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Posted on July 27, 2023

EVO, short for Evolution Championship Series, is the premier fighting game tournament which graces the esports industry every year with plenty of EVO betting opportunities. Featuring the most competitive fighting game titles and competitors, there’s a tonne of competition to look forward to over eight titles. With so much information to digest, learn everything you need to know in this EVO betting guide!

Top EVO Betting Sites

EVO 2023 Featured Titles

Boasting hundreds of competitors from across the globe, here’s a list of all of the EVO 2023 Featured Titles and their respective esports tournaments below:

EVO TournamentParticipants
Street Fighter 67081
Tekken 71588
Guilty Gear -STRIVE-2473
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 31352
Dragon Ball FighterZ841
The King of Fighters XV666
Melty Blood: Type Lumina552
Mortal Kombat 11450

Notably, all tournaments are taking place between 4th-6th August at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, USA.

EVO 2023 Prize Pools

Apart from competing to be the very best in their particular fighting game, there’s also a considerable prize pool on the line which only the top players get a piece of.

Here’s a look at the EVO 2023 prize pools of all of the tournaments:

EVO TournamentPrize
Street Fighter 6$70,600
Tekken 7$25,000
Guilty Gear -STRIVE-$25,000
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3$25,000
Dragon Ball FighterZ$25,000
The King of Fighters XV$25,000
Melty Blood: Type Lumina$25,000
Mortal Kombat 11$25,000

Overall, there’s over $200,000 of prize pool up for grabs for the official tournaments., the biggest its ever been since 1996.

In addition, for certain tournaments such as Tekken 7, there are also Qualification Points up for grabs which will prove essential for individuals to seed for further events later in the season.

Do note that besides the headline tournaments, there are a series of ‘Community Showcase‘ tournaments scheduled which are less structured and present for fans to enjoy old-school competition.

EVO 2023 Schedule

Tuning into an event with so many ongoing tournaments can definitely be difficult. Accordingly, there are several schedules for each event to consider. If you’d like to have a look at the EVO 2023 schedule, we recommend visiting the official event page and selecting the particular tournament which interests you.

EVO Betting Guide – Tips and Tricks

EVO Betting Guide 2023
Credits; EVO

As you can tell by now, there are plenty of esports betting opportunities at the Evolution Championship Series – we’re actually spoiled for choice here.

In this particular betting guide, essential details for each tournament are paired with general betting tips overall.

Firstly, here are some tips to consider for your EVO betting 2023:

  1. Research the players – as an open tournament, there are plenty of unknowns. Considering that everyone has a history of competing, it’s essential to educate yourself before betting. Also, the newer the title, the less experience everyone has which may affect the odds.
  2. Check out the matchups – in competitive fighting games, match-ups are unique. Historical matchups between two particular players will likely show a unique relationship, regardless of their overall ranks. Also, competitors with a larger pool of characters/picks are less immune to being countered – knowing picks and behaviour is a massive plus here.
  3. Compare EVO betting odds – the best EVO betting sites all have different odds. Sometimes, the same match-ups will differ depending on where you’re looking. If you compare the odds at a few esports betting sites, you can ensure you get the best odds and value for your money. Better odds mean a higher payout.
  4. Manage your bets – with so many matches to bet on, always make sure you are managing your money safely, betting the right amount and understanding the different markets available.
  5. Using Promotions – especially if you’re starting out, the best esports betting sites tend to offer promotions which will definitely help with EVO betting.

EVO 2023 Teams & Format

Street Fighter 6

street fighter 6 betting
Credit: Capcom

Without question, SF6 is the headline title for EVO this year as made evident by its exciting $70,000 and ridiculous player count.

In tandem, that makes Street Fighter betting one of the best esports betting opportunities at the event.

Competitors will be fighting through several stages of competition, eventually reaching the Round 3 Pools, followed by the Top 96 and finally, only the very best Street Fighter players will fight through the double elimination bracket.

In addition, the winner looks to earn a direct seed to the Capcom Cup X later this year as part of the Capcom Pro Tour 2023. As the first event for the CPT, the standings are yet to be occupied.

Although a separate title, here are the standings for SFV at EVO 2022: 

  1. Kawano
  2. iDom
  3. gachikun

Tekken 7

tekken-odds Gamers8 Betting Preview EVO 2023
Credit: Tekken

Featuring almost 1,600 participants, Tekken 7 is arguably one of the longest standing fighters on the line-up, with the community awaiting another release soon.

