World Of Tanks Odds: Get the Best WoT Betting Odds


World Of Tanks is known to be one of the most uniquely themed games available. Due to the high amount of users it has reached, many platforms have decided to integrate its competitive world into the eSports roster. In this way, we can get a lot of bookmakers that have World Of Tanks in their sports selection.

With this arrival, the search for great odds has become imminent. For this reason, we decided to bring you a guide that will give you the lowdown on the odds for the competitive World Of Tanks title.

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Understanding World Of Tanks odds

Within this market, you will find that the esports odds work similarly to any other sport. Mainly you will have 3 types of odds:

  • American
  • Decimal
  • Fractional

These only differ in their physical appearance and the type of platforms on which you will find them. Thus, they work in the same way and only represent the possible winnings you will have in case your bet is correct.

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Popular markets in World Of Tanks

As with other eSports, some markets can be more popular than the rest. In the case of World Of Tanks betting, the most popular type of bet is on the map winner, but there are other less frequent markets. We mainly mention the following markets in World Of Tanks:

  • Map Winner: Betting on who will win the map in the event.
  • First blood: Bet on who will make the first kill on the map.
  • The max number of kills: Bet on who will perform the most kills on each map and the encounter.

Factors affecting the World Of Tanks odds on bets

There can always be changes in the odds of World Of Tanks events, especially in live betting. This is closely related to the performance and ranking of the teams involved in the event.

At this point, it is also necessary to consider the skill of the players in the match. A player’s poor form may influence the odds of the event.

Finally, the odds can be affected by the playing history between opponents. This is one of the most relevant points, as it is from history that the statistics on which the odds are set are constructed.

Strategies for Analysing World Of Tanks odds

To have a better chance of winning at World Of Tanks betting you will need to consider several elements. Here we include:

  • Performance of the teams in previous matches of the event or latest events
  • Their styles of play
  • News and even the goal that is managed in the competition

If you want to develop a successful strategy, check out our esports betting strategy section for some handy tips.

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The role of the bookmakers in World Of Tanks odds

When it comes to odds, pretty much everything is defined by the bookmaker. Therefore, it is the most important entity that will set the odds on the event.

When reviewing an event you will come across different odds values. This is produced by the bookmakers’ profit margin, which can be more or less large. Ideally, you should choose the bookmakers with the lowest margins so that you always have attractive odds where you will profit.

Where to find the best World Of Tanks odds

You already know what the World Of Tanks odds are, now you just need to know where to find the best odds. Here is a list of the best odds at the moment.

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To Sum Up

As in every betting market, the most important thing is the odds. As you can see, World Of Tanks is no exception and the odds are very similar to any other sport or eSport. So, to get the best odds, all you have to do is keep track of the performance of its protagonists along with attractive odds platforms. This way, you are virtually assured of great odds with juicy winnings.


Where to find the best World of Tanks odds?

You can find the best World of Tanks odds at various bookmakers, but to save you the trouble we’ve prepared a list of the best esports betting sites for you to check out. These are the best betting platforms where you’ll find the top World of Tanks odds.

How to develop a successful World of Tanks betting odds strategy?

To create the best possible strategy, you need to do some digging up. Check all the teams and their past performance to best evaluate their overall strength. Keep up to date with current World of Tanks esports events and see how each team plays. Once you’ve gotten a good grasp of things, you’ll be able to make more accurate predictions while betting on WoT odds.