Best LoL Jungle Players in 2023: Our Top 10 Junglers

Published: Aug 8, 2023 - Last Updated: Jan 10, 2024

Are you wondering who are the best LoL jungle players? Then you will find the answers you are looking for here!

Jungling is considered one of the most impactful roles in League of Legends. As season 13 brought changes to smite, it has given birth to an interesting meta that revolves around farming. As a role, Jungling requires not only mechanical skill for skirmishes but also the intellect to navigate through camps efficiently while calculating risk vs. reward on when to gank and when not to gank. So, who are currently the best LoL Jungle players right now? Let’s start with someone who you might know from the LCS region.

Top 10 best jungle player in League of Legends

The best LoL jungle players are often the reason we find ourselves captivated by a League of Legends game. Ever wondered how an incredible play unfolds on stage? Usually, that’s the work of the jungler. A good jungler requires strong game knowledge, always anticipating the next move of your opponent. This is the role that adds a dynamic layer to the game, it captures our attention and keeps us engaged at every moment.

So, who are these top junglers that are changing how the game works? What drives them to excel? How do they consistently steal the spotlight? Today, we are about to find out, as we move across the world to find the best LoL jungle players.

1#Mun Heyon-JunOner
2#Kim Geon-BuCanyon
3#Seo Jin-HyeokKanavi
4#Lee Seung-YongTarzan
5#Marcin JankowskiJankos
6#Kim Tae-MinClid
7#Zhao Li-JieJieJie
8#Gao Tian-LiangTian
9#Robert HuangBlaber
10#Mingyi LuSpica

10. Spica

best jungler na spica
Image Credits: Riot Games

Mingyi “Spica” Lu was a prodigy. Despite still being in high school, he played for Echo Fox Academy before joining TSM in 2019 and is now presently contracted by FlyQuest. As Maokai continues to remain strong, Spica is currently demonstrating that he is willing to set aside his personal picks, such as Lee Sin or Reksai, in order to support his team to victory.

In the LCS 2023 Spring split Spica has also played Sejuani once, Amumu twice and also busted out Wukong against Golden Guardians for an almost flawless record of 10-1. Spica’s shift to a more support/tank-oriented Jungler has greatly benefited his team which is why FlyQuest is on the top of the leaderboards right now.

Spica is also famous for landing a 9-man sleep with Lilia during Worlds 2020, where he flashed Q 5 enemies and instantly pressing ultimate while in zhonyas. However, his teammates most notably Doublelift and Bjergson were too scared to go in, coining the play the “9-Man Sleep”.

As FlyQuest is currently first on the leaderboard in the LCS, we are excited to watch how the best Jungler in NA will perform in his inevitable return to the LCS Championships. With his dominating support-oriented Jungling, he is single handily leading North America in closing the skill gap between EU and Asia.

9. Blaber

best lol jungle players blaber
Image Credits: Riot Games

Robert “Blaber” Huang is best known for his time playing in Cloud9. But before his time at C9, he was trained and scouted in C9’s academy team. At the 2018 World Championships, Blaber took his team to the semifinals, the first time since the Season One World Championships. Although there was one incident during MSI 2021 where he greeded for a scuttle crab leading to his nickname “Craber,” Blaber still deserves a spot on the top 10 list for having been part of NA’s last hope.

Blaber is one of the few Junglers with a pocket pick Nocturne and a prominent user of Anathema’s Chains. This could also be the influence of one of his coaches, Marius “Veigar V2” Aune, who advocated for this item since its release. With five coaches on the roster of C9, Blaber is constantly breaking out with innovative strategies and plays. We are excited to see his transformation heading into LoL tournaments MSI and Worlds.

8. Tian

best jungler player tian
Image Credits: Riot Games

Gao “Tian” Tian-Liang was the MVP of the Worlds 2019 Finals. As with many other competitive Junglers, he is known for his Lee Sin. However, going into the LPL 2023 Spring split, Tian has not played Lee Sin a single time. Over 50% of the Junglers Tian played were Maokai and Sejuani. This could be a testament to how stale the meta has grown for Junglers or it could be a personal shift in preference by Tian. Even in the 2022 LPL season and 2022 Worlds, Tian has only pulled out his Lee Sin once against Rogue, an EU team.

