Lachlan Net Worth: How Much Does Lachlan Earn? Analyzing His Income Streams

Published: Sep 24, 2022 - Last Updated: Jan 9, 2024

Famous for his YouTube commentaries on games of Fortnite Battle Royale, Lachlan Ross Power, usually known to his legions of fans as merely Lachlan, is one of esports’ biggest stars. His YouTube channel now boasts 14.8 million subscribers, while his Twitch channel has 812,000 followers. In 2021, his YouTube channel was the fifth-most viewed channel from Australia on the platform.

Lachlan has also worked for charitable causes during the latter part of his career, raising awareness for deforestation charities in his native Australia and the International Red Cross. He started his own esports team, PWR, in June 2020, which has since also become an apparel brand. Read on to find out more about Lachlan and his net worth!

Lachlan Net Worth$2.5 million (estimated)
Real NameLachlan Ross Power
Date of BirthAugust 25 1995
ProfessionYouTuber/Live Streamer
Twitch Followers812,000
YouTube Subscribers14.8 million

Lachlan Net Worth

Who is Lachlan?

Lachlan was born in Brisbane, in the state of Queensland in Australia, on August 25 1995. He grew up in Shailer Park in Queensland, and he is the son of Australian politician Darren Power, who has served as the mayor of Logan City. His mother is a bank manager and he has three siblings.

Much of Lachlan’s career has been based around his YouTube channel BattleCraftDuty, which he registered in March 2013. In its early days, this channel mainly featured Lachlan commentating on games of Battlefield, Minecraft or Call of Duty. As you have probably guessed, the name of the channel came from combining the names of those three games. The channel experienced a surge of growth in 2017 after Lachlan started playing Fortnite Battle Royale. He actually left education earlier than he originally intended so that he could properly focus on his YouTube channel.

In January 2019, Lachlan hit another milestone when his channel reached 10 million subscribers. This made him the first content creator from Australia to hit this YouTube figure. In October of 2019, he set yet another record when his channel peaked at 198,976 concurrent viewers for its coverage of the Fortnite season-ending event The End. Soon after, Lachlan inked a deal with YouTube to stream exclusively on that platform. He had previously also streamed on Twitch.

How Does Lachlan Make Money & his net worth?

Lachlan’s main source of income comes from his YouTube channel and its millions of subscribers, but he has his finger in a few other pies too. Most notably, his PWR brand now extends its reach over several different sectors. Although PWR was originally an esports team, it now offers much more to Lachlan’s army of fans. He is much more than one of the highest-paid gamers these days.

PWR is now a wide-ranging brand that covers clothing and broader entertainment as well as gaming. In July 2022, the brand launched the first elite esports training and content facility in the Metaverse. According to reports, he earns around $450,000 a year from these various sources.

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What is Lachlan’s net worth?

Based on online claims and estimates, Lachlan has a net worth ranging from $17-$21 million.

Is Lachlan the owner of PWR?

Yes, Lachlan is the owner of esports organization PWR, which he founded in 2020 to compete in professional Fortnite tournaments.

What is Lachlan real name?

Lachlan’s full name is Lachlan Ross Power.
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