This particular tournament forms part of the Tekken World Tour, and features two stages of competition involving a Pools stage followed by the Bracket.

If you’re interested in betting on Tekken 7, we recommend checking out the top 5 players according to the Tekken World Tour as follows:

  1. Knee – 920 points
  2. Arslan Ash – 910 points
  3. ULSAN – 900 points
  4. CBM – 756 points
  5. JoKa – 745 points

Such rankings will definitely play a part in influencing the Tekken odds.

Mortal Kombat 11

Credit: Mortal Kombat

With the next Mortal Kombat revealed, EVO 2023 will likely feature the last official MK 11 tournament. 

Bearing this in mind, this should make for some interesting Mortal Kombat betting, as a small group of 450 look to claim the final chip of the season.

As a standalone tournament not part of a particular circuit, there are no standings to consult ahead of this tournament. However, what is available are the standings from EVO 2022:

  1. Scorpionprocs
  2. Rewind
  3. Nicolas

The King of Fighters XV

In a unique title where competitors play a number of characters, The King of Fighters is back by popular request. In particular, EVO 2022 is part of the SNK World Championship 2023 circuit, acting as a qualifier.

The last time the community sat down and enjoyed some competition was at EVO Japan 2023, with the following standings:

  1. Xiaohai
  2. ZJZ
  3. Leshar

Remember, only the best will make it to the SNK World Championship Finals in Spring 2023, an event which should pack some exciting esports odds.

Guilty Gear – STRIVE-

evo betting guide 2023
Credits; Guilty Gear

Boasting a competition base of almost 2,500, a tonne of eyes are on the Guilty Gear -STRIVE- EVO tournament.

As part of the ARC World Tour 2023, EVO is definitely the most exciting event of the entire season for GGST.

Currently, the standings for the ARC World Tour are as follows:

  1. Zando – 100 points
  2. Leo – 100 points
  3. Slash – 100 points

Heading into EVO 2023, this three-way tie looks to be broken.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Featuring over 800 competitors, EVO wouldn’t be complete without a DBZ title.

Specifically, EVO this year will be, like other esports, a component of the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour 2023-24. Currently in its fifth year, here’s how the competition stacked up at EVO 2022:

  1. Wawa
  2. Nitro
  3. Yasha

Melty Blood: Type Lumina

Credits: MBLT

Since its release in 2021, MBTL has turned enough heads to grow its very own fighting game scene. Featuring in events such as EVO and CEO (Community Effort Orlando), the young title is quickly gaining traction.

Moreover, here’s how the competition ranked at CEO 2023 this summer:

  1. ScrawtVermillion
  2. JurassicOri
  3. Defiant

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Three titles later, Marvel vs Capcom is still beloved by the community and as an event, it’s been hosting tournaments ever since 2011.

Moreover, this title has remained a competitive title although the number of competitors has dwindled in the past few years. For context, here’s how the competition stacked up at CEO 2023 in summer:

  1. Jibrill
  2. Noelbhungry
  3. iDom

History of EVO

evo betting guide 2023
Image Credits; EVO

One thing to bear in mind is that ever since 2018, the Evolution Championship Series split into two series.

Specifically, EVO Japan has taken place yearly since 2018 alongside the mainstream EVO competition. For example, in 2023, EVO Japan took place in March.

So when we’re discussing the history of EVO, we’re referring to the mainstream competition hosted in the USA. 

Anyways, the last time this competition was hosted was last year, in 2022, after a three year absence. For EVO 2022, over 7,000 competitors fought through the esports games available, resulting in the following final standings:

EVO 2022 TournamentWinnerRunner-Up
Guilty Gear - STRIVE-UMISHOSlash
Street Fighter VKawanoiDom
Tekken 7KneeKhan
The King of Fighters XVZJZE.T.
Dragon Ball FighterZWawaNitro
Granblue Fantasy: VersusGameraTororo
Mortal Kombat 11ScorpionprocsRewind
Melty Blood: Type LuminaJingMasoma

Prior events were of smaller scale and featured older titles which are no longer featured, such as Super Smash Bros. Indeed, those interested in placing bets on Super Smash Bros  will be disappointed by the title’s absence in 2023.

How to Watch EVO 2023

For anyone interested, EVO 2023 is being broadcasted live on Twitch, YouTube and other streaming services.

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