In 2021, Tian took a break from competitive League of Legends, which is an indication that even the best LoL Jungler players will have their mentals broken. But Tian was confident that he would get picked up by another team following his return.

With Top Esports, Tian is battling it out against EDG, JDG, and LNG for the first-place spot. Although Tian has stepped away from making flashy plays, no one can doubt that he is not a contributor to Top Esports’ success. Heading into the LPL playoffs, we are excited to see how Tian will battle it out against the other giants. The edges are slim as League of Legends has evolved so much, but after training with FPX’s mid-laner “Doinb,” Tian has learned how to form great chemistry with his team.

7. JieJie

best junglers jiejie
Image Credits: Riot Games

Zhao “JieJie” Li-Jie has only played for one team, Edward Gaming. JieJie is not an aggressive player and does not like to shift away from meta picks. However, that is what makes him such a strong and consistent Jungler.

After losing to DRX in the Worlds 2022 Quarterfinals, JieJie and EDG are back with a vengeance in the LPL 2023 Spring split, trying to retain that former World Championship glory from 2021. The question for many fans is, can you really become the best LoL Jungle Player without branching out into other champions? Well, JieJie is on his way to proving that you do not need to make flashy plays to become the best. His playstyle includes many meta Junglers such as Wukong, Maokai, Sejuani, and Vi. Watch for Edward Gaming as they head toward the LPL playoffs.

6. Clid

best jungler player clid
Image Credits: Riot Games

Kim “Clid” Tae-Min is another Korean-born player with experience playing in the LPL. In the 2023 LCK Spring split, Clid returned to Korea to join Hanwha Life and is currently carrying the team with his diverse champion pool. After beating T1 2-1 with Elise and Wukong, he is telling his former teammate Faker that he has no desire to give up the LCK title this year.Clid is also fluent in Chinese, and having played with LPL teammates, his playstyle has shifted more toward aggression and playmaking around the map. With his high KP (Kill Participation) stat line, Clid is looking to push his team forward into a team that prioritizes kills over objectives.

5. Jankos

best junglers jankos
Image Credits: Riot Games

Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski is a League of Legends veteran. As a competitive Jungler for over ten years, he is known for his aggressive plays despite having problems in G2 where teammates were forcing him to pick passive tank Junglers.

After failing to pass the group stage in 2022 Worlds alongside his Mid Laner Caps, Jankos looks to seek redemption as he is currently struggling with his new organization Team Heretics.

Jankos has played with G2 esports for five years, and during that era, Jankos and G2 have gotten multiple 1st place finishes in the LEC, as well as multiple appearances at MSI and Worlds.

Despite only playing Lee Sin once in 2022, Janko’s favorite champion is Lee Sin. Known for his stylish plays in high elo EU West, Jankos developed a passion for aggression. But like many other Junglers, he had to switch to a team-oriented style after years with G2 Esports

4. Tarzan

best junglers tarzan
Image Credits: Riot Games

Lee “Tarzan” Seung-Yong is currently the Jungler for LNG Esports. He is regarded as one of the best LoL Jungler player in Korea for his map knowledge and understanding of the game. Tarzan is known for his deviation in jungle picks. Currently, in the LPL 2023 Spring split, Tarzan has pulled out his pocket pick Zac to counter some of the meta junglers such as Sejuani and Maokai.

Unfortunately, although Tarzan was talented, he had some struggles during his time with Griffin in the LCK. It was not until he joined the LPL, that he really started to shine with his Chinese teammates. Even though many teams including DRX were interested in him, Tarzan decided to go to China. Whether it was for money or for a better facility, it is hard for the fans to know.Despite the rumors, Tarzan is not going to fade into obscurity like many past superstar players. Instead, he is aiming towards Worlds 2023.

3. Kanavi

best junglers kanavi
Image Credits: Riot Games

Seo “Kanavi” Jin-Hyeok is a Korean-born player competing in the LPL. Competing on the same team as superstar Top Laner 369, Kanavi has been dominating the LPL 2023 Spring split. Kanavi has also shifted away from meta picks when he felt comfortable. In a match against Invinctus Gaming, Kanavi showed that mechanical Junglers such as Nidalee were still strong under the right hands. Against RNG, Kanavi also pulled out his Sylas, opting for the dark harvest build which was meta for solo queue but risky in competitive play. Nonetheless, Kanavi’s confidence appears to be stronger and stronger every season.

