Best Overwatch Streamers in 2024

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Published: Feb 9, 2024

Overwatch is not only a great game to play but it is also a popular game to stream meaning there’s lots of content and channels for you to choose between of the best Overwatch streamers. If the amount of choice seems overwhelming, then it’s a great idea to narrow it down to only the very best Overwatch streamers in 2024.

Best Overwatch Streamers in 2024

Using the metric of hours watched, thanks to StreamsCharts, we have an accurate idea as to which streamers are most popular at the time of writing. While it doesn’t necessarily relate to the number of followers, it’s a better metric for recency.

Here’s a summary list before diving into each streamer:

RankStreamer IDHours Watched in the Last 30 Days
#10Toniki127, 512

If you fancy considering some Twitch betting, this list could help out.

10. Toniki

Best Overwatch Streamers in 2024
Image Credits: Toniki

Kicking off our list is Antonio “Toniki” Serra, who relates to competitive Overwatch as the Social Lead of the Overwatch Spain World Cup team.

Focusing his content on a variety of roles, he doesn’t limit himself to DPS, Support or Tank and instead aims to please his viewers by constantly swapping and trying his best at the highest level.

Offering an energetic and engaging stream, his popularity earns him a spot among the top Overwatch streamers.

9. Necros

Best Overwatch Streamers in 2024
Image Credits: Necros YouTube

Having battled through multiple seasons of the Overwatch Contenders, the Serbian Vladan “Necros” Konstantinov currently plays for AWW YEAH.

Beyond competing, he’s well known for his thrilling streams, in which he runs a ridiculous DPS role, competing with his Signature Hero – Genji. Running a YouTube series also, his claim to fame is being the ‘Fastest Genji’ and he’s skilful and entertaining enough to create quite a following for himself.

8. FroggerOW

Best Overwatch Streamers in 2024
Image Credits: Frogger YouTube

With several DPS and Tank players on this list, Jarrod “Frogger” Meredith is an Australian player who is renowned for his skill on Support, specifically Lucio.

Over many years, this thrilling player has competed in the Overwatch Contenders scene and more excitedly, has twice formed part of the World Cup Committee for Australia.

Representing MFC at the time of writing, he looks to continue balancing both his competitive and streaming careers – the Overwatch odds tend to support this player.

7. Warn

Best Overwatch Streamers in 2024
Image Credits: Warn

Hailing from Canada, Warn has managed to keep his name a secret after transitioning from Call of Duty to Overwatch.

While he plays some heroes in Overwatch 2, he bounces between Kiriko (Support) and Asha (DPS) – though he has confirmed that Kiriko has been his favourite since the dawn of Overwatch 2.

Competing in several community events, he’s focused exclusively on his stream and being as entertaining as possible.


Best Overwatch Streamers in 2024
Image Credits: Esportsnet

Some streamers do it for fun, some do it to show off their incredible skill.

If we’re talking about Yazan “YZNSA” Alsubhi, the Saudi Arabian DPS, we’re referring to the latter. 

Last competing for Twisted Minds and representing Saudi Arabia in the Overwatch World Cup 2023, the community loves his streams due to his epic plays which help him dominate the Saudi region.

His most impressive claim to fame has been his ability to hit Rank 1 in America, Europe and Asia – the first to ever do so.

5. Aspen

Best Overwatch Streamers in 2024
Image Credits: Cloud9

Formerly signed for Cloud9, Becca “Aspen” Rukavina had a ventured career in Overwatch Contenders but is now focused on streaming.

Using her experience, she competes at the highest level focusing on Support heroes such as Lucio, Baptiste and Brigitte.

Offering a unique stream, she is constantly streaming for her loyal fan-base making her one of the top Overwatch streamers.

4. Supertf

Image Credits: @super_OW | Twitter

The current SF Shock tank player “Super”, or Supertf on Twitch, is an excellent choice to watch if you like high octane tank plays and an enthusiastic personality from your Overwatch League streamers. His fans are often drawn in by the loud enthusiasm, wicked sense of humour and the lively entertainment.

His streams aren’t exactly aimed at fans that prefer a quieter more relaxed environment. More than normal, Super’s Twitch chat revolves around memes and edgy humour, but his personality doesn’t get sucked into that too much.

3. Jay3

Image Credits: @Jay3OW | Twitter

Jay3 is the quintessential loud and enthusiastic DPS main that can motivate his team to victory through sheer hype. The former pro was a streamer for the Florida Mayhem. He entertains his fans with top tier DPS gameplay but doesn’t take himself too seriously, a necessity given his propensity for accidentally jumping off the map.

Still, he’s a fan favourite for anyone interested in Overwatch betting, since he always offers fun moments and plays.

2. ML7

Image Credits: @mL7support | Twitter

ML7 is primarily a support player, known for his prowess as Ana. He is a full-time content creator who once signed for Envy, the parent esports organisation for the Dallas Fuel. While he’s not played in the Overwatch League, this certainly isn’t for lack of ability, as ML7 consistently shows up in the top 500.

ML7’s content also includes VOD reviews, providing insight and analysis.

1. Emongg

Image Credits: @emonggtv | Twitter

Emongg is one of the Overwatch best streamers. The former pro CS:GO and Overwatch player primarily plays off-tanks has built a reputation as a reliably positive streamer, which can be a breath of fresh air in a community that can be quite toxic.

Emongg often assumes the position of shot-caller in his ranked matches that both helps to organise his team and to teach his viewers how to do the same in their matches.

A Constantly Changing List

That’s our list of the Overwatch best streamers, with picks for all roles and commentary styles. If you’re looking for great content or to learn from the best, you’ll find something up above.

Of course, we’d also be remiss not to recommend that you watch the official Overwatch Contenders and Overwatch League streams, to see the best teams duking it out and the resulting in-depth analysis.

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