Valorant Champions Tour Predictions

Posted on February 15, 2022 - Last Updated on February 18, 2022

Valorant was first announced in early 2020 as a brand new shooter that combined elements of Overwatch and CS:GO. Since it was released, the game has slowly gained ground and established itself as one of the titans of competitive esports. Seeing an opportunity to push the envelope and test new ideas, Riot announced their first official tournament circuit – Valorant Champions Tour.

The general idea behind the tournament was to provide competitive Valorant action all year round. Separated in two distinct stages, the tournament offers a progression system where teams first have to go through the Challengers, in hopes to proceed further into Masters, and then to ultimately land themselves a spot in the Champions stage.

Valorant Champions Tour 2022 features teams from all around the world, but more precisely from seven unique regions: North America, EMEA, Brazil, Latin America, Japan, APAC, and Korea.

We would like to go over some of the most promising teams participating in the tournament, analyse their performance, and offer some possible predictions and point out potential betting opportunities. But first, we’ll cover the Valorant Champions Tour format and schedule.

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Valorant Champions Tour Format

The timeline of this Valorant tournament is well thought out, and pretty straight forward. The two main stages are spread out throughout the year, with most of the year being filled out by Challengers and Masters, layered one after the other. Champions, being the final stage, is the apex of the event and will last for two weeks.

There will be a total of two Masters events throughout the course of the year, scheduled for April and July, and two Challengers events to fill the void between. Also, the tournament will have a Last Chance Qualifier, which will be held right before Valorant Champions. Finally, the event will conclude in September when the final, and most important Champions stage will commence.

Challengers – this is a system with two tournaments scheduled over 6 weeks. Each tournament has its own Open Qualifier. The top four teams from the previous tournament qualify directly to the next one, and bypass the next series of Open Qualifiers.

Finally, only a set number of slots are reserved for teams that will proceed into the Masters.

VCT predictions

Masters Qualification:

  • North America – 2 slots
  • EMEA – 3 slots
  • Brazil – 1/2 slots
  • Korea – 1 slots
  • Japan – 1 slots
  • APAC – 2 slots
  • Latin America – 1/2 slots

Masters – a total of 12 teams will compete in the Masters tournament and battle for points to qualify for the final Champions stage of the event. Only some of those teams will qualify directly, while the remaining teams proceed into the Last Chance Qualifier. The winner of the final Masters event qualifies directly into Champions and earns an additional team spot for their region.

Champions Qualification:

  • North America – 2 slots
  • EMEA – 2 slots
  • Brazil – 1 slots
  • Korea – 1 slot
  • Japan – 1 slot
  • APAC – 2 slots
  • Latin America – 1 slot

Champions – the final two week long event featuring 16 teams in total, 12 qualifying directly from Masters and the last 4 coming from the Last Chance Qualifier. Only the best of the best will reach this point and duke it out for the title.

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Check Out The Teams

The Valorant Champions Tour is the place to be for any competitive team worth their salt. If you’re looking for a challenge, this is it. As such, the tournament will attract some of the most skilled teams and players worldwide, but also prove to be a chance for many up-and-coming young players to test their mettle and potentially make it big.

1. Acend

Acend are currently the best Valorant team in the world, and thus, they occupy the first spot on our list.

Following an excellent first season of Valorant Champions Tour, Acend finished their near-flawless run by winning the final Valorant Champions Tour tournament, Valorant Champions, and establishing themselves at the top.

What makes Acend so strong is not only their skill in battle, but the fact they are one of the rare teams who have kept their team together with minimal roster changes, unlike other Valorant teams who seem to be changing members on a monthly basis. This has led to them forming a strong bond and team synergy that’s not easily broken.

They’re our top pick for anyone who’s looking to do any Valorant Champions Tour betting.

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2. Gambit Esports

The Russian powerhouse has been the strongest team in the CIS Valorant region. While the Valorant scene was preoccupied with NA and Sentinels’ unstoppable run, Gambit Esports was lurking in the shadows and waiting for an opportunity to present itself.