Although Kanavi is currently happily playing for JDG in the LPL, he might be interested to play again in the LCK. There was a recent introduction of a military exemption for those who win in the Asian games. This is a pretty big reason why some Korean players in the LPL might come back to grab this exemption.

Alongside his Korean mid-laner Ruler, Kanavi had an easy time transitioning into the Chinese culture. He is also known as a genius for adapting to the language faster than any other LCK player.

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2. Canyon

best jungler player lol canyon
Image Credits: Riot Games

Kim “Canyon” Geon-Bu is regarded as one of the best Jungler player of all time. A loyalist to his team Damwon Gaming, rebranded as Dplus KIA, Canyon has been carrying his team since 2018. Canyon is an aggressive Jungler, opting to play Elise, Wukong and Vi whenever the team comp fits him.

Canyon started his career at 16 years old. On his first roster, he was already playing with legends such as mid-laner Showmaker and ADC Deft. It was very fortunate that Canyon was able to play with the very best at the beginning of his career.

Before Canyon left for Worlds 2022, he took the number 1 and number 2 spot on the Korean ladder. It was his message to the world that he was the best player in Korea. However, solo queue performance and international performance are very much different. No matter how good of a solo player Canyon was, he was unable able to carry his team through the quarterfinals in the World Championship 2022.

1. Oner

who is the best jungler in lol oner
Image Credits: Riot Games

Mun “Oner” Heyon-Jun is an LCK Finals MVP and is among one of the best League of Legends players of all time. Oner has cemented himself as one of the best Lee Sin players in the world. His style in his early career started off with bruisers such as Xin Zhao, Viego and Lee sin. Although bruiser champions may have fallen out of meta in the 2023 Spring season, Oner has still busted out his Lee sin multiple times and winning with Nidalee against DRX.

Oner is a mechanical beast that is not afraid to play carry champions on the LCK stage. As a member of one of the most successful franchises in Korea, he will have the opportunity to further improve his skills by playing alongside the greatest of all time, Faker.

Oner was very close to becoming a League of Legends Worlds winner. Although there was a large difference in the Jungle and was dominating DRX’s Jungler “Pyosik.” Oner is proof that no one person can carry an entire team. Oner was consistently outsmiting Pyosik, outfarming him and even having a higher KP participation, but T1 was unable to pull through.

We are excited to watch Oner develop his name playstyle with the same team. He is not afraid to play untraditional picks in the LCK because T1 is one of the best League of Legends teams right now. If you main Jungle, it would be wise to tune into the LCK games to watch Oner play because you will always learn something new.

Adding a Dash of Unpredictability: The Role of Junglers

When the dust settles and the nexus explodes, it’s the junglers who truly add that pinch of unpredictability and thrill to the world of League of Legends. Imagine the game without them – it would be like watching a predictable game of rock, paper, scissors, with each outcome more or less set in stone. But Junglers shake things up, adding a level of dynamism and complexity that makes each match a unique spectacle.

The beauty of it all is that no two Junglers are alike. Some live for the thrill of the hunt, aggressively prowling the map for ganks and plays, thriving in the chaos of the early game. Meanwhile, others prefer the rhythm of the jungle farm, methodically scaling up and biding their time, waiting for the right moment to unleash their might in the late game. Each style paints a different picture, but both can lead to the same glorious outcome: victory.

The question of who is the best jungler player in LoL is always a hot debate. Sometimes it may be hard to differentiate one from another because competitive play always leans towards a certain meta. However, the ideal Jungler is always present on the map while maintaining a CS lead against the enemy Jungler.

Unfortunately, the era of playmaking Junglers might be over as Riot games have put a strong emphasis towards a farming-oriented playstyle with the new smite changes.

Anyway, we hope that this article inspires you to play the Jungle role or to watch the competitive games with a new perspective!

Best LoL Jungle Players FAQs

Who is the strongest jungler right now?

The strongest jungler right now is Cuzz playing for KT Rolster. With a 17-1 record in the LCK, Cuzz is currently carrying his team with his unique pool of champions.

Who is the best jungler of all time?

The best jungler of all time is Dandy – the 2014 League of Legends World Champion. His contributions were instrumental to bringing Samsung White the world champion trophy home and solidifies Dandy’s place in history as one of the best jungle players in League of Legends.
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