MSI Power Rankings 2024: The Top Teams at the Mid Season Invitational

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Published: May 9, 2024

The first of the two major League of Legends international tournaments in the yearly calendar, the Mid-Season Invitational brings together a host of the world’s best League of Legends teams to see which is strongest at the middle-point of the year.

The 2024 iteration heads to Chengdu, China, where 12 teams will battle it out to lift the MSI trophy in the 12,000-capacity Financial City Performing Arts Center.

MSI Power Rankings 2024

Our rankings will order the teams from the bracket stage, where the remaining 8 of the initial 12 teams progress through a double-elimination bracket. Utilize our rankings while betting on the LoL Mid-Season Invitational in 2024.

1Bilibili GamingLPL
4Top EsportsLPL
5G2 EsportsLEC
8Team LiquidLCS
9GAM EsportsVCS

1. Bilibili Gaming – LPL

BLG MSI 2024
Image credit: Riot Games

Despite the breakup of the 2023 JDG Gaming superteam, LPL fans have managed to see another superteam in 2024 with BLG’s signing of mid laner knight coupling him with their already-stacked lineup. He’s one of the best League of Legends players on the planet, arguably the best in recent years, and his move this season to BLG has taken them to another level.

They finally won their first LPL title in Spring and will now expect to be victorious once again as they head to MSI, though they’ll face stiff competition on the way.

2. Gen.G – LCK

GenG MSI 2024
Image credit: Riot Games

Competition comes no stiffer than the LCK’s Gen.G. They’ve proved themselves as one of the best League of Legends teams in recent seasons and have dominated their home region, winning four back-to-back titles. Mid laner Chovy is their superstar and knight’s closest competition for the moniker of best player in the world.

Their issue; converting domestic dominance into international success. Frequent MSI and Worlds qualifications have failed to bring about silverware, leading to the dismantling of the roster for 2024 and its subsequent rebuilding around Chovy. Their new look lineup stomped Korea just like their rosters of old, but now the fresh energy may finally let them seal the deal on an international title.

3. T1 – LCK

T1 MSI 2024
Image credit: Riot Games

No team has as many international titles, be it Worlds or MSI, than the legendary Faker-led T1, making them a fan-favourite when it comes to League of Legends betting. Despite being the World Championship holders after their historic 2023 run, the roster has fallen into some of its old issues and once again found themselves on the losing side of an LCK finals matchup against Gen.G.

But T1 can never be counted out internationally. Like at Worlds, a sudden ‘click’ into gear can see T1’s fortunes suddenly turn and set them up as the favourites. At Worlds it was a shift in tournament meta, something less likely to happen at MSI with its shorter turnaround, but favourable matchups or eliminations of trickier opponents could easily see T1 offered a solid title chance.

4. Top Esports – LPL

Top Esports MSI 2024
Image credit: Riot Games

Top Esports is a team used to being around the upper echelons of the LPL, though it’s been years since they managed a title of any kind. Entering his fourth year on the roster, bot laner JackeyLove is the team’s talisman and his leadership gives them their best chance of an MSI win.

While his consistency has been called into question in the past, his recent form has been completely unquestionable as he’s emerged — once again — as one of the world’s best AD carries.

5. G2 Esports – LEC

G2 MSI LoL 2024
Image credit: Riot Games

The big fish in the small European pond, G2 finds itself in an awkward position of being head and shoulders above their regional competition in the LEC, but unable to consistently match up against Eastern giants. Their 2019, lightning-in-a-bottle superteam was an exception, and G2 has since faltered internationally and struggles to keep up the levels required to compete given their lesser practice opponents back in Europe.

That said, they may have a better chance at a deep international run this year having kept their entire 2023 roster together, allowing them to build on existing synergies and grow as a whole squad together.

6. PSG Talon

PSG MSI 2024
Image credit: LoL Esports Flickr

The PCS’ PSG Talon are victims of corporate decisions and arbitrary major/minor region classifications as their frequent need to start in play-ins and face tough seeding still does not prevent them from putting up a valiant fight on international soil.

Their roster includes international veterans like mid laner Maple and bot laner Betty, both of whom have had deep runs at MSI/Worlds during their respective careers.

7. Fnatic – LEC

Humanoid Fnatic MSI 2024
Image credit: LoL Esports Flickr

A household name in esports, Fnatic has a nice habit of making it to a huge chunk of international events regardless of what their domestic form has been like for much of the season beforehand. This time around though, Fnatic have firmly cemented themselves as the strongest contenders against G2 in the LEC, and now reach MSI as Europe’s deserved second seed.

While upsets against potential Eastern opponents are not expected, big performances from the likes of Razok or Humanoid could see the veteran organisation take a cap off a title favourite, something that would open the tournament right up.

8. Team Liquid – LCS

Image credit: Riot Games

Coming in as North America’s number one seed may bring with it hopes from the fans back home, but those outside of the LCS will expect very little from the MSI 2019 finalists. However, given that TL’s strength comes from their macro decision-making, the team may have as good a shot of an NA-led upset as ever – not least since their largely Korean roster may be able to get the scoop on the Eastern meta that previous players wouldn’t have.

Short History of the Mid-Season Invitational

Created to provide teams with extra international competition, MSI is now cemented as a key point in the LoLEsports calendar and is arguably the best-configured tournament that League of Legends has. Its switch to double-elimination in 2023 provides more heavyweight matchups, and rematches, than the single-elimination bracket of the so-called more prestigious World Championship, arguably leading to more hype for the ‘smaller’ tournament.

MSI features a reduced number of teams compared to Worlds, around half as many, though the possibility of repeat matchups between LCK and LPL juggernauts brings about a plethora of gripping series and the lower-bracket runs open more chances of NA vs EU draws to keep the lesser regions entertained.

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