That opportunity came during VCT Stage 3 Masters in Berlin, where the Russian squad completely outclassed the opposition and easily secured the first spot. This was also the first time we saw Sentinels falter and not only lose a map, but get eliminated early.

Gambit Esports has an incredible lineup capable of adapting to any situation. They’ve got great aim and can execute powerful strategies that their opponents might not be ready for. They’ll definitely be the team to watch out for if you’re going to be doing any Valorant Champions betting.

3. Sentinels

This American squad has proven to be a force to be reckoned with, after winning every single NA tournament they competed in. Not only did they dominate their own region, but they continued their onslaught in the Masters events.

The Stage 2 Masters in Reykjavík was the first Valorant LAN event and an opportunity for Sentinels to test their skills against squads from other regions. Sentinels finished the tournament without losing a single map. TenZ was an MVP in this tournament and joined the organisation full-time soon after the tournament ended.

While Sentinels have fallen off slightly by the time Valorant Champions came, they still have some of the best Valorant players and have great Valorant odds of winning the tournament.

4. Vision Strikers

While most of the attention is being directed towards the NA and EU scene in Valorant right now, many remain unaware of the incredible danger coming from Korea. Vision Strikers is a team that can only be described with one word – unstoppable. Rarely do we find a team so successful at what they’re doing, but here we’ve got one.

The crew from Korea is fully stacked with former professional CS:GO players. These guys mean business. If that’s not enough to convince you already, let’s take a look at their success so far. They have won almost every single tournament they attended and completely dominated the Korean region. No other team comes even close.

However, the team still struggles to establish itself in the global scene, where they have to contend with much tougher opponents. Still, they’re one of the top teams in today’s Valorant esports and definitely deserve a spot on this list.

5. Cloud9

This might come as a bit of a surprise for many, especially those who followed the early stages of the first Valorant Champions Tour season.


Back in 2021, Cloud9 was not in a good spot. They had mixed results and were not really on anyone’s radar. To make matters worse, TenZ, the star player of Sentinels, was a part of Cloud9 back then and was completely underutilized.

However, by the time Valorant Champions came, Cloud9 managed to regain their strength and somehow qualified for the tournament. Against all VCT betting odds, they survived the group stage and ended up being the only NA team left in the Playoffs.

Since then, the team has been performing on a different level. They’re currently one of the best lineups in North America, if not the world. They’re a great option if you’re looking for some safe VCT bets in the Valorant Champions Tour.

Valorant Champions Tour – Betting Predictions

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If the previous Valorant Champions Tour season taught us anything, it’s that making early predictions is nearly impossible. So much can change in one year, and teams that were once strong can easily fall from grace. But regardless, we’ll take our best shot!

Acend and Gambit Esports are both giants in their own rights, and they both have great Valorant Champions Tour betting odds. However, if we were to pit them against each other, we’d have to go with Acend.

These two teams faced off in the Valorant Champions grand final last year, and at the end of the best-of-five match, Acend were the ones left standing. However, that was an incredibly close match.

And then there’s Sentinels, the team that was completely on fire for the majority of Valorant Champions Tour last year. They demolished their own region and the first two Masters events. It was only at the very end that they ran out of gas. Whether it was due to overconfidence or the other teams simply catching up, it’s still unclear.

But even in their weakened state, Sentinels are still one of the best teams even now. TenZ is still in top shape, and so is the rest of the team. They do look a bit rusty compared to last year, but just like many other teams, they can always recover and come out stronger. We still place Sentinels as the best North American team. If you’re looking to place some Valorant Champions Tour betting odds, pick Sentinels and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Finally, we’re left with Vision Strikers and Cloud9.

Cloud9 has some great potential and we certainly see them making it out of the VCT Challengers. To say they’ll win the Masters is still a stretch, but not impossible. And as for Vision Strikers, we believe they’ll once again conquer the Korean region and find an easy spot at Masters. The real test will be to survive the Masters, and that’s something this team was struggling with in the past.

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