Esports Betting Strategies: Developing a Winning Strategy


For years, the esports betting industry has been exploding in popularity, growing at a fast enough rate to rival the traditional sports betting industry. It’s a hugely lucrative space, and there are countless operators taking advantage of that growth. Of course, that also means that there are millions of esports bettors out there, many of whom are totally new to the practice. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a guide to the best esports betting strategies.

With this guide in hand, it’s our hope that you’ll become a more profitable esports bettor. If you’re able to secure some knowledge about the game that you’re betting on, be it CSGO, Call of Duty, or Fortnite, then all you need on top of that is the best esports betting strategy you can think of. Read on to pick up all the information you need about the best esports betting strategies, including tips you need to get started betting on esports.

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Who do you need an esports betting strategy?

For those unfamiliar with the concept, esports betting is the practice of, well… Betting on esports! It’s extremely similar to traditional sports betting, but instead of wagering on football, basketball, or tennis, you’ll be betting on League of Legends, Rainbow Six, or FIFA, for example. There are dozens of titles out there that qualify as esports games, and all of them have at least some kind of a market when it comes to betting.

It’s such a simple premise, with bettors logging in to their esports betting site of choice and placing a wager as they would betting on anything else. It’s dramatically popular among younger bettors, as it’s directly connected to the video games that they themselves have played and loved for years. As time goes on the esports industry has become increasingly popular, drawing in larger audiences, more valuable investments, and sharper-skilled athletes.

Today, esports betting is so popular and readily available on almost every betting site that even non-esports fans are getting involved. They’ll be the ones making use of the top esports betting strategies, of course.

esports betting strategies

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What’s the best esports betting strategy for you?

When it comes to betting on esports, there are many ways that a bettor will approach their wagers. There are those that’ll only back their preferred team, while others will love backing the underdog side. It doesn’t really matter which team you’re going to represent in your betting strategy, all that matters is that you do have an esports betting strategy.

Fortunately, there aren’t many named esports betting strategies that you’ll need to consider. It isn’t like there’s a huge thesaurus of esports betting guides to break down, which makes it much easier for newcomers to the practice. If you’re a totally fresh bettor or you’ve never watched a single esports tournament, you can get by with a few simple, guiding tips that can apply to the entire concept at large.

And of course, if you’ve already got experience betting on traditional sports, you’ll be much more comfortable betting on esports.

Here are a few examples of general esports betting strategies that exist.

The Over/Under StrategyWith the Over/Under strategy, you're simply betting on whether a given player or team will score over or under a pre-determined amount of points. Either that, or you'll use an Over/Under map count, round count, or kill count market to achieve the same goal.
The Matched Betting StrategyMatched betting can be complex for a newcomer to the practice, but it can also be quite lucrative if handled correctly. With matched betting, the overall level of risk is reduced, but that also means that the output is somewhat reduced - which means that you'll make less money if you're betting successfully. If you're interested in matched betting, the most fundamental thing that you need to know is that it requires taking advantage of betting bonuses and promotions in a strategic manner.

So, it's essentially the definition of an esports betting strategy.
The Arbitrate StrategyArbitrage betting is another complex approach to making money by betting on esports. It's a massively popular strategy but it takes finesse to perfect it, and there's not much chance that you'll make a lot of money using this method. Ultimately, arbitrage betting involves placing a wager on every possible outcome of the match, so you'd bet on both teams to win a single game, for example.

Techniques for successful esports netting strategy use

As we’ve said, there aren’t many named esports betting strategies, but we can hand you the best esports betting tips you’ll find online without any issues. There are some nuances when it comes to betting on esports that you won’t typically find with traditional sports, so it’s important to go in equipped with at least a little key information.

  • Consider playing the game you’re betting on, as a lot of the top esports betting games out there are free-to-play on most platforms.
  • Learn about the teams and competitors to get a good idea of which squad is most likely to win and to hone your first-time betting returns.
  • Take advantage of every offer on multiple platforms, soaking up betting promotions and bonuses as you explore the esports betting sites online.
  • Only bet what you can afford to lose and if you hit a losing streak, stop betting, reevaluate your position, and regain.
  • Watch tournaments live and check out the top streamers playing the game, as it’s free to access this content and it’ll give you a deeper understanding of what you’re betting on.

Ultimately, you should remember to have fun when wagering on esports, regardless of which of the esports betting strategies you decide to use on your journey. It should be an enjoyable accompaniment to watching esports, not something stressful and risky.

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