Worlds Power Rankings 2022


One of the most anticipated times of the year has arrived. Worlds 2022, which many esports fans have been eagerly awaiting and teams have been fighting for all year, is just days away. Twenty-four teams that have achieved success in their respective regions will try to succeed in the most prestigious tournament of the League of Legends competitive scene. In the battle of these 24 teams, some teams stand out with their previous and this season’s performances. In this year’s Worlds Power Rankings, we’ll take a look at the highlights of these teams and what they have accomplished in the past.

LoL Worlds Power Rankings 2022

2JD GamingChina
3TOP EsportsChina
7EDward GamingChina
8G2 EsportsEurope
9Rogue Europe
10Cloud9North America

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10. Cloud9 – LCS

lol power rankings cloud9

At the bottom of the LoL Power Rankings is North American-based Cloud9. The powerhouse had an average group stage but made a huge step up in the playoffs. Few had Cloud9 as their answer to the question of who would be the champion of the LCS Summer 2022, but they have already defeated CLG, then Evil Geniuses and finally 100 Thieves twice in the playoffs to claim the title.

The most important point is that these wins didn’t happen by chance. C9’s performance was one of the best the LCS scene has witnessed in recent memory. If they can keep it up, it’s very possible that C9 will make it to the upper rounds at Worlds 2022. 

9. Rogue – LEC

Despite being the most consistent team in the LEC lately, they have struggled to win important matches and important tournaments. After finishing in the top 2 of the group stage in the last 5 seasons, Rogue reached the championship for the first time in LEC Summer 2022, where they finished the regular season in 3rd place. Despite having such a good record for a long time, the fact that they have only just won the championship raises some questions.

One of them is that the players on the roster did not perform as they wanted to in the qualifiers. LoL Worlds 2022, in particular, is an arena where there is no margin for error and teams that make mistakes are punished directly. This explains why Rogue’s Worlds record is so poor.

8. G2 Esports – LEC

The first representative from the Western leagues has entered the LoL Worlds Power Rankings in 8th place. G2 Esports, the runner-up of LEC Summer 2022, will try to make a success in this big tournament with a revamped and young roster. The European giant’s Worlds record is quite good compared to other western teams. No matter who they have on their roster, G2 has always been able to cause problems for the better teams, even knocking them out and climbing to the top.

This culture of the organization and the high capacity of the roster put them ahead of league champions Rogue. If they could extend their performance from time to time in the league over a whole period, they could be ranked above some of the Asian teams. But their biggest problem, consistency, will hurt them at Worlds 2022.

7. EDward Gaming – LPL

It would be disrespectful not to put the defending world champions at the top of the list. Although they fell to the bottom after this championship and surprised everyone by placing 8th in LPL 2022 Spring, they have managed to recover recently. Viper and meiko, one of the best bot lane duos in the world, played a huge role in EDG’s 3rd place finish in LPL Summer, playing a role in 72% of the clays taken as a team. In fact, Viper led the way with 5 MVP awards in the playoffs.

After an average regular season, they improved to another level in the playoffs. They defeated FPX, RNG and LNG to reach the semifinals. However, two series losses against TOP Esports left them third in the league. In the Regional Qualifiers, they beat RNG 3-2 to book their ticket to Worlds 2022. EDG has always been a scary name when it comes to global competition. Their recent surge in form has put them at the top of the Worlds Power Rankings.


The Worlds 2020 champions and Worlds 2021 runners-up fell behind their rivals in 2022. Falling behind the other teams in the region, both in terms of results and play, has made their Worlds 2022 adventure a very difficult one. This is partly due to T1’s and Gen.G’s outstanding showcases in two different seasons, but the DWG side’s low point is well known.

While they tried to capitalize on their large roster, they somehow couldn’t overcome the cohesion problem within the team, which led them to finish 3rd in the first season and 4th in the second. However, they looked much better in the Summer Playoffs, giving T1 a tough time and getting eliminated 3-2 at the last moment. Immediately afterwards, they took down Liiv SANDBOX in the Regional Finals to book their ticket to Worlds 2022.

5. RNG – LPL

lol worlds power rankings rng

Asian teams continue to dominate the Worlds Power Rankings. For a long time, the LCK was at the top of the League of Legends competitive scene. But in the last 4-5 years, this has started to change, and the momentum has shifted towards the LPL. One of the biggest reasons for this is that the league has multiple teams with championship potential. 

Even the teams that finish 3rd or even 4th in the league are ahead of their opponents in the Western leagues. RNG is one of them. The 2022 season started close to perfect for them. They finished second in the regular season of LPL 2022 Spring with a 12-4 record, and immediately afterward, they won the playoffs with a 3-2 final win to become champions and qualify for MSI 2022.

