MSI Power Rankings 2022: The Top Teams at the Mid Season Invitational

MSI Power Rankings 2022

The 2022 MSI power rankings are based on the past and competitive history of the regions and representative teams. The Mid Season Invitational is the second largest League of Legends tournament, an event only dwarfed by the League of Legends World Championships.

MSI 2022 will gather eleven of the top teams around the world, with one team representing each region (aside from the LCL this year due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict). This makes the MSI one of the most competitive and popular esports tournaments in the world.

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MSI Power Rankings 2022

The 2022 MSI power rankings will be the basis of the initial upcoming MSI betting tips. With many book makers like Bet365 offering outright odds and other LoL bets, the MSI power rankings will be a powerful tool for making a well-informed bet.

1. T1 – LCK

MSI Power Rankings T1
Image Credits | @T1LoL

At the top of our MSI Power Rankings 2022, we have T1. They are unquestionably the number 1 team coming into the esports tournament, after what they achieved during the LCK Spring.

The legendary Korean team led by Faker became the first team in LCK’s history to finish with a perfect split and an insane 18-0 record. No one could match them in the League, even its closest rival Gen.G Esports who lost 3-1 in the Spring Finals.

What’s insane about this iteration of T1 is the number of talents that the org was able to put together. From top to bot, T1 has some of the youngest top-tier players in the world (aside from Faker).

Gumayusi and Keria are constantly proving that they are the number 1 bot lane in the world, while Oner and Zeus are showing constant growth and they don’t seem to stop anytime soon.

With such a stacked roster, will this be the year Faker wins its 4th title and establishes himself as the undisputed GOAT in LoL history?

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2. Royal Never Give Up – LPL

MSI Power Rankings RNG
Image Credits | @RNG

Royal Never Give Up – RNG – finished 2nd in the LPL Spring regular split, putting them in Round 4 of the LPL Spring 2022 playoffs and giving them the possibility to go through the losers’ bracket in case of a loss. With that being said, RNG didn’t even consider that, as they didn’t drop a series and ultimately beat Top Esports 3-2 in one of the most exciting grand finals in LPL history.

With Xiaohu returning to the mid lane role after last year’s role swap and the signing of Bin in the top lane, this year’s RNG is a powered-up version of last year’s lineup. Considering how the meta is slowly shifting to carry top laners, Bin’s addition might benefit the team even more.

Nonetheless, the team can always rely on their ADC GALA, who is perfectly filling the role left by the legendary Uzi. Just like his predecessor, he’s always there when it comes to team fights and dishing out damage.

With that being said, the team will have to play remotely due to the Covid-19 restrictions, as well as scrimming on a much higher ping. Will they manage to defend their championship and keep the title in China? There’s only one way to find out…

3. G2 – LEC

After winning the trophy in 2019 G2 finally returns to MSI and to the international stage after missing out on both occasions in 2021.

This time, the LEC’s most successful organization will have the chance to play against the best teams from the East once again, hoping to bridge a gap that we saw widen throughout the last years. The new young talents in the bot lane Flakked and Targamas will be the ones under special inspection since it will be their first international tournament. If they can keep up with the best bot lanes in the world, then G2 might have a chance at the trophy.

4. Evil Geniuses – LCS

Evil Geniuses are at their first-ever international appearance, after destroying 100 Thieves in the LCS Spring Playoffs Finals and breaking the record for the fastest final.

The team finally found an identity that works for them towards the end of the split, while also having a better read on the meta of the tournament. ADC Danny has been the super carry for EG and the team also found the perfect mix of young domestic talents and strong veterans like Inspired.

Their recent performance and momentum will surely increase the expectations by fans for MSI, considering that they have a relatively easy group with G2 and ORDER. The international tournament might finally tell us whether this iteration of EG will have the potential to battle with the best teams.

5. PSG Talon – PCS

MSI Power Rankings 2022 PSG Talon
Image Credits | @PSG_Talon

Since its creation back in 2020, PSG Talon has been PCS’ main representative at all the international stages up until now. Despite losing two important elements like Maple and River, PSG was able to pick up two Korean imports from the LCK. With them, PSG managed to pull a strong 16-2 record in the regular season and win the playoffs for the 3rd consecutive time, showing that they are the team with the best level of play from the PCS.

