Best Overwatch Players 2022: Who Are The Top Overwatch Players?

The Overwatch League is home to many talented players. They pour their heart, sweat, and tears into every game they play, giving their all for audiences around the world. The circuit has an incredibly talented player count, and you can find some exceptional talent on every team that’s part of the League – but there are definitely some deserving of a special mention. Each of the twenty teams has fantastic players, but those listed below are the best Overwatch players who have caught our eyes for their stellar performances.

If you’ve often found yourself wondering who is the best Overwatch player, look no further than this list. We’ve broken down the hottest, top-most talent in the Overwatch League right now in a bid to settle the debate.

The Top Overwatch Players for 2022

With this season integrating the 5vbest5 changes with the release of Overwatch 2 on October 4th, 2022, the gameplay performance and the viewership of the League changed dramatically. Many casual players feared a lack of communication between the developers on the game’s progress. With only the best Overwatch players in the world  having prior access to the beta to prepare for the season, many fans cried that Overwatch was dying. Thus, the professional teams were left to formulate new compositions and strategies.

So, from the best Overwatch teams in the ranking, here’s the list of the top fifteen best Overwatch players in the world.  

1. SP9RKLE of Dallas Fuel

Yeongham Kim, from Seoul, South Korea, is a DPS player for the Dallas Fuel. Formerly debuting with the Paris Eternal, the 20-year-old SP9RKLE was stripped of his “Best Doomfist Player” title when the character was reworked as a tank.

Thankfully, his play on other flanker characters has remained similarly eye-catching, netting him nearly 2000 total eliminations this season as well as one of the lowest death counts overall. Kim was the winning recipient of the Dennis Hawkelka award in 2021. He was a key player in snagging the Fuel’s win for the Summer Showdown 2022 tournament. His total winnings as of this 2022 season: $223,152.

We’d consider SP9RKLE the best Overwatch player in the world – at least, for now!

2. PROPER of San Francisco Shock

Kim Dong-hyun, also hailing from South Korea, is a flex DPS player for the San Fransisco Shock. This was the 18-year-old’s first year as an OWL player, having been recruited from the Contenders esports organization O2 Blast. Kim has left quite the impression with his Genji, Sojourn, and especially Tracer highlights, surprising fans with multiple back-to-back eliminations over the course of the season.

He was a major contributor to the Shock’s 20-game win streak during the 2022 season, the longest in the League’s history. San Fransisco Shock finished 2nd in the 2022 regular season. He scored Rank 1 in Final Blows, Eliminations, and Most Damage Done on the 2022 scoreboard, easily landing him a spot as a finalist for the title of this year’s Overwatch League MVP. His total winnings as of this 2022 season: $128,305, firmly establishing him as one of the best players in Overwatch.

3. TWILIGHT of Toronto Defiant

Juseok Lee, born and raised in Mokpo, South Korea, is already an Overwatch League veteran at 24 years old and easily one of the top Overwatch players. His resume boasts the 2019 Vancouver Titans and 2020 San Francisco Shock. As a support player, it’s up to him to keep his teammates healed up. While he initially dominated as Zenyatta back in 2019, it was his Ana plays that really pulled fans into his orbit.

Scoring just shy of 1.4M total healing this season, he undeniably had his teammates’ backs from afar. At the same time, not afraid to swap to Brigette or Baptiste and join the fight up close and personal, netting him 1.8K total enemy eliminations over the course of the season. He is one of the few players to participate in the playoff tournament 3 seasons in a row. His total winnings as of this 2022 season: $593,405.

4. DANTEH of Houston Outlaws

Dante Cruz, from Chicago, Illinois, initially started out as a DPS player for the San Fransisco Shock before being signed to the Houston Outlaws in 2019. However, this 2022 season, the 23-year-old made the swap to a new role as a tank, catching many viewers and longtime fans by surprise. However, after showing off his play on the newly-reworked tank Doomfist, all doubts about his suitability for the new role seemed to seep away.

His strategic plays help stall objectives and keep the enemy team distracted, letting his teammates go all in and strike. There’s no doubting the fact that DANTEH is one of the top Overwatch players, for sure. With him on the squad, Houston Outlaws finished 6th in the 2022 regular season. His total winnings as of this 2022 season are $41,733.

5. PROFIT of Seoul Dynasty

Junyoung Park from Jinju, South Korea, is not only one of the best Tracers in the Overwatch League but is considered to be one of the best DPS players by fans and teammates alike. The 22-year-old got his start by originally playing for the London Spitfire, earning him the championship of the inaugural season, with winnings up to $1M, as well as the title of MVP. He was the first player in the history of the League to reach 10K eliminations during the 2020 season.

Since making the swap to Seoul Dynasty, he continued to outshine his opponents, keeping his team up in the high rankings, though now as a support player, sticking into team fights as Brigette. He is rumoured to have another shot of winning MVP again for the 2022 season. His total winnings as of this 2022 season are $524,771.

