The Best Overwatch Teams in 2021

Are you wondering which are the best Overwatch teams? If you’re an Overwatch League betting enthusiast or a newcomer to the Overwatch esports scene, then power rankings are your friend. For those who enjoy gambling, the power rankings offer insights into the strongest and most reliable teams and point out the occasional dark horse. If you’re new, then they’re a great place to find out where the most exciting action is. Even for veteran Overwatch League viewers, power rankings can be fun to read through to see where you agree and disagree and to see what they say about the chances of your favourite team.

The 2021 Overwatch League season started a little later than usual but is building on the successes of the format of a tumultuous 2020 season where Covid-19 restrictions lead to massive changes in format and team compositions. This year the League has four main tournaments, each with a four-match group stage, referred to as the regional qualifiers. Four teams from the East Region and six from the West Region advance to the regional knockouts. Two teams then progress from each regional knockout to the interregional tournament. Despite the difficulties, the season has been successful so far. The team that has had the most success, however, and top of our list of the best Overwatch League teams, is the Shanghai Dragons.

1. Shanghai Dragons

Shanghai Dragons

Readers that watched the first Overwatch League season and then tuned out from more recent seasons may be a little surprised to see that name here at all, let alone at the top of the best Overwatch teams. This is no mistake though, the team that failed to win a single match in the inaugural season and holds the record for the longest losing streak in professional sports history of 0-42, is legitimately the team to beat right now.

In the regional qualifiers, they’ve only lost two of their twelve games and they’ve won both the June Joust and the Summer Showdown. The only team to have beaten the Dragons more than once this year is the Dallas Fuel. The other two teams to have beaten them at all are the Chengdu Hunters and the Hangzhou Spark. If you’re looking for some reliable Overwatch odds, then the Shanghai Dragons are as safe a bet as you can get.

2. Dallas Fuel

Dallas Fuel

Dallas Fuel has been the main team in the West Region bracket though they face some stiff opposition from the San Francisco Shock and the Houston Outlaws. All three teams have the same regional qualifier record of nine wins and three losses.

The Fuel is placed top of the region, however, as they have a better map differential. In the knockout stages, the Dallas Fuel has reliably performed well, winning the first, then being knocked out in the grand finals of the second and the lower bracket finals of the third. Against the Shanghai Dragons specifically, Dallas Fuel have a great record, winning three of their four matches against the generally more successful team. Which earn it second place in our list of Overwatch best teams this year.

3. Chengdu Hunters

Chengdu Hunters

The Chengdu Hunters have had a generally strong season with recent performances improving on that. They’re placed third in the East Region, equal on wins and map differential with the Philadelphia Fusion and the Hangzhou Spark.

They’ve generally performed well in the mid-season tournaments making it through to the interregional knockout stages twice. In the May Melee they were knocked out in the first round by the Dallas Fuel who went on to win the tournament. The June Joust didn’t go so well, with the Hunters failing to make it out of the group stage, but they were back on form by the Summer Showdown where they only lost to the Shanghai Dragons in both the upper bracket final and the grand finals.

While they may not be the most reliable team, they can post strong results and have good form currently.

4. Seoul Dynasty

Seoul Dynasty

There is no question that Seoul Dynasty is one of Overwatch best teams, as they have been showing strong form so far this season, demonstrated by their current second position in the East Region. In the group stages of the mid-season tournaments Seoul has always performed well and qualified to the knockout stages.

The knockout stages have never lasted long however, with the Dynasty only managing to win three maps across their three immediate defeats, once at the hands of the Shanghai Dragons and twice to the Chengdu Hunters. If you’re going to put some money on the Dynasty, you’re much more likely to see a return on your Overwatch League bets if you do so on a group stage match where there are no knockout pressures.

5. San Francisco Shock

San Francisco Shock

After winning both the 2019 and 2020 Overwatch League seasons, the San Francisco Shock has been having a slightly more difficult season in 2021. That’s not to say they’re not one of the best Overwatch League teams; they’re only ranked second in the West Region regular-season table because their map differential is one worse than that of the Dallas Fuel.

The story in the mid-season tournaments though is similar to that of the Dynasty, generally fielding good performances in the group stages and then getting immediately knocked out in the regional knockout stage. In the May Melee and the June Joust they won three and four of their four group stage games respectively, before being knocked out without winning a single map.

That changed in the Summer Showdown though, where they didn’t even qualify for the knockout stages. Their future matches could go either way, with their disappointing Summer Showdown form continuing or a return to their normal hard-hitting form.

Honorable mention: Houston Outlaws

Houston Outlaws

The Houston Outlaws have had a very similar season to the San Francisco Shock. They’ve won and lost the same number of matches but are ranked third in West Region as their map differential is worse than the Shock’s by two.

They won all four qualifiers in the May Melee and three matches in the June Joust before being knocked out in the first round of the regional knockouts by the Dallas Fuel both times. In the Summer Showdown the Outlaws performed exactly the same as the Shock and won two of their matches and thus failed to qualify.

The Outlaws’ qualifying matches for the upcoming Countdown Cup are generally easier than those the Shock face. Relying on easy matches won’t work for the knockout stages, however, if they can make it there again.

Final Thoughts

Those are our power rankings for the best Overwatch teams in 2021. The Shanghai Dragons are pretty clear favourites and are already locked into the end-of-season playoffs. Dallas Fuel are the most likely to be able to upset them and have good history in doing so but have also proven vulnerable to other teams. The rest of the Overwatch League teams will likely have to up their game, especially while under pressure in the knockout rounds.