucial in betting as it can help you avoid wasting your stakes. There are also other tips you need to know to help when making round-robin bets and using other esports betting strategies.

  1. Use a Calculator: Before you make any type of bet, outlining and testing your strategy can help you prevent any impulsive thinking. Using a calculator can help you run scenarios and allow you to pick the best betting strategy. A round-robin bet calculator can reduce the amount of work it takes in games like this. It can also make it more fun, allowing you to try different bets and see how much you stand to win.
  2. Get a Betting Bonus: Getting a bonus can boost your winnings significantly, causing you to hit the jackpot. A lot of bookmakers offer good bonuses for new members. You can join one of these platforms with exciting bonuses and place your round-robin bets on them. Round-robin bets might not be allowed on certain bonuses, so be sure to check.
  3. Research properly on your teams: Betting is based on chance, but you can still increase your chances by choosing good teams. Make sure you do some research on these particular teams. This can help you stay confident when you’ve made your round-robin bet. It’s always best to pick teams you have an excellent history watching and are familiar with. This will make you even happier when you cash out betting on these teams.
  4. Choose a good bookmaker: Not all bookmakers have the right set of tools for you to make bets. Some might have a good round-robin bet calculator and terrible odds. Some might have good odds and a round-robin bet calculator but no bonuses for you to take advantage of. Doing a few experiments can help you find the perfect one you can use for your round-robin betting. This will also allow for a safe betting experience.


So, that’s round-robin betting explained in full! Round-robin betting requires you to be familiar with the teams you are considering. The first step is getting to know the right odds for round-robin betting, and you can learn all this through practice and staking small amounts of money. Once you are confident in yourself, you can then bet with more money. You will eventually hit the jackpot by doing research and taking advantage of bonuses offered by popular bookmakers.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have to win every game in round betting?

No, you just need to have two of your teams win or a significant majority of your teams win in order to make a return on your stake. However, Winning every game will increase your returns significantly.

Is making Round Robin bets smart?

Although traditional parlay bets look the better option, you can mitigate your losses with a round-robin bet. You can also increase your potential profit depending on how you choose to go about it. It is all about your research and how sure you are of winning.
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