League of Legends (LoL) is the biggest esport in the world. The game boasts a player base across the world with millions of fans cheering on their favorite teams. League of Legends is leading the charge towards a digital future where professional competitive gaming stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of football and other traditional sports.

One of the most engaging and entertaining aspects of traditional sports, of course, is betting. Fans can choose to add extra spice to their entertainment by raising the stakes. Instead of just emotional swings, fans can ramp up the tension by putting some cash on the line. The result of the match will see them gain or lose money alongside their chosen team.

With four major regions in North America, Europe, China, and South Korea, fans will always have blockbuster matches to watch live on broadcast, no matter where they reside on the map. For fans outside those areas who want something closer to home, the minor regions in Oceania, Vietnam, CIS, Turkey, Brazil, Latin America, Japan, and Southeast Asia guarantee that fans can find a more local team to cheer on and support.


All of this year-long action culminates with the League of Legends World Championship (Worlds) in October. With the highest stakes and a month-long tournament format, Worlds is the pinnacle of League of Legends competition. Fans can take their LoL betting skills and tricks they’ve honed over the Spring and Summer seasons and put them to the test with the biggest games on the calendar.

With such ample opportunity, there’s never a bad time to get started in the betting scene as a League of Legends fan. Before they begin, though, it’s important that the fans make sure they’re properly prepared before putting their cash on the line. Just as players wouldn’t try out a new champion without checking their abilities, fans should make sure they know how to bet before jumping in headfirst.

A key starting point would be understanding the difference between these two key betting terms: picks versus predictions.

LoL Betting Picks vs Predictions

“Picks” and “predictions” are terms with specific meanings in betting. It is crucial that bettors become familiar with the differences.

“Picks” are relevant for fans who want to become involved in daily fantasy sports. The “picks” refer to the players that fans will want to draft for their fantasy rosters. These rosters then accumulate points based on the real players’ performances in that week’s matches. Those who accumulate the most points or meet other challenges are the winners.

Of note in LoL esports is the Fantasy LCS, a fantasy league that sources from the North American domestic league. Hosted on fantasy sports website DraftKings, the Fantasy LCS is different from traditional sports betting and thus falls under different regional laws.

“Predictions” refers to the classic betting processes in which bettors will place money on the outcomes of matches. These outcomes can be things like the winner of the match or which team secures the first blood. Predictions are relevant more for general bookmakers that can be found on websites such as Unikrn.

Bettors living in the United States should take note of their state’s relevant betting laws. We recommend American bettors refer to DraftKings’ League of Legends section for their picks or their predictions. This is because DraftKings is one of the few legal bookmakers that can operate in most states in the US.

Now that bettors know which path they’d like to pursue between picking or predicting, they can start getting into the nitty-gritty details of betting. These tips will help new bettors get a grasp of the basic fundamentals of League of Legends and how to navigate the betting space.

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League of Legends Betting Tips for Beginners

The first step in betting on League of Legends is to understand the rules of the game. It has a moderately high barrier to entry for the uninitiated, but after a few games most people will be able to understand the basic flow. A quick catch-up would be to download the game (it’s free, so why not) and go through its tutorial and play a few games to get familiar with its core mechanics.

Once comfortable with knowing how the game is played, bettors should then start figuring out how to watch the game. The most basic system for keeping score is to refer to the visual interfaces that show each team’s total gold and what each player’s items are. As a general rule of thumb, the team with more gold and more items is the team currently winning.

After watching a few games, bettors should start getting a sense of the relative strengths between different teams. This is important as it informs how they’ll perform in the future: a crucial part when making picks or predictions. Refer often to the standings to get an idea of how teams generally perform and use that information. It’s generally a bad idea to bet on the last place team with no wins to beat the top undefeated team!

On that note, bettors should be conservative when starting out. Many bookmaking sites provide bonuses for first-time users to help get them started out. Use that initial bonus wisely as a learning opportunity. Bet small on reasonable outcomes and become familiar with the different options available.

Sites oftentimes offer more than one bet on a match: for example, they could offer bets on the winner of the match, on the winning team’s score, on which team will get the first kill in the game, or all three at once. Bettors should figure out which of the different conditions are good bets to make with their level of knowledge.

Once familiar with the basics, bettors can now move on to the more complex parts of League of Legends betting. A good reference to get them up to speed is the following specialized betting advice. These tips are updated on a regular basis to ensure that bettors have up-to-date relevant information to guide them.


Specialized Betting Tips and Tricks

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How to Use Our LoL Esports Predictions

So, now bettors have all of this relevant knowledge. How do they use it to enhance their betting experience?

One way to test it out is by trying riskier bets with higher League of Legends odds. The larger the odds, the bigger the potential payout for getting the correct prediction. For example, if the odds are 1.4 that Team Liquid wins the match, then any bet which correctly predicts Team Liquid as the winner will win back 140% of their buy-in (e.g. a €1.00 bet becomes a €1.40 return). The smaller the odds are closer to 1, and bettors will win a smaller percentage on the return for correct predictions.

By following the specialized advice, bettors should get a sense for the best bets to place in order to maximize their payouts. Using the provided information to supplement their own knowledge means clever bettors can even outmaneuver the bookmakers by placing a big bet on a match with high odds.

That said, we encourage bettors to double-check their betting slips before confirming. The provided predictions will be accurate at the time of writing but odds may change in the intervening time. We also encourage bettors to play responsibly for fun, and not overdo it. Betting should be used sparingly as an enhancer to sports entertainment, and not entertainment in and of itself.

Part of betting responsibly is ensuring that bettors are playing with the best bookmakers available to them.

How to Select the Right Bookie

When picking a bookmaker, bettors should always first check the rules and regulations on betting in their country or state of residence. Bettors should always make sure the bookmaker can legally operate in their region of residence.

Afterward, bettors should stick to bookmakers with reputations that offer reasonable odds and good service. Bettors are encouraged to do their own research and double-check their options before committing to a bookmaker.

To aid in that process, we have provided a ranking of various esports betting sites. These sites are based on games/matches offered in esports, bonuses available, deposit options, customer service, and overall user value.


Bettors should now be ready to take on the League of Legends world of betting! There’s a lot that bettors should be aware of when starting, and it can seem overwhelming. It is, however, a worthy investment for dedicated sports fans who enjoy betting as a supplement to their viewing experience. Hopefully, with our help, fans are now ready to amplify their entertainment from League of Legends matches one betting slip at a time.

Images Courtesy of LoLEsports