Last time at MSI, PSG Talon finished in the top 4. This time around, though, we think that they might not replicate those results, especially considering the small downgrades in the mid and jungle positions.

6. DetonationFocusMe – LJL

DetonationFocusMe is at their third consecutive international appearance, following last year’s MSI and LoL Worlds 2021. Despite the change of players, including their former star mid laner Aria, DetonationFocusMe has been pretty much playing in the same way, with ADC Yutapon as their main damage threat and focus. Nonetheless, this didn’t stop them from dominating the LJL.

With the rest of the competition being fairly new, this might be the time that DFM gets into the top 6 at the Rumble Stage. Regardless of their result, however, the team’s main focus will be scrimming against the top teams in the world and making the best preparation possible for Worlds 2022.

7. Saigon Buffalo – VCS

Saigon Buffalo are going to replace GAM Esports at the Mid-Season Invitational since the winners of the VCS Spring playoffs will represent Vietnam at the South East Asian (SEA) games. As the second-place team, SGB ended up being the lucky team.

While VCS has always delivered great performances at the international tournaments, I’m not super confident in their results this time around. First of all, I think that GAM Esports was much better than the rest of the competition and I would’ve rated them slightly higher in this list.

Secondly, the VCS hasn’t played in international stages for quite a while, missing out on last year’s MSI and Worlds. This might influence their first games, as it might affect them mentally more than anything else. Considering that Saigon Buffalo is also in the same group as T1, the VCS representative’s tournament is going to be uphill…

8. fastPay Wildcats – TCL

Image Credits | @IWcats

This year, the Istanbul Wildcats (currently named fastPay for sponsorships reasons) have dominated the TCL Spring, finishing first in the regular season, and demolishing the two opponents they faced in playoffs, including 2nd place Galatasaray Esports.

The players are the same ones from last year, with the main changes being done to the coaching staff. This goes to show that the TCL is putting a lot of attention on their domestic talents and fastPay Wildcats are showing how things are done. In particular, the team’s mid laner, Serin, is the one to watch out for.

During the last international performances, the TCL teams have always been slightly disappointing. Will this be the year that the Turkish team redeems itself?

9. Team Aze – LLA

Team Aze is the new entry from the LLA. The team earned its promotion at the beginning of 2022 and they immediately became successful thanks to the addition of the two Korean imports Lonely and 5kid, making Team Aze the first-ever LLA team to immediately win a split following its promotion.

Unfortunately for Team Aze, MSI 2022 will be an extremely hard challenge. After being drawn into Group A, the team will have to face teams like DetonationFocusMe and T1, with a high chance of losing most of their games. With that being said, we think that Team Aze can have the chance to upset the VCS representative if they can prepare themselves on the current meta and find their best playstyle.

10. RED Canids – CBLOL

Red Canids
Image Credits | @CBLOL

Red Canids made it to the international tournament for the second time in a row, following the participation at the Worlds Championship last year and beating PaiN Gaming 3-2 in the playoffs finals.

This team’s main strength is their late game teamfighting. They have the tendency of giving resources to their hyper scaling ADC and letting him take over the team fights. With the meta shifting, it will be interesting to see if they can adapt their playstyle. We’re afraid that RED Canids might struggle more than other teams, and that’s why we’re putting them 10th in this MSI Power Rankings.

Nonetheless, just like any other Wild Card region, the Mid-Season Invitational is the perfect “training grounds” for these teams, especially considering they will be playing against squads like RNG and PSG Talon.


The last team on our 2022 MSI power rankings is going to be ORDER – the representative of the Oceanic League, the LCO.

ORDER made a surprising run during the LCO Playoffs, despite finishing 4th during the regular split. Starting from the lower bracket, they destroyed all their opponents, 3-0’ing every series until the finals, when they won a 5-game series against the favorites Chiefs Esports Club.

ORDER has very young talents and it will be interesting to see what they can deliver on the international stage. The team will be learning from the better regions and see how they will compare to stronger teams, hoping that they can participate in Worlds 2022.

MSI 2022 Best Players

Aside from the teams, we must highlight the players with exceptional individual skills who will greatly influence the results of their team. Below are the top three MSI power rankings for players:

  1. Keria – T1’s support
  2. Gumayusi – T1’s ADC
  3. GALA – RNG’s ADC
Mid Season Invitational
Image Credits | Riot Games