6. KEVSTER of Los Angeles Gladiators

Kevin Persson of Sweden is a DPS player with Tracer plays that could match up with Profit and Saebyeolbe, who was previously considered the best Tracer player in the Overwatch League before retiring. He was a mystery to fans at the start of his career, as the 21-year-old never showed his face during games until his unofficial “face reveal” in June of 2021.

The Gladiators have had an enormous win streak, placing 3rd in the Western standings of the regular season, and fans consider Kevin and his teammates to be the greatest and strongest the Gladiators have ever been. That’s one of the driving reasons that KEVSTER is considered to be one of the best players in Overwatch. His total winnings as of this 2022 season are $205,296.

7. ULTRAVIOLET of Atlanta Reign

Benjamin David, from the United States, is a support player, and newcomer to the Overwatch League, the 2022 season being his breakout year. After proving himself in Overwatch Contenders, the young 18-year-old quickly became a favourite among fans as one of the better flex support players in the West rankings.

While his primary supports to back up his team are Ana and Baptiste, it’s his Zenyatta plays where he’s hugging walls and corners, avoiding enemy attacks almost consistently that’s captivated the League audience. Atlanta Reign finished 7th in the regular season. His total winnings as of this 2022 season are $78,818.

8. LIP of Shanghai Dragons

Jae Won Lee, from Ulsan, South Korea, joined the Shanghai Dragons as a DPS player after participating in the Overwatch Shanghai Masters Invitational back in 2019. The 20-year-old has a wide range skill set, mastering high-hit scan characters from Ashe, Cassidy, and Widowmaker, however, it’s his stats on Sombra that’s gotten everyone excited. He earned the Top spot in the 2022 leaderboard for most solo kills in the season.

His strategic movements and hacks helped Shanghai win 1st place in the 2022 Summer Showdown tournament. Jae was crowned MVP in 2021, and nominated for MVP again this season. His total winnings of this 2022 season are $496,619.

9. SMURF of Seoul Dynasty

Myeong Hwan of Jeonju, South Korea, 22 years old, is a tank player for the Seoul Dynasty. After earning many team victories with champion team San Fransisco Shock since the start of his Overwatch League career in 2018, he made the swap to Seoul Dynasty this 2022 season.

While not as flashy as his old counterpart SUPER, who was proclaimed the best tank player in the League, with his intense knowledge of Orisa, Winston, and Wrecking Ball, each tank hero with distinctively different movement and playstyles, he’s become a fan favourite. His carries helped bring his team 1st place in the 2022 Kickoff Clash tournament, and finish 4th in the East leaderboard of the 2022 regular season. His average winnings as of this 2022 season are $720,276.

10. SHY of Hangzhou Spark

Zheng Yangjie, from Beijing, China, is a rookie DPS player for Hangzhou Spark. Compared to other DPS players on our list, if it’s a sniper you’re looking for, Zheng is your go-to guy. It’s hard to imagine this 19-year-old originally started out as a support player (even awarded Best Support in 2017 at the Overwatch All-Stars Ceremony) before making the swap to DPS during his Contender Overwatch tournaments.

But it’s thanks to all his training from his previous role that he’s able to pick off his enemies’ supports from their backline so quickly with heroes like Ashe, Sojourn and Widowmaker, paving the way for his team to get a solid win. Hangzhou Spark placed 1st in the 2022 Countdown Cup. His total winnings as of this 2022 season are $45,142.

11. LeeJaeGon of Shanghai Dragons

Jaegon Lee, born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, is a rookie support player for the Shanghai Dragons. When it comes to comparing him to other support players in the League, the 21-year-old is credited with being the most creative. Before joining the Overwatch League, in 2017 he trained under Dae-Hoon “Runner” Yoon and his team RunAway where he learned to grow to his full potential before joining Overwatch Contenders in 2018.

He then later qualified for the Overwatch League in 2021. His go-to characters are Lucio and Baptiste, and they come in handy when he wants to do some risky plays such as spawn camping the enemy team or ulting them in their backline. They were enough to help Shanghai take the gold in the Summer Showdown Tournament. His total winnings as of this 2022 season are $435,357.

12. FunnyAstro of Los Angeles Gladiators

Daniel Hathaway, from Reading, England, is a support player for the Los Angeles Gladiators. He’s bounced around from multiple teams over the course of the League (Atlanta, and Philadelphia) but seems to have found his footing with the Gladiators. Similar to Jaegon Lee, the 22-year-old is also a strict Lucio main, with 98% time played this entire season. In the Overwatch competitive rankings, he’s placed Rank 1 in multiple countries.

