BLAST Premier Fall Groups Betting: Top Sites, Schedule, Predictions, Odds

Posted on July 18, 2023

Building up towards the Fall Finals, the BLAST Premier Fall Groups feature 12 of the best CSGO teams in the world. Beyond the prize up for grabs, the highest quality CSGO competition makes for some interesting betting opportunities – read on for our very own BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2023 betting preview!

Top BLAST Premier Fall Groups Betting Sites

Kicking things off, here’s a short list of some esports betting sites to consider for your CSGO betting:

Event Overview and List of Teams

SeriesBLAST Premier
Dates13-23rd July
VenueCopenhagen, Denmark

BLAST Premier: Fall Groups Outright Odds

Typically, outright odds tend to predict the victor before a tournament kicks off. For this particular tournament, esports betting sites such as GG.Bet are providing odds to determine which team will come out on top in their respective Group.

For each table of outright CSGO odds, the lower the number, the higher chance the team has to claim first seed in their respective Group.

Across three groups of four, here are the BLAST Premier: Fall Groups:

Group A Outright Odds

TeamGG.Bet Outright Odds
Team Vitality 1.44
Ninjas in Pyjamas3.25
Complexity Gaming15.0
Evil Geniuses34.0

Group B Outright Odds

TeamGG.Bet Outright Odds
Natus Vincere3.75

Group C Outright Odds

TeamGG.Bet Outright Odds
FaZe Clan 2.2
G2 Esports2.2
Team Liquid8.0

GG.Bet 100% up EUR/USD 300

Format and Schedule

Taking place between 13 to 23rd July, $178,000 of prize is up for grabs for all the BLAST Partner Teams together with the following seeding:

  • 1-6th – Fall Final
  • 7-12th – Fall Showdown

Starting things off is a Group Stage, with three double-elimination (GSL) format groups. With four groups of three, only the top team from each group move on to the Fall Final – here’s how teams have been spread across the groups:

  • A – Vitality, Evil Geniuses, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Complexity
  • B – Heroic, BIG, Natus Vincere, Astralis
  • C – FaZe Clan, OG, G2 Esports, Team Liquid

All the teams that fail to place first place in their Groups compete in a Play-In Stage, as highlighted by the best CSGO betting sites. Here, three single-elimination gauntlets with BO3 matches. Seeding from each gauntlet is as follows:

  • Winner – seed to Fall Final
  • 2-3rd – seed to EU/AM Fall Showdown

blast premier: fall groups 2023

With regards to the BLAST Premier Fall Groups schedule, a the time of writing the schedule of the remaining Groups matches are available as follows:

Group A – Lower Bracket and Grand Final

  • 18/7/23 – Complexity vs Ninjas in Pyjamas (15:00 CEST)
  • 19/7/23 – Team Vitality vs TBD (18:30 CEST)

Group B – Lower Bracket and Grand Final

  • 18/7/23 – Natus Vincere vs BIG (18:30 CEST)
  • 20/7/23 – Heroic vs TBD (15:00 CEST)

Group C – Lower Bracket and Grand Fina

  • 19/7/23 – FaZe Clan vs G2 Esports (15:00 CEST)
  • 20/7/23 – Team Liquid vs TBD (18:30 CEST)

BLAST Premier: Fall Groups Betting Predictions

Most recently, the international CS:GO community enjoyed the BLAST Premier Spring Final. At this particular event, with $425,000 on the line, here’s how the competition stacked up:

  • #1 – Heroic
  • #2 – Team Vitality
  • #3-4 – G2 Esports, Imperial Esports
  • #5-6 – FaZe Clan, Complexity Gaming
  • #7-8 – Cloud9, Astralis

However, the likes of Natus Vincere weren’t competing at this event. With some changes to their roster, all eyes will be on Na’Vi to see what this roster is made of.

While no changes may have taken place, the same can be said for FaZe Clan who have suffered from a slight drop in form after their awesome record last year.

blast premier: fall groups betting preview

Bearing this in mind, Heroic and Team Vitality do remain favoured here to have a strong performance as described by esports betting sites. Overall, if we were to predict a winner from each group it would be as follows:

  • A – Team Vitality
  • B – Heroic
  • C – G2 Esports

Group C is the true toss-up as FaZe and G2 Esports are equally favoured to place first – should make for some exciting CSGO betting.

Prize Pool and BLAST Premier Points

Considering the speical focus on seeding to the Fall Finals, the prize pool and BLAST Premier Points have been grouped according to placing as follows:

PlacePrizeBLAST Premier Points
1-3rd$27,500 2,400
4-6th $17,5001,800
7-9th $8,500800
10-12th $5,666300

BLAST Premier: Fall Groups Betting Markets

Whether you’re new to CSGO esports betting or a veteran, consider the following tips.

1. Using only reliable esports betting platforms

Perhaps taken for granted by those started out with esports betting, ensuring that the CSGO betting site is licenced is an essential step to kick things off. In addition, features such as an esports 100% weclome bonus, competitive odds, good reviews and a downloadable CSGO betting app are signs of a reliable esports betting platform.

Also, you’ll need to confirm that the particular site can accept users from your region.

2. Know the game, know the market

As with any other esport, it’s essential to place bets on a competitive title that you’re familiar with.

There’s no better way to get familiar with a title than to play it yourself. Considering how accessible CSGO is, which is playable on the great majority of most low-powered computers, trying out the shooter is as easy as downloading it.

In addition, we have our very own how to get better at CSGO guide which is worth checking out.

Check out some of our other guides too:

3. Identifying the betting markets

blast premier fall groups

Overall, there are two types of betting markets – simple bets and special bets for CSGO tournaments.

Starting with simple bets, here are some of the most common betting markets:

  • Outright match winner – for every particular match, there are odds to consider, allowing users to back one team over another, possibly with handicaps in the mix.
  • Outright tournament winner – in this particular event, we have outright groups odds. As explained earlier, the lower the odds, the more likely the team is to come first in their group.

In addition, there are some special bets to consider too, amongst others:

  • Total kills – predicting which team is most likely to score more kills over the other
  • Match MVP – predicting which star will step up to the plate and be crowned the MVP
  • Bomb actions – predicting plants and defusals of bombs in particular rounds

All these markets are available prior to matches, or also in a live way through CSGO live betting.

4. Budgeting and smart betting

Here at EsportsBets, we highly recommend responsible gambling. Especially if you’re starting out, a budgetary limit and avoiding overbetting can help make it a positive experience.

5. Stay up to date with the event

Taking place over 10 days, we recommend staying up to date with the event as it progresses if you’re interested in betting. For example, knowing the Group performance of each team will help guide Play-In bets.

How to Watch BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2023

As one of the most accessible events of the year, YouTube and Twitch are definitely offering coverage.
In addition, as announced at the Paris Major, is a viable streaming service.
Notably, it’s thanks to live streaming that live betting is possible. Find operators which offer CSGO live betting to make this a reality.

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