GG.BET Signs James Banks as a New Brand Ambassador

Published: Nov 4, 2022

James Banks, one of the most iconic presences in the CSGO esports scene, has signed as a brand ambassador with GG.BET. It’s yet another success in a long line of partnerships between GG.BET and bold esports personalities, and it’s a clear indicator of the growth that the platform is undergoing. As one of the most popular esports betting platforms in the business, GG.BET enjoys an advantageous position, bolstered by the profiles of these brand ambassadors.

For years (two decades, in fact), James Banks has been blazing a trail through the esports industry, first as a competitor, and now as a content creator and top-tier commentator. He has gone from strength to strength, much like GG.BET and this recent signing will enable him to broaden his reach and provide further exposure to the already prolific betting platform.

James Banks is the Latest GG.BET Brand Ambassador

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Image Credit: GG.BET

As the GG.BET esports platform has expanded, and the firm has partnered up with several popular creators and industry professionals. Most recently, GG.BET formed a partnership with Torte de Lini, the famed Dota 2 guide maker. Before that, the platform joined forces with Andrew Jenkins, a legendary commentator sitting at the heart of the Dota 2 community. Now, with the signing of James Banks, GG.BET brings on board a CSGO powerhouse, further diversifying its representation.

In a statement, Dmitry Voshkarin, the CEO of GG.BET, spoke highly of the partnership:

‘James Banks is a big CSGO fan, he event used to play professionally himself. We’re all set and ready to support his efforts to help the industry and are delighted to welcome him to the big GG.BET brand ambassador family.’

At the core of this deal is a proposal that will see Banks create exclusive CSGO video content while flying the GG.BET banner. He’ll be working to organise and host streams backed by GG.BET’s social media channels, and will also host broadcasts both before and after events, interacting directly with viewers and boosting subscriber interactions. As shown by his remarks, Banks is extremely excited to be working with the platform:

‘Over the past year, I have had the chance to create content for GG.BET at some of the biggest esports events around the world. It means a lot to me that the team as rooted to esports asked me to become an official ambassador, create content for them, and share my thoughts, predictions, and more, alongisde the likes of Na’Vi and Vitality.’

Fortunately, esports bettors can also benefit from this signing. For a period of time during the 2022 IEM Rio Major, users can take advantage of an esports betting bonus. It’s as simple as making a deposit using the bonus code BANKS once you’ve signed up for a GG.BET account. This tournament will run until the 13th of November, and if you’re already betting on it, it makes so much sense to run over to GG.BET and take advantage of that bonus.

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