He’s helped the Gladiators finish 3rd in the 2022 regular season and 1st place in the 2022 Overwatch Kickoff Clash and Overwatch Midseason Madness tournaments. His total winnings as of this 2022 season are $246,639.

13. FLETA of Shanghai Dragons

Byungsun Kim, born in Namyangju, South Korea, is a DPS player for the Shanghai Dragons. Kim got his start in the Overwatch League with the Seoul Dynasty in the 2018 season before being signed by Shanghai Dragons in 2019.

He was named the Overwatch All-Star for three consecutive seasons in a row. The 23-year-old was also awarded the MVP title in 2020, and again made the nomination for the award in 2021. Kim is the first and only player to have an official game “stat” named after him. With these achievements, FLETA is up there on the list of the League’s best DPS players. His total winnings as of this 2022 season are $598,152.

14. HANBIN of Dallas Fuel

Hanbeen Choi, born in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, is a tank player for Dallas Fuel. Originally with Paris Eternal, Hanbeen made the swap to Dallas in 2020, as their new off-tank. With the 5v5 change, meaning matches no longer required two tanks per game, there were concerns if he’d be able to keep up against other enemy teams like his old tank rival POKO.

The 20-year-old was quick to pick up the game’s newest tank hero Junkerqueen, allowing him to get up close and personal in team fights with his DPS teammates thanks to her melee heal kit. These team fight wins earned him the spotlight and a nomination for the 2022 MVP slot. His total winnings as of this 2022 season are $242,303.

15. SOMEONE of Florida Mayhem

Jeong-Wan Ham, aged 18 years old, was born and raised in South Korea. A rookie tank player for Florida Mayhem, his lack of experience is not to be underestimated. At the start of his Overwatch League career in 2021, he was a grounded Reinhardt and Winston tank player. While Winston is a strong pick for Ham, a different tank is his real secret weapon to his success. After some practice, Zarya is considered his best tank overall stats-wise.

He’s first in highest/average energy charge with a high of 47%, 3rd in total damage dealt, 2nd in highest eliminations with over 3K, and first place in average final blows with a score of 7 for this 2022 season. While Florida Mayhem is finishing in the middle ground of the standings at #7, it’s thanks to Jeong-Wan and his fantastic teamwork skills that helped keep his team from sinking to the playoff cut-off. His total winnings as of this 2022 season are $30,631.

That’s our list of the top Overwatch players for the 2022 season. It was difficult to narrow it down to 15. All the players of the Overwatch League, both on and off our list have given it their all. Do you like our picks? Have any suggestions on who should have been added? Are there any players you think will stick around or retire? Let us know.

(Image credits: Blizzard Entertainment)

Top Overwatch Players Lists from Previous Years

1. DDing from Shanghai Dragons

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Yang Jin-hyeok is a DPS player for Shanghai Dragons – and he single-handedly managed to make a few otherwise useless characters playable in the GOATS meta, way back when. His incredible Pharah plays often earned his team a win by the skin of their teeth, and his Sombra plays regularly changed the flow of the game. For a player with a relatively small hero pool, he is still incredibly successful at his chosen ones, whether they fit the meta or not. He left the SD in the 2020 off-season.

2. JJoNak from New York Excelsior

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

While Sung-hyeon Bang is a support player, this is a bit of a technicality – one of the things he’s most known for is out-DPSing the DPS players while using Zenyatta. Usually blurring DPS and support doesn’t work well – not so for JJoNak. With fantastic aim and positioning, he has consistently outperformed some of his DPS teammates, despite playing with some of the best players in the Overwatch League on his team. That he didn’t abandon his actual support role in search of kills just further underlines how good he really is.

3. Gamsu from Dallas Fuel

Credit: ggrecon

Noh Yeong-jin is a now-retired Tank player with quite a history in both the OWL and professional esports in general. As a League of Legends pro he played for teams like Dignitas and Fnatic, and he played on no less than 3 OWL teams for a year each – Boston Uprising, Shanghai Dragons and finally Dallas Fuel. Following his retirement, he announced that he intended to go back to playing LoL – and so OWL lost one of its best tanks.

4. Super from San Francisco Shock

Credit: INVEN Global

Matthew DeLisi is a tank main best known for his skilled and aggressive Reinhardt plays. On SF Shock since 2017, he has helped his team to some pretty incredible achievements, including several Stage Playoff wins, their May Melee win, Countdown Cup win… oh, and of course their 2020 win in the Grand Finals of the OWL, where Super and his team walked away with $1.5 million in prize money.

5. Ryujehong from Vancouver Titans

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Though he now is a content creator, Jehong Ryu was a super-skilled flex support on Vancouver Titans. He was well-known and feared for his incredible accuracy and wide hero pool. While Ana is probably his best, he also played well on Moira, Zenyatta, D.VA, and Zarya. Originally, he played on Seoul Dynasty, before switching to Vancouver Titans, where he was able to really shine in the 2019 season. With him, his team even won the first Overwatch World Cup!