They were not the favorites coming into the first global tournament of the year. Because they were up against T1, who had one of the most pressurized games in years. This reality didn’t stop them from winning the championship. They beat their opponents one by one and took the trophy here as well, defeating T1 3-2 in the final. By the summer season, their form had started to decline. Especially in the playoffs, they performed below expectations, which made their Worlds 2022 chances difficult, but at the last moment, they participated in the tournament by coming 2nd in the Regional Finals.

Despite their recent underperformance, RNG is ahead of their rivals in the Worlds Power Rankings. The biggest reason for this is the high potential of the squad and the fact that they always perform at a high level on the international stage.

4. T1 – LCK

When preparing the Worlds Power Rankings, it’s quite unusual not to mention T1 or even put them at the top. Arguably the most successful organization in League of Legends history, T1 is going into Worlds 2022 as one of the favorites for the trophy. The fact that they’ve been on the scene for so long and are still one of the best teams in the game, all under the leadership of Faker, the best player of all time, is admirable.

The past few seasons have been rocky for T1. Gone were the glory days and they were starting to distance themselves from their regional rivals. However, success at Worlds 2021, followed by an undefeated run in LCK Spring 2022, put T1 back on top. Even though the MSI 2022 runner-up finish was a bit of a downer, they were the favorites for the Summer season.

What they didn’t count on was Gen.G, who had one of the most convincing games LoL fans have seen in a while. As a matter of fact, T1 couldn’t get past their opponent. Even though they knocked them out once in the regular season, they couldn’t do it in the playoffs and fell to pieces. Their inability to hold the early game and occasional struggles with map control put T1 in 4th place in the LoL Worlds Power Rankings.

3. TOP Esports – LPL

As JD Gaming made their way to the championship in China, they had a formidable opponent right next to them. Worlds 2020 third place and LPL 2022 Spring runner-up TOP Esports. In 2021, losing the World Championship was an unexpected result for the organization. The mediocre performance, especially in the playoffs that year, led to several changes in the roster.

While keeping knight and JackeyLove, two of the most talented players in the region, Wayward, Tian and Mark became the new owners of the jersey. The 11-win Spring season was followed by a spectacular playoff run. TOP Esports narrowly missed the championship, losing 3-2 to RNG in the final. 

This miss will have further fueled the team’s purpose of gathering, as they knocked out all their opponents in the LPL 2022 Summer and took first place in the regular season with 14 wins and 2 losses. This success made them the best team in the league in everyone’s eyes heading into the playoffs. Unfortunately, history repeats itself and TOP Esports lost 3-2 to JD Gaming in this final and missed their chance for the first place.

But no matter what, their performances this season have always been top-notch. That’s why they have taken the 3rd place in our Worlds Power Rankings.

2. JD Gaming – LPL

Unlike Western leagues, becoming a champion in the LPL requires a huge amount of consistency. With 17 different teams in the league, teams have to prepare for different strategies while also competing on a tight match schedule. While this has its upsides, a bad week or two can devastate teams that want to play for the top.

In such a tricky season and in such a competitive league, JD Gaming defied all predictions and managed to win the championship in China against giants like RNG, EDG and TOP Esports. They lost only 2 out of the 16 series they played in the regular season and started the playoffs with an advantage in Round 4.

Hope and Missing, the bottom lane duo that JD Gaming replaced at the beginning of the 2022 season, dominated their opponents throughout the playoffs and became the architects of the championship. The duo finished the stage with a combined 15.1 KDA and played a big role in victories over LNG, EDG and TES.

1. Gen.G – LCK

worlds power rankings gen.g

After 2 years of lagging behind powerhouses like Damwon Gaming and T1, Gen.G has finally taken the throne in the region. After the 2021 season, the team made some serious roster changes and managed to keep Ruler, one of the most prominent ADCs in the world.

Having played at the highest level of the scene for a long time, Ruler didn’t need another carry. But for the championship, the teammates next to him had to be chosen very carefully. And so it was. Doran was placed in top lane, Peanut in jungle, Chovy in mid lane and Lehends in support. The result of the changes scared all of Gen.G’s opponents and raised the expectations against them.

Indeed, the revamped roster immediately showed its quality in LCK 2022 Spring. Although they finished second in the league, just behind T1, the quality of the foundation was evident for all to see. With more training and more chemistry between the players, Gen.G took LCK 2022 Summer by storm.

They played 18 series in the regular season, losing only one of them, and made it to the playoffs as the league leaders. It’s hard for a team that is already performing so well to improve their game, but they did just that and swept their opponents in the playoffs. First, they defeated Liiv SANDBOX and then T1 to win the championship. Their jungler Peanut was named the league’s Most Valuable Player.

Worlds 2022 kicked off on September 29th with Play-In challenges.