MSI Power Rankings 2021

The Mid Season Invitational is the second largest League of Legends tournament, an event only dwarfed by the League of Legends World Championships. MSI 2021 will gather eleven of the top teams around the world, with one team representing each region (aside from Vietnam this year due to COVID travel restrictions). This makes the MSI one of the most competitive and popular Esports tournaments in the world.

The 2021 MSI power rankings is based on the past and competitive history of the regions and representative teams. The 2021 MSI power rankings will be the basis of the initial upcoming MSI betting tips. With many book makers like Bet365 offering outright odds and other LoL bets, the MSI power rankings will be a powerful tool to making a well-informed bet.

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MSI Power Rankings 2021


DWG KIA are the undisputed favourites to take out the top spot in MSI 2021. Damwon are also the reigning 2020 World Champions and most recently come off an amazing 2021 Spring split. The team held a strong 16-2 record in the Spring season, and went undefeated for a first place finish in the Spring playoffs. It is expected Damwon to continue their domination, especially as the team already held decisive first victories against all other members in their group.

DWG KIA team
Image Credits | © INVEN global

2. Royal Never Give Up

Royal Never Give Up has always been a roller-coaster of emotions for fans, with high highs, and disappointing lows. 2020 had been a disaster for RNG as the team placed near last throughout the Spring and Summer LPL seasons. However, the team managed to stage a comeback in 2021, winning both the Spring season and playoffs in a stunning fashion. This had been mainly accredited to the team’s increasing synergy, and the addition of Wei in the Jungle along with two substitutes which placed pressure on the other starting members. While RNG had two close calls in the playoffs, the team’s qualification was both hard fought and well deserved as they only dropped two matches during the Spring split. The LPL is a highly competitive region with a constant change in dominant forces, RNG’s capability to top them all proves their strength.

Royal Never Give Up team
Image Credits | © INVEN global

3. MAD Lions

While Europe’s strength as a region may have improved leaps and bounds recently, MAD Lions may be strong, but are clearly beneath DWG and RNG. The MAD Lions despite performing well in the LEC as the runners up in the 2020 LEC Summer Playoffs, struggled internationally, having ended 19th-20th in the League of Legends World Championships. That said, their ability to come out on top of long time EU tyrants like G2 Esports and Fnatic demonstrate their potential.

Mad Lions team
Image Credits | © INVEN global

4. Cloud

Cloud has consistently been a top 3 team in North America. While they failed to qualify for Worlds in 2020, both the teams’ and NA’s performance in the global stage has been clearly above the other smaller regions. Cloud 9 may have started MSI 2021 down 0-2, but are likely to recover as they adapt to the play styles of other regions. The chances of C9 taking the top spot in the competition are low, but they have a good chance at making it out of groups.

Cloud 9 team
Image Credits | © INVEN global

5. Unicorns of Love

The Unicorns of Loves have always been a dominant force in the LCL (Turkey). UoL had qualified for the past two World Championships, even managing to pass Play-Ins to enter the group stage in 2020. This demonstrates UoL has what it takes to overcome other low to mid-tier regions. Their upper ranking in the 2021 MSI Power rankings is also due to their seeding in Group A. Group A only has three participants as Vietnam withdrew their qualification, and given OCE had been devastated with talent leaving the region, UoL are almost guaranteed to pass groups.

Unicorns of Love team
Image Credits | © INVEN global

6. PSG Talon

PSG Talon surprised everyone in 2020 with their performance in worlds as they cruised through the play in stage to qualify for groups. Unfortunately, they had been seeded in the hardest group alongside Damwon Gaming and JD Gaming, who knocked them out. PSG had a rough start to 2021, only finishing 4th place in the Spring season, while they recovered some strength to win the Spring playoffs, the team clearly lack their 2020 dominance.

PSG Talon team
Image Credits | © INVEN global

7. DetonatioN FocusMe

DetonatioN FocusMe has consistently been Japan’s top team with multiple Spring and Summer LJL wins under its name. However, while they have dominated in the national level, they have had subpar showings in both the 2019 MSI and Worlds. However, having had experience in international events ending with low to mid-tier rankings, they warrant a similar position in the Mid-Season Invitational power rankings.

DetonatioN FocusMe team
Image Credits | © INVEN global

8. Pentanet.GG

Pentanet.GG emerged as one of the most promising teams in OCE following the mass exodus of players due to Riot changing import restrictions impacting the players from the region. While many top talents left OCE, some stayed behind, many of which then signed with Pentanet. OCE as a region showed signs of development, especially with Legacy Esport’s surprising showings at Worlds 2020. However, with OCE drained of talent, it is likely Pentanet will remain ahead of competition from other C tier regions but fail to progress further in the short term.

Pentanet.GG team
Image Credits | © INVEN global

9. Infinity Esports

Since undergoing a major roster overhaul replacing three starting players and one substitute at the end of 2020, Infinity Esports staged a complete turnaround. Following a bottom half placement in the LLA 2020 closing, Infinity Esports transformed into the top LATAM team. Seeing such a huge turn of performance, many remain hopeful yet sceptical regarding Infinity Esport’s outlook at MSI 2021.

Infinity Esports team
Image Credits | © INVEN global

10. Istanbul Wildcats

The Istanbul Wildcat had firmly held victory over their region in the TCL. Following the acquisition of HolyPhoenix and Farfetch, the team has managed to retain their title as the best team in Turkey. However, while they have performed well regionally, they have yet to compete against other regions, reducing their outlook for success.

Istanbul Wildcats team
Image Credits | © INVEN global

11. paiN Gaming

paiN Gaming had a rough start to 2021, even finishing the CB LOL Split 1 season in 5th place. While the team were able to win the Playoffs, they had two extremely close calls as two of three sets extended to the full five games.

paiN Gaming team
Image Credits | © INVEN global

MSI best players

Aside from the teams, we must highlight the players with exceptional individual skill who will greatly influence the results of their team. Below is the top three MSI power rankings for players.

1. Khan – DWG’s Top Laner

2. Ming – RNG’s Support

3. Perkz – C9’s Midlands

MSI Power Rankings 2021
Image Credits | © ucatchers