6. Saebyeolbe from Seoul Dynasty

Credit: @overwatchleague

Known as one of the best Tracer players in the world, Jong-ryeol Park is a DPS who focuses on hitscan heroes. He debuted in the OWL on New York Excelsior before switching to Seoul Dynasty. With him in their lineup, New York Excelsior managed some incredibly achievements – including, of course, their win in Group Stage with a fantastic 34/6 match record.

7. Alarm from Philadelphia Fusion

Credit: Daily Esports

Kyung-bo Kim managed to win the title of 2020 Rookie of the year of the OWL. A flex support, he showed his abilities with several heroes including Ana, Zenyatta, Moira, Brigitte and Baptiste. Alarm made his way through the Fusion University and helped lead his team to the Grand Finals weekend, though their team was eliminated early on. He’s still one of the best newcomers, and best Overwatch players in the OWL.

8. Profit from Seoul Dynasty

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Park Joon-yeong is a DPS player that started out with London Spitfires. It didn’t go well, but once he switched to Seoul Dynasty, he really got his chance to shine in the third season. He’s pulled off some pretty legendary plays, and with him, his team made it all the way to the Grand Finals, where they came up just a little short against SF Shock. Profit was named the MVP of the Grand Finals, despite his team losing the match. In the 2020 season, Profit broke a record – first player to amass 10k eliminations.

9. LIP from Shanghai Dragons

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Jae-won Lee is a DPS playing for the Shanghai Dragons. He has a relatively wide hero pool, playing Sombra, McCree, Hanzo, Ashe and Reaper frequently. Having been part of SD for more than two seasons now, he’s seen his team through some tough times – and through some incredible victories, such as the 2020 CountDown Cup, 2020 Group Stage, or the 2021 Nexus tournament.

10. ArK from Washington Justice

Credit: Liquipedia

Hong Yeon-joon has played on two successful Overwatch teams – first two seasons with New York Excelsior, then one with Washington Justice. As part of the NYE lineup, he and his team managed to win the Inaugural OWL season – and of course several Stage matches before that. It’s quite rare to see a Mercy main play as well as he does, however his extensive abilities with support characters like her, Baptiste, Lucio, Brigitte and Ana well earned him a spot on this list.

11. Corey from Washington Justice

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Corey Nigra is a DPS player that’s showed his skill in both the OWL and the Overwatch World Cup. He mains hitscans, to the point where he single-handedly kept his team going at some tough points. Like quite a lot of OWL pros, he eventually switched to Valorant, leading many people to wonder if overwatch is dying, but not before winning the title in the 2019 Overwatch World Cup, in a crushing 3-0 victory, defeating the esports odds at the time.

12. Libero from New York Excelsior

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Kim Hae-song has been on the NYE team since the inaugural season, and as such has seen some pretty incredible successes. He was also part of the team that won the 2018 OWL World Cup. As a flex DPS, he plays heroes like Hanzo, Genji, Pharah, Soldier:76, or Doomfist. He left NYE at the end of the 2020 season, as did a large number of players across the whole OWL. He hasn’t yet singed on with another team, despite being one of the best Overwatch players in Free Agent status after the 2020 season.

13. Guxue from Hangzhou Spark

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Xu Quilin is a tank main. Signed with Hangzhou Spark, he was initially underrated quite a bit, and then managed a period of incredible growth and development. Although he left the OWL at the end of 2019, his Orisa and Wrecking Ball plays were pretty great – and his team had the success to show for it. They managed to win over Seoul Dynasty and Atlanta Reign with 4:1 and 4:0 respectively.

14. Choihyobin from San Francisco Shock

Credit: The Game House

Hyo-bin Choi is a SF Shock Off-Tank player with quite a spectacular track record. Even before joining SFS, he had successes like winning the 2017 Nexus Cup, or the 2018 SK Contenders Season. After joining, he helped his team win the 2019 Plaoffs, the 2020 May Melee, the 2020 Countdown Cup, and of course the 2020 Grand Finals. One of the strongest tank players in the OWL, he specializes in D.Va, Roadhog, Sigma and Zarya.

15. Geguri from Shanghai Dragons

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Kim Se-yeon is remarkable in OWL history for more than one reason – the obvious one is that she is the first ever female player to be signed to a team. In fact, no other team signed another female player onto their roster even several years in. It wasn’t just an affirmative action hire though – Geguri is an incredibly skilled tank player. Her position was attacked by several other OWL pros who staked their career on her cheating (as they didn’t believe a girl could play so well). She proved them wrong, and quite a few of the accusers actually quit the Overwatch pro scene. Despite the Shanghai Dragons hilariously abysmal first season, featuring a streak of losing EVERY game (of the 40) they played, Geguri and her team became absolute fan favourites.