Lol Worlds Power Rankings

The most anticipated MOBA tournament of the year will start in October, with the League of Legends Worlds Play-in. Twelve teams will be participating and they will be split into 4 groups, with 4 teams advancing to the main event, which is due to start on October 10th. At this point, they will be joining the 12 teams that have either won the Summer Split or the regional finals and will be playing in the main event. This LoL Worlds Power Rankings 2019 is also set up to help punters make the right assessment when placing their bets on LoL Worlds.

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The LPL Region Favourite at the LoL Worlds

Invictus Gaming are the reigning champions, but this year, they are only credited with the fourth chance to defend their crown. The main favourites are fellow Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix the LPL Summer Champions and the most dominant team from this region in 2019. LoL Worlds predictions on their victory are based on their consistency and sheer strength of their rotation. Most esports betting sites place Invictus Gaming and Royal Never Give Up on the same level, with Betway esports offering odds of 8/1.

The LoL Worlds Power Rankings 2019 paint a more accurate picture, by highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of Chinese teams. Invictus Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix mid-laners are from South Korea but they are now fully integrated into the squad. Doinb has had better numbers this season, but he benefited greatly from the support of his team. Rookie is the most experienced and probably the best mid-lane player in the LPL with Royal Never Give Up’s Xiaohu coming in third. The impact of the mid-lane player is so great that League of Legends world championship predictions are heavily influenced by their calibre.

FunPlus Phoenix’s GimGoon is the best top-laner in the LPL, but he lacks the experience of TheShy and the same goes for Royal Never Give Up’s Langx. This team has a slight advantage in jungle, where Karsa is a monster when given the chance to play his best heroes. As for the bottom lanes, they are perfectly balanced, with JackeyLove and Baolan being the most experienced duo. Crisp and Lwx are favoured as the hottest ADC and support in China and they will need to confirm their worth at the Worlds.

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South Koreans Pin their Hopes on SKT 1

South Korea has two teams qualified directly for the main event and one starting with the first chance to win the Play-in. A quick glance at the League of Legends Worlds schedule will highlight the fact that Damwon are expected to win all the games in the qualifiers. They had sank into near irrelevance at the end of the season, but managed to claw their way back among the elite to qualify for the Worlds. Unikrn offer the top odds of 10/1 on this team to stun opponents at the main event and lift the trophy. Punters will be able to bet on their performance in real-time as this bookmaker has an excellent live LoL betting section, as you can see by reading the Unikrn esports review.

Griffin’s meteoric rise in the first half of the LCK now looks like a distant memory after their downfall during the summer split. Sword and Tarzan used to dominate the top lane and jungle, while Chovy looked downright unstoppable on mid-lane. Viper and Lehends were just as good, but they have struggled to maintain the same tempo in the last few months. Not surprisingly, their position in the LoL Worlds Power Rankings 2019 has sunk, but all five members have the ability to suddenly return to form.

South Korea Telekom 1 is the third favourite at with odds of only 18/5, slightly behind G2 Esports and FunPlus Phoenix. SKT 1 have everything they need to triumph again, with a hugely experienced roster, the best mid-laner in the world and their excellent form. Faker is going to be a huge threat to any opponent on mid-lane, whilst Khan and Clid have developed excellent synergy. Teddy is probably going to pair up with Effort or Mata on the bottom lane, and that’s the only one thing that might raise some apprehensions.

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G2 Esports are Ready to Win the Worlds

G2 Esports are the best European and the most consistent team of 2019. Not surprisingly, all bookmakers regard them as the most likely team from Europe to win the tournament, as reflected by the LoL Worlds odds. They have some excellent players all-around, but it is Caps that stands out from the crowd as one of the best mid-laners in the world. He is right at the top of the LoL Worlds Power Rankings 2019 and the League of Legends world championship predictions, with G2 Esports heavily counting on his performance.

League Of Legends World Championship Power Rankings

A chasm opens between G2 Esports and Fnatic, the European team with the second-best chance to win the tournament. Bet365 currently offers the best odds of 18/1 to those who pick Fnatic when they bet on LoL Worlds winners. They have amazing players in every position, an incredible mix of experience and talent, but unfortunately lack consistency in key matches. Individually, their players rank high in the LoL Worlds Power Rankings 2019, but as a team, they never did well in best-of-five series.

Dark Horses at the League of Legends World Championship

South Korea, Chinese and European teams are expected to dominate the main event and these are the regions preferred by those who make LoL Worlds predictions. The North Americans will be sending Cloud9 and Team Liquid straight to the main event as Clutch Gaming will have to go through the play-ins. These are teams capable of causing major upsets, but lack the consistency needed to win the tournament. Team Liquid have the best odds of 25/1 at Bet365, whilst Arcanebet prices Cloud9 at 250/1.

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