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Published: Feb 8, 2023

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LoL fantasy tasks players with drafting virtual teams composed of professional players to compete against each other. They earn points in the competition based on the real-life performance of those gamers. LoL fantasy picks add an extra layer of excitement and investment for fans as they root for not only their favourite teams but also the individual players on their fantasy roster. With the ever-changing meta and the constant shuffle of professional players, fantasy LoL keeps players on their toes and brings a level of strategy to the already complex game of League of Legends.

Master the Art of Drafting LoL Teams

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Image Credit: Sleeper

Creating a League of Legends fantasy draft isn’t rocket science, but it is nonetheless a challenge for new and inexperienced players. Understanding the basics of the LoL DFS strategy, which stands for daily fantasy sports, is the first and most important step. To build a winning DFS lineup you must analyse the players’ statistics, their strengths and weaknesses, and their team’s performance as well as understand the meta-game and the role of different positions within the game.

To be successful in DFS, whether it is fantasy LCS or other regions,  players must focus on building a well-rounded team that includes a mix of high-performing players, value picks, and dark horses. They must stay up to date on any roster changes, illnesses, or other factors that could impact a player’s performance. By utilizing LoL fantasy picks and strategies, while continuously researching and analyzing the players and teams, one can increase the chances of winning when building their DFS lineup.

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Make the Most Out of the Available Budget

Tempting as it might be, you simply can’t have the best League of Legends player in each position when navigating the waters of LoL fantasy. That’s because each participant in the competition has a fixed budget, which can’t be expanded to accommodate pricey acquisitions. Thus, you need to make the most of the resources available and create a well-rounded team for the competition. You must consider the cost-effectiveness of the players, as some have similar statistics but have higher costs.

To make the most of a League of Legends fantasy budget, it is important to prioritize your spending on the key positions of the game such as the mid lane and the top lane. These positions tend to have a larger impact on the outcome of a match, and therefore, it is wise to invest in players who have a strong track record of performance in these positions.

Top lane can have a high level of variation depending on the meta, the region, and the team. It’s vital to check for recent performances and the current meta before drafting a top laner, but some players stand out from the crowd.

Here are some examples of remarkable players to keep an eye open for:

For mid-laners, you should also keep an eye on the schedule of matches and target players who are facing weaker opponents or teams in poor form. You can take advantage of LoL fantasy picks and in-game statistics such as KDA, CS, and gold per minute to identify players who are playing well and are likely to perform well in the future.

Here are some of the top mid-laners to keep an eye on, specifically from Korea:

LoL Fantasy Picks for Best Jungle and Bottom Lane Choices

LoL Fantasy Picks DFS
Image Credits: Bruce Liu

The key to making the most of a League of Legends fantasy budget is by investing in key positions, considering the cost-effectiveness of players, and targeting players who have good form and are in a good matchup. Jungle players are frequently overlooked, but this is where the LoL DFS strategy shines the brightest. Junglers are key in fantasy drafts because they have the potential to have a big impact on the outcome of a match, securing objectives and providing vision and map control. A good player in this position can secure a lot of fantasy points and if you are looking for the best LoL junglers, you should consider GenG’s Peanut, Malrang from KOI and Canyon who plays for Dplus Kia.

The ADC usually scores the most kills, so these players are responsible for bringing in most of the points. There are more than a dozen worth considering for your fantasy draft, but if you need to narrow down the search, you should start with Ruler, Deft, Prince, Comp and Viper. Support players play a vital role and even though they generate fewer points, they are essential for your roster. Deaths cost valuable points, so picking a support that isn’t killed too often, is cost-effective. The four best support players in the world right now are Kerya, Beryl, Missing and Meiko from the LPL and LCK.

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