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esports betting with netellerThe development of the internet over the last two decades has created new forms of entertainment, new sports and new ways of gambling, with esports now a major part of this. Linked to this is esports betting with Neteller, one of the most popular way for players to pay and play. So, on this page we will look at exactly what this popular payment method entails and why it could be a good choice for your next betting session.

Here, we’ll tell you all about what the benefits are for having a Neteller account when it comes to betting on esports. You can discover how to create a Neteller account, and which bookies offer you the chance to bet on your favourite esports. You can also discover a little bit about how to obtain a Neteller card. You might also discover a little bit about the Neteller vs Skrill debate, and which ewallet is better for esports punters.

Esports betting sites that accept Neteller

Below is a selection of some of the finest esports betting sites around. As well as having a fantastic range of games, each of these accepts Neteller as a payment method, allowing convenient and safe transactions.


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Why should you use Neteller for esports betting

Many people who enjoy betting on a wide range of sports use ewallets to fund their accounts. As well as Neteller, Paypal is often used, as is Skrill; all three of these payment methods are extremely popular digital wallets, meaning that you transfer funds to an electronic payment system from another source, usually a bank account or debit card, that can then be used to pay for goods and services online.

Neteller seamlessly uses technology to ensure that deposits and withdrawals can be managed speedily and with minimal fees. This makes the wallet a much more convenient option when compared to bank transfers, for example, and your spending can easily be managed from a mobile device.

One thing that you do need to be aware of when using Neteller and Skrill, though, is that the majority of mainstream bookies will not pay welcome bonuses to punters who use ewallets. Mainstream bookies like Betway and Bet365 who offer a good range of esports markets fall into this category. If you want to claim their welcome bonuses, it is best to use a credit or debit card to fund your account.

But not every bookie offers welcome bonuses, and you may not be resident in the UK. If you are compelled to use offshore bookies, using Neteller can provide you with the security, safety and privacy you need to be able to bet with peace of mind.

If you like to use cryptocurrency to fund your betting there is a Neteller to Bitcoin funding option too. It is perfectly possible to use Neteller to buy Bitcoin, and full details about how to do this can be found on the Neteller website.

How to create a Neteller account

So, now that you have seen the benefits of using this type of ewallet as a payment method for funding your esports betting, how do you create a Neteller account? It is extremely straightforward, and you can be ready for some esports Neteller betting in no time as long as your country is accepted.

  1. Head to the official Neteller site or download the app.
  2. Register a few basic details and check the terms and conditions.
  3. Choose how you want to fund your account.
  4. You are good to go and can now deposit and play.

Good bookies for esports betting

While many mainstream bookies now offer esports markets, the licensing situation in some countries, such as Germany or the USA, means that it can be tricky for residents of those countries to find safe places to place esports bets. Many punters in some countries are compelled to use offshore bookies.

If you are in the UK, there is a good selection of bookmakers, fully licensed by the British Gambling Commission, that offer a wide range of markets. Betway esports, Bet365 betting site and 10Bet all fall under this heading. The situation is a little more complex if you in the USA or Germany for example, though.

In countries such as that, where the licensing situation means that you would need to look offshore, esports specialist bookies like Thunderpick, GG.Bet and are where you need to be looking. Using a Neteller account or a Neteller card to fund your account at this type of offshore bookies is a good idea, as it offers good security for overseas transactions.

Recommended bookie for esports betting with Neteller

GG.Bet is one of the biggest names in the world of esports gambling with hundreds of different events to place wagers on at any time of day. What’s more, the betting site is renowned for its user-friendly design and the variety of payment methods that it offers – including Neteller.

If you are a new player registering for the first time then you are able to claim an excellent welcome bonus that will double up your deposit. Clicking below will take you directly to the site.

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What is esports?

Esports is simply competitive video gaming. This is where individuals and teams compete against each other in professional tournaments, online coverage of which is often watched by many millions of people. The phenomenon has grown massively in recent years, and is particularly popular in Asian countries, central and eastern Europe and in Scandinavia. The UK has some catching up to do when it comes to the overall popularity of esports but there is definitely still a burgeoning scene there.

Betting on esports has also become widely popular in recent years and you can use payment methods like Neteller, Paypal or a Neteller card to fund a betting account to place wagers on esports events.

