LoL MSI 2024: League Players to Watch at the Mid-Season Invitational

Published: May 11, 2024 - Last Updated: May 13, 2024

The Mid-Season Invitational brings together top League of Legends sides from around the world for the first international tournament of the year, and with the top teams comes the world’s best players. We take a look at the players to watch, the expected best performers and overall market winners at MSI 2024 as handy reference for your League of Legends betting efforts.

Players to Watch and Favorites at MSI 2024

1. Chovy

Credit: LoL Esports

Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon is Gen.G’s talisman. He’s been arguably the best player on the planet in recent years but has never managed an international title. With Gen.G’s roster rebuilt around him for 2024, the Korean once again led the team to LCK glory in spring and now spearheads their latest international run. He’s the player to watch whenever he’s on the rift, and will go toe-to-toe with any other player in the world.

2. Zeus

T1 Zeus
Credit: LoL Esports

While Chovy’s been the best mid laner, Choi “Zeus” Woo-je has all but cemented himself as the game’s best top laner. While he’s been known to go missing in big games, he along with his T1 teammates finally broke their finals curse as they won in the most important final of all – Worlds. Sadly Zeus’ hot and cold form has returned, ensuring that his top lane matchups are always surprising and always worth a watch.

3. knight

Knight BLG
Credit: LoL Esports

Chovy’s strongest rival for the title of world’s best is definitely Zhuo “knight” Ding. He led JD Gaming’s historic Golden Road charge last season, but following their failure to win Worlds he’s switched to LPL rivals BLG. Now part of an all-Chinese superteam, top in our MSI power rankings, knight aims to defend his MSI title and become the first player to win it back-to-back on different teams.

4. JackeyLove

Credit: Flicrk | LoL Esports

A world champion in 2018, Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo has spent years playing under the tag of ‘inconsistent’. His form has been known to go through ups and downs which usually makes him a player to watch as you never know which JackeyLove you’re going to get. These days though, he’s as up as ever and looks to have finally found consistency. Now he competes as the best bot laner on the planet and will give headaches to all opponent ADCs during the tournament.

5. Caps

Claps G2
Credit: LoL Esports

Europe’s G.O.A.T and the man with the most LEC titles in history, Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard is theEuropean player that all Korean and Chinese pros hate to face. His confidence, fearlessness, and creativity see him attempting — and often pulling off — outrageous plays no matter the opponents. Of all Western talent, he is the player worth watching no matter if he’s playing “good” or not, viewers are guaranteed to be entertained.

“Dark Horses”  at MSI 2024


While he’s the undisputed G.O.A.T of League of Legends, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok’s transition to a more macro-minded playstyle means that he’s rarely seen pulling off unimaginable mechanical plays like he was a decade ago. That said, he is still known to pull off unimaginably genius plays using his immense mind for the game and is always seconds away from making a game-winning pick or turning a match-deciding teamfight.



In recent years, Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin has been Zeus’ fiercest competition when it comes to the world’s best top laner. He’s no stranger to MSI success having won it with RNG back in 2022 and wasn’t far from defending his title last year, losing in the final to the dominant JDG. Now that he has the former JDG mid laner knight on his team, Bin looks to once again find MSI glory and will aim to do so with his signature aggressive laning style.


GenG Kiin
Gen.G’s Kim “Kiin” Gi-in is a player who’s somewhat flown under the radar through most of his career. Having shown strangely strong loyalty to Afreeca Freecs — bar his 2023 stint with KT Rolster — the top laner has failed to come close to a title despite being one of the best in his role. Now he’s finally made it onto a top team and has been instantly rewarded with an LCK spring title. Kiin is making up for lost time and now has the chance to claim his first international trophy.


Humanoid Fnatic MSI 2024

Another of Europe’s best hopes, mid laner Marek “Humanoid” Brázda is yet another entertaining player whose form is often unpredictable. That is until he reaches an international tournament. The Czech player has a knack for big tournaments and always turns it on when it counts, no matter the stature of opponents. His leadership offers Fnatic its best hoping at making a dent during the tournament and offering punters an underdog story during their MSI betting.

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