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Posted on July 31, 2019 - Last Updated on March 23, 2021

This year’s EVO Championship Series is almost here. The epic esports tournament will take place at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas from 2 to 4 August 2019, Evo 2019 Betting Guideand it promises to deliver three days of top class fighting game action. Among the titles featured at the EVO Championship Series 2019 will be Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken 7 and a new Super Smash Bros tournament that headlines Sunday’s esports entertainment.

The action kicks off each day at 10am at the legendary casino resort, and already there’s been plenty of hype building about how the world’s best fighting gamers are preparing for this epic event.

This year’s EVO tournament will see Nintendo stepping up their efforts to cater to the growing esports community. The brand will be sending four Super Smash Bros Ultimate players to the contest which is a very different approach from when Nintendo nearly had Super Smash Bros Melee taken off the 2013 EVO competition.

Twitch.tv will be featuring a massive amount of channels devoted to the EVO Championship Series 2019. There are already dozens of commentators lined up for the event with the likes of Tkbreezy, F-Word and Cinnpie on hand to guide you through the action.

Members of the vibrant fighting game community can also look forward to taking bets on this awesome gaming event. Whilst esports betting can be unpredictable, with some of these EVO 2019 betting tips, you’ll stand to make a much more assured wager on the biggest fighting game competition of the year.

EVO 2019 tournament schedule

Before we reveal our EVO 2019 betting tips, we thought that it would be helpful to provide you with a quick overview of the tournament schedule. There are three days of solid gaming taking place at Mandalay Bay, so be sure to set yourself a sensible betting budget and always gamble responsibly.

EVO 2019 tournament betting guide

EVO Tournament day one – Friday 2 August 2019

  • 10am Super Smash Bros: Pools, Round 1
  • 10am Tekken: Pools, Round 1
  • 10am Street Fighter: Pools, Round 1
  • 10am BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle: Pools, Round 1
  • 10am Mortal Kombat 11: Pools, Round 1
  • 10am Samurai Shodown: Pools, Round 1
  • 10am Dragon Ball FighterZ: Pools, Round 1
  • 10am Under Night In-Birth: Pools, Round 1
  • 10am Soul Calibur VI: Pools, Round 1
  • 6pm Soul Calibur VI: Semi-finals
  • 8pm Samurai Shodown: Pools, Round 2
  • 8pm Under Night In-Birth: Semi-finals
  • 8pm Soul Calibur VI: Grand finals

EVO Tournament day two – Saturday 3 August 2019

  • 10am Dragon Ball FighterZ: Semi-finals
  • 10am Under Night In-Birth, Grand finals
  • 12pm Tekken: Pools, Round 2
  • 12pm Mortal Kombat 11: Pools, Round 2
  • 1pm Dragon Ball FighterZ: Grand finals
  • 2pm Street Fighter: Pools, Round 2
  • 2pm Samurai Shodown: Semi-finals
  • 2pm Super Smash Bros: Pools, Round 2
  • 4pm BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle: Semi-finals
  • 4pm Samurai Shodown: Grand final
  • 6pm Tekken: Semi-finals
  • 6pm Mortal Kombat 11: Semi-finals
  • 8pm Super Smash Bros: Semi-finals
  • 8pm Street Fighter: Semi-finals
  • 8pm Mortal Kombat 11: Grand final

EVO Tournament day three – Sunday 4 August 2019

  • 9am BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle: Grand final
  • 12pm Street Fighter: Grand final
  • 3.30pm Tekken: Grand final
  • 7pm Super Smash Bros: Grand final

Extended EVO 2019 betting tips

Although many of the biggest bookmakers like Betway serve up odds for iconic esports tournaments such as The International, you may have to search a little harder to find odds for the EVO 2019 competition.

Thankfully, Unikrn has once again proven themselves to be a serious esports betting site and they have an excellent range of competitive odds for the upcoming EVO 2019 contest. So take a look below at who they think has the best chance of triumphing at EVO 2019.

Street Fighter – Outright winner

  1. Punk – 5.50
  2. Tokido – 5.50
  3. Bonchan – 7.50
  4. Fujimura – 7.50
  5. Problem X – 9.00
  6. Fuudo – 12.00
  7. Oil King – 19.00
  8. NuckleDu – 21.00
  9. Daigo – 23.00
  10. Momochi – 23.00

This looks like it’s a two-horse race between Punk and Tokido. 20-year old Punk is well-known for his prowess in Karin-play at Street Fighter, and he’s earned valuable experience with Team Reciprocity. At 34 years of age, Tokido has much more experience and his eccentric persona has been known to put off his competitors. We’d expect that Tokido should once again prove that he’s one of the true fighting game gods here, and ease his way to another big tournament win.

Street Fighter V Evo 2019

Mortal Kombat – Outright winner

  1. SonicFox – 1.90
  2. A F0xy Grampa – 4.33
  3. Drag0n – 10.00
  4. Hayatei – 10.00
  5. Scar – 14.00
  6. Deoxys – 21.00
  7. RZA – 21.00
  8. Tekken Master – 26.00
  9. DizzyTT – 26.00
  10. Tweedy – 26.00

Can anybody keep up with the phenomenal Mortal Kombat skills of SonicFox? Although the British star A F0xy Grampa has a proven track record in EVO tournaments and is a multiple NRS winner, we think that this should be business as usual for SonicFox who should easily add to his already outrageous esports prize winnings.

Super Smash Bros – Outright winner

  1. MkLeo – 2.75
  2. Tweek – 4.50
  3. Shuton – 7.00
  4. Marss – 9.00
  5. Dabuz – 11.00
  6. Glutonny – 12.00
  7. ESAM – 18.00
  8. MuteAce – 18.00
  9. Nairo – 18.00
  10. Light – 26.00

Although Nintendo is sending RamonM64, Wisdom, Seth, and Heeew to the EVO 2019 competition, we think they will have a very tough time beating MkLeo. However, it could be wise to take an outside bet on Tweek as this TeamSoloMid star has been enjoying a strong gaming year so far.

Dragon Ball FighterZ – Outright winner

  1. GO1 – 2.00
  2. Fenritti – 4.33
  3. Kazunoko – 4.50
  4. SonicFox – 6.50
  5. Dogura – 13.00
  6. NYChrisG – 23.00
  7. Shanks 23.00
  8. Dekillsage 26.00
  9. HookGangGod – 26.00
  10. Tachikawa – 34.00

Since GO1 has been the undisputed king of DragonBall FighterZ, he is a pretty safe bet for EVO betting. However, keen an eye on the odds for the youngster Fenritti who could pose an outside threat and give you good value for your esports bets.

Further betting advice for EVO 2019

These odds were correct at the time of writing, but obviously, things can change as it gets closer to the tournament itself. Be sure to check around other betting sites in the run-up to the event, as you might find that bookmakers such as Betway or even Pinnacle might put up some unbeatable odds at the last minute. Just remember to double-check that any esports betting site that you use is fully licensed and regulated in your country of residence.

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