GG.Bet Announces Exciting Partnership Deal with Torte de Lini Guides Creator

Published: Oct 27, 2022

GG.Bet have announced that they have struck a deal with the famous Dota 2 guide maker Torte de Lini that will allow its creator, Michael Yossef Cohen-Palacios, the opportunity to maintain his guides, as well as create additional Dota 2-themed content.

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The Standard Hero Builds Project (Torte de Lini) began in 2013 and, from humble beginnings, now reaches over 512 million Dota 2 players around the world.

What are Torte de Lini player guides?

Created by Michael Yossef Cohen-Palacios, the Torte de Lini guides for Dota 2 players have almost become required reading, with around 86% of Dota 2 players have used the in-game guides at some point.

The character guides not only give a huge amount of detail about the different characters in their game, their strengths and weaknesses, attributes and abilities, but they are so detailed that they are now used by Dota 2 developers and even teams and individuals that have won the biggest prize in Dota 2 esports gaming: The International.

torte de lini ggbet partnership

What will the partnership between GG.Bet and Torte de Lini offer?

As part of this deal, Mr Cohen-Palacios will receive additional support from GG.Bet that will allow him to release a series of what GG.Bet call “in-game guides in collaboration with Top Tier esports players.”

In addition to this, Mr Cohen-Palacios will also share his expertise with GG.Bet customers through exclusive vlogs, participating in analysis of the game and hosting his own streams with the aim of educations players and bettors about the game and about betting responsibly.

As a bonus, Dota 2 players that subscribe to the Torte de Lini guides will also receive special offers and promotions from GG.Bet only available to subscribers.

It is clear that such partnerships as the one outlined above, as well as site development such as when the site introduced personalized feed utilities back in July this year, are hell-bent on offering as expansive a possible esports experience to their customers.

“Importance…Cannot Be Overstated”

The CEO of GG.Bet Dmitry Voshkarin was very clear on where this partnership could lead and what it could offer to anybody holding a GG.Bet account.

“Ask any Dota 2 player how they go about boosting their game, and you’ll definitely be hearing about Torte de Lini guides and long hours of training,” Mr Voshkarin explained.

“We’d be willing to bet that Torte de Lini is at the top of everyone’s list of guidemakers.”

“We’ve watched Michael’s work with great enthusiasm over the last decade, and the importance of what he does for the gaming community cannot be overstated.”

“In partnership with Michael, we will continue to invest our efforts in supporting Dota 2 fans and the entire gaming community.”

“Additional Value”

The creator of the Torte de Lini guides, Michael Yossef Cohen-Palacios, also expressed his delight at the agreement with GG.Bet Esports and how he could now add greater value to the esports betting scene.

“I’m glad to have GG.Bet providing support to my efforts to serve the Dota 2 community with my guides,” stated Cohen-Palacios.

“To find a partner who genuinely believes in this passion project and is excited about Dota 2 is a rarity that I’m thankful to have encountered.”

“I’m looking forward to not only being able to continue my dedicated service, but also to working more closely with GG.Bet in providing additional value to the game and esports scene.”

This is just the latest deal that GG.Bet has announced regarding Dota 2 esports personalities, with the company having announced it had signed with Andrew Jenkins in September 2022.

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