Valorant Champions Skin Bundle Unveiled

Posted on November 25, 2021 - Last Updated on February 21, 2023

You can say what you want about Riot Games, but it’s undeniable that they’re one of the best in the business when it comes to creating hype for their major esports events. Valorant Champions is almost here, and Riot have been pumping out videos featuring some incredible music and jaw-dropping animations, all in preparation for the big event.

The Valorant Champions anthem “Die For You” dropped just a couple of days ago, but now we were pleasantly surprised with the new “This is the Art of Greatness” trailer, along with a video reveal of the new Valorant Champions skins bundle.

Image Credits | Riot Games

The Art of Greatness

Riot Games’ first-person shooter, Valorant, has achieved incredible success in a very short period of time. The shooter hybrid that blended Overwatch-like mechanics with the precision of CS:GO found a spot in the gaming sphere and took off almost immediately.

Many of the big names in esports jumped at the opportunity to compete and instantly fell in love with the game and the community. At the same time, we witnessed a mass exodus from CS:GO to Valorant.

Riot’s mega tournament, Valorant Champions Tour, took the fledgling Valorant esports scene and made it into something great. It was a colossal task and took an entire year to complete.

Valorant Champions is the final event of Valorant Champions Tour, and as such, it marks the end of one season, but points towards the beginning of another. Riot seems to be sparing no expense at advertising the event, so we expect it to be a huge spectacle that might even rival LoL Worlds 2021 or The International 10.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Exclusive Skins

Recently, Riot successfully launched their first animated series “Arcane” on Netflix, which received incredibly positive reviews. At the same time, a huge Arcane-themed event was released across all Riot games and featured multiple free skins along with many other free goodies.

This time, Valorant will receive an exclusive Valorant Champions skin bundle that will be available for a short period and won’t be returning to the shop later. In one of the recent news articles, Riot stated the following:

Make sure to check out the Champions bundle in the VALORANT in-game store and remember, 50% of net proceeds from the Champions 2021 Collection will go to participating teams. Items won’t return to the Store or Night.Market.

So if you’re a Valorant skin collector or just someone who really appreciates the look of the new Champions skins, you better grab them now or you might regret it!

Image Credits | Riot Games

When discussing the new Champions Vandal skin, Riot said this:

The Champions Vandal is one of our most ambitious skins to date, with a slew of features inspired by Champions 2021. These features include the Champions Aura, a glow that appears on the skin when scoring a kill or being held by the top fragger in the match, the instrumental of the Champions anthem on inspect, and a unique finisher that will really immerse you in the world of the music video.

Not only will the skin grant its user a cool new look, but there’s a special Champions Aura that activates if certain conditions are met. Be prepared to queue into Valorant matches filled with Champions Vandals for a considerable time in the foreseeable future.

Where to Watch Valorant Champions

Make sure to tune in and watch the best Valorant teams compete on December 1st. The stakes are higher than ever, and the winners will be leaving home with $350.000 in their pockets.

You can watch Valorant Champions on the official Valorant Twitch streams, YouTube, and AfreecaTV. But more importantly, make sure to connect your Valorant account with these streaming platforms to be eligible for special Valorant Champions drops.

The VCT spray will be dropping from December 1st – December 11th, and the exclusive VCT Gun Buddy drop will only be available during the finals on December 12th.

All in all, this will be an incredible time for any Valorant fan. Plenty of free goodies, lots of events, and action-packed pro Valorant matches. We’re sure that Riot has even more content in store for us, so make sure to stay tuned.

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