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Popular esports games with Neteller

Several esports games have become prominent when it comes to the major tournaments and mass appeal. Here are a few of the games on which you can bet when you have opened a Neteller account or you have obtained a Neteller card, or decided which side of the Neteller vs Skrill debate you are on.

Counter Strike 2

As the successor to CS:GO, CS2 which was released as an enhanced game in the franchise, is a first-person shooter game allows players to combine in teams to take military objectives.

League of Legends

Based on the Warcraft universe, League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game allows players to combine in teams to control champions and destroy the opposing team’s ‘nexus’.

Dota 2

Also based on the Warcraft universe, this multiplayer online battle arena game features teams of five defending bases and controlling heroes, in a similar way to League of Legends.


NBA 2K is one of a growing number of sports games that are making a real impression on the esports scene. This is a basketball game. Famous NBA 2k teams include Celtics Crossover Gaming, Hawks Talon GC and Grizz Gaming. These teams are owned by actual NBA franchises.

Esports Betting Sites in Germany

Neteller Esports betting explained

There are several different types of bet that can be place on esports events. Obviously, the range of bet types varies depending on the game that is being played, with CS2 markets different to many of the ones that you will find offered on Hearthstone events, for example.

Here are a few of the different types of bet that you can place on esports events when you have created a Neteller account and are using it to fund your betting. As well as Neteller, Bitcoin is another option for funding your betting. For many esports specific bookies who offer Neteller, Bitcoin is another perfectly acceptable way to pay for bets.

1. Match bets

This is the simplest type of bet that you can place on an esports event. You simply choose which team you think will win the match. It is exactly like betting on a match in a sport like football or rugby league. You use your knowledge of the sport, weigh up the esports odds, and then place your bet. Whether you have a Neteller account or not, this type of betting should be familiar to you if you enjoy betting on conventional sport.

2. Accumulator bets

Accumulators are a good way of boosting the odds for match bets. You can combine several separate bets on one coupon, with the odds being multiplied together. That sounds great, but the important thing to remember is that the winnings from one bet are used as the stake for the next bet on the coupon. When one bet loses, this sequence fails and the whole coupon loses. This is a good way to improve the odds, though, when betting on favourites in the early rounds of esports tournaments.

3. In-play betting

If you are using a Neteller card to fund your betting account you might be drawn to in-play betting on esports events. This is where you place bets while the event is actually taking place. If you are watching a Counter-Strike match then you might bet on which team which will win the next map, or which player will make the most kills on a particular map. You really need to be watching a live stream of the action to properly enjoy this form of betting.

What is Neteller?

We have mentioned Neteller several times already now, but what actually is Neteller? Neteller is an electronic payment method, to which you link a funding method, such as a bank account. It allows you to carry out online transactions much more easily and straightforwardly than using your bank, and can be used at a huge variety of outlets.

What is a Neteller card?

As well as being a digital wallet, Neteller also offers the possibility of ordering a card. This is a prepaid Mastercard debit card and can be used online or offline, making it a popular option for esports bettors. To claim one, you can sign up at Neteller in the usual way and then order your prepaid card for free.

Neteller vs Skrill differences

When it comes to weighing up the differences in the Neteller vs Skrill argument, there is not a lot to choose between the ewallets. However, we have summarised the key differences below to help you decide which is a better choice for your exact needs.


✔️Great security

✔️Widely offered at respected betting sites

✔️Instant deposits and fast withdrawals

Can be excluded from welcome bonuses

Withdrawal fee may apply


✔️Fast transfers

✔️Mobile friendly

Not always eligible for a welcome bonus

Limited customer support options

Gambling safely

As with any form of gambling, doing so responsibly is key. When you start any gambling session, be sure to keep a time limit and budget in mind. You should always be taking plenty of breaks and never spending more money than you can afford to lose. In doing so, esports betting can be an enjoyable hobby instead of seeing it as a way to make money. If you ever find yourself struggling then there are many organisations there to help you.


This page has highlighted what Neteller is, and how it compares to its main rival Skrill. It is a hugely popular digital wallet – or prepaid card – that offers unparalleled safety and convenience. We have outlined how exactly you can register for an account, and the process could not be simpler. Additionally, it has a range of strengths in its favour, even in it may exclude you from a welcome bonus in many cases.

Still, esports betting with Neteller is widely available and there are plenty of websites that accept it for deposits and withdrawals, so if you are looking for a hassle-free and speedy experience then it is definitely worth considering.

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