The Best League of Legends Teams

The Best LoL Teams For All Major World Regions

League of Legends best teams

Every season, a new king emerges. In this article, we will cover the best League of Legends teams in every region with the highest chance to qualify for Worlds, one of the largest gaming tournaments of the year.  Ranks within the best LoL teams are highly volatile, with many instances of top teams and even world champions, falling out of the limelight the following season. Therefore, it is important to frequently stay updated with our list of the best League of Legends teams to increase your winnings in real money LoL betting.

Best League of Legends Teams in North America

Let’s start off with a region that everyone may be familiar with. Don’t forget to continue reading for the best LoL betting advice.


flyquest best league of legends teams

Image via FlyQuest

After acquiring a brand-new roster, FlyQuest has been dominating the LCS and is one of the best League of Legends teams in North America. New FlyQuest management has told the fans that they will spend any amount to bring this team to Worlds. Impact, who was a former World Champion has joined the ranks, along with Prince who is a well-known superstar in Korea.


cloud9 best lol teams

Image via C9

Cloud9 is a team that can make miracles happen, as they are the only NA team that has ever made it into the semi-finals at Worlds. This year, they look to reach even further as a star player has entered the fray. ENEMES has grinded through C9 Challengers and management has finally noticed his talents. Pairing with veterans such as Blaber and Zven, C9 is right behind FlyQuest.

Evil Geniuses

evil geniuses best lol teams

Image via Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses has acquired top talent from multiple regions. FBI and Vulcan’s bot lane synergy has proven to be extremely strong and could go toe-toe with Cloud9 and FlyQuest. With a disappointing performance last year at Worlds, the organization has kept Jojopyun in the mid lane and Inspired in the Jungle, signaling to the fans that they were not the weak link of the group. With three new members, Evil Genius looks like they have a strong start to the season.

Best League of Legends Teams in Europe


G2 Esports Bets LoL Teams

Image via G2 

G2 had a dominant performance in the LEC 2023 Winter Playoffs, only dropping one game to KOI. G2 has proven that when stakes are on the line, they will perform no matter what. Veterans such as Caps and BrokenBlade can lead the team to success with their communication, while Hans Sama can bring out his mechanics as the ADC. G2 has always been the face of EU and is one of the best League of Legends teams in the world, and there is no doubt they will come out on top at many LoL tournaments in 2023 and head to Worlds later this year.

Team Vitality

team vitality best lol teams

Image via Team Vitality

Team Vitality has also started to import Asian players to bolster their roster. With Chinese Jungler Bo and Korean top laner Photon, Team Vitality has finished first in the LEC 2023 Winter Season. However, things went wrong as they lost to KOI and SK in the playoffs. The newly formed team has proven that they can beat any team in the LEC. Unfortunately, sometimes things might not go as planned in a best-of-3 match. With their losses, they will definitely bounce back as they work together with their coaches and managers.

Mad Lions

MAD Lions Best LoL Teams

Image via Mad Lions

Ever since Hylissang joined Mad Lions, the team has never been the same. With a second-place finish in the LEC 2023 Winter playoffs, Hylissang is a reminder that supports can make a huge difference to the team dynamics. Also, with Nicolaj “Achuu” Ellesgaard and Quentin “Zeph” Viguié, these two prestigious coaches will make Mad Lions an EU representative at Worlds.

Best LoL Teams in Korea


T1 Best LoL Teams

Image via T1

Faker’s dominance is back, leading T1 to a near-flawless record in the LCK Spring 2023 Season. The current T1 roster consists of superstars, gods, and near-perfect players. Zeus is considered one of the best top laners, not just in Korea but in the World. Keria and Gumayusi have never lost lane in the LCK. Oner is also number one in our best LoL Jungler ranking. With all these prodigies combined, there is no question that T1, one of the best League of Legends teams of all time, will return to Worlds and make up for their defeat last year. If you want to watch what perfect gameplay looks like, be sure to watch their games in the LCK.


Gen.G Best LoL Teams

Image via Gen.G

Falling behind T1 is veteran team Gen.G. After a 3rd place finish in Worlds 2022, Gen.G has switched up their bot lane. Replacing Ruler and Lehends with Peyz and Delight, it has proven to be a success, as they are currently tied for 2nd place in the LCK Spring 2023 Season.

Dplus KIA

dplus best lol teams

Image via Dplus KIA

Dplus KIA has one of the most impressive records in all of Korea with multiple first-place LCK finishes and deep runs at Worlds. Heading into LCK 2023 Spring Season, Dplus KIA has replaced their top laner and ADC for Canna and Deft. Both of them have played for top-tier teams in the past. Tied with Gen.G for second place, they will need an extra push to challenge the current king T1.

The Best League of Legends Teams in the LPL


LNG Esports

Image via LNG Esports

Li-Ning Gaming (LNG) has unfortunately missed a spot for Worlds 2022 last year. With DoinB gone and replaced with another Korean import Scout, LNG has a great chance for redemption this year. Jungler Tarzan is another player to look out for, as has shown to be very insane mechanically. Many have also called him one of the best League of Legends players of all time.

EDward Gaming

Edward Gaming

Image via EDward Gaming

You may have heard of EDward Gaming in the past. That is because they are a very well-established team in the LPL. Founded in 2014, the team has made multiple appearances at Worlds with a decent finish in 2022. The current roster consists of many strong players. Most notably, Jieji who was on our Best LoL Junglers ranking.

JD Gaming

jd gaming best lol teams

Image via JD Gaming

JD Gaming has won the LPL Summer 2022 last year and placed high in last year’s World Championship. However, with great expectations comes great pressure. This season they are falling a bit behind against Edward Gaming and LNG. With months to go for MSI and Worlds, the entire globe will be watching them get back on their feet with their new Bot Laner Ruler. Ruler has been playing in the LCK for many years, after his departure with Gen.G, it will be interesting to see how he will synergize with a Chinese team.

LoL Worlds: Where the Best League of Legends Teams of All Time Meet

Here we cover the best LoL teams for all the major regions: North America, Europe, Korea, and China. These will be the teams most likely to qualify for Worlds, representing their region in one of the biggest gaming tournaments this year.

The 2023 League of Legends World Champions will be held in South Korea and 22 teams are invited. The last time Worlds was hosted in Asia was in 2017 in China after two silent years of 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic.

As playoffs from every region are coming to a close, be sure to stay tuned to our LoL Worlds betting guide to maximize your odds. It is important to stay updated with the best League of Legends teams to increase your chances of having successful League of Legends predictions.

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