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It’s shocking to realize that World of Tanks has been around longer than CSGO. Although WoT doesn’t have the same popularity and activity that CSGO has, it is today a true leader of its genre. If you want to bet on one of the most beloved MMO warfare-based games in esports, we’ve got all the information you need—from the best World of Tanks betting sites to World of Tanks betting tips and tournaments.

Recommended World of Tanks Betting Sites

Having a hard time finding bookies that offer WoT betting markets? These are our recommended World of Tanks betting sites:

How to Bet on World of Tanks

Regarding World of Tanks gambling, you can only bet on Random battles nowadays. Ranked battles—which included rank points and regulated the WoT hierarchy—used to be part of the WoT betting landscape until it was phased out after the 2021-2022 season. As a result, most bookies don’t have markets for Ranked battles anymore.

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Some World of Tanks gambling sites (like GG.Bet), however, still offer WoT markets for official tournaments. If you visit these sites regularly, you may eventually get the chance to bet on high-stakes WoT games. It wouldn’t be ideal to keep waiting for these games though as they normally have the same gambling markets as Random.

Check out our GG.Bet review to learn more about the features of one of the sites offering WoT betting markets.

World of Tanks Betting Markets

While there are 30 players in a standard WoT lobby, most World of Tanks odds available for betting today are distributed to only a few straightforward markets. Unlike in CSGO betting, new World of Tanks bettors aren’t at risk of being overwhelmed by a bunch of digits floating on their screen.

These are the main World of Tanks betting markets you’ll likely see available in your bookie:

  • Winner – Bet on the winner of the game or, in some rare matchups, the series.
  • Map Winner – Bet on the winner of a particular map in a series.
  • Total Maps – Bet on whether you think a game or series will be settled in under or over a specific number of games. In a best of three, for instance, you can either bet under 2.5 if you think the series won’t get to the third map or bet over 2.5 if you think otherwise.
  • Draw – Bet on a game ending in a draw.
  • Base Captured – Bet on a game ending with a base being captured.
  • Handicap – Bet on a team with a handicap on the number of players. A -5.5 handicap means a team must win with 6 players tops.
  • Total – Bet on the number of tanks that will remain standing by the end of a map. For an “over 20.5” bet to succeed, a total of 9 tanks should remain standing and 21 tanks destroyed.

Tips for Betting on WoT

The first tip is to take advantage of whatever esports betting bonus you can activate. It may be extremely hard to find promos that are exclusive to World of Tanks in the present times, but with the best WoT bookies, there are always broad incentives that apply to a wide range of titles.

Also, comparing World of Tanks odds is never a bad idea—as is comparing odds of whatever title you’re planning to bet on. With the number of World of Tanks betting sites constrained to a single digit, this shouldn’t take much effort.

World of Tanks Esports

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Image Credit: World of Tanks

World of Tanks has a unique esports scene. Granted, the professional WoT league was terminated when ended the Grand Finals—WoT’s annual event—in 2017. However, a huge portion of the spirit of that league remained.

At the time of writing, there are a ton of esports tournaments that continue to pit the best tankers in the game against each other, often to the entertainment of WoT bettors and WoT esports subscribers.

World of Tanks Tournaments

So, what are these World of Tanks tournaments, exactly? To give you a quick rundown, here are some of the most recent WoT events:

  • Global Map Season 20 (March 2023)
  • Clan Showdown (March 2023)
  • World of Tanks Intercontinental Invitational (January 2023)
  • Global Map Season 19 (December 2022)

On top of these, the Grand Finals used to run every year as WoT’s flagship event, starting in 2014 and lasting until 2017. The prize pool in this prestigious WoT tournament was $300,000.

Players can also find and join exclusive tournaments by heading to the World of Tanks website and visiting the tournaments page.

Where to Watch World of Tanks Esports

World of Tanks frequently goes live on the official World of Tanks Twitch account to host streams and showcase gameplay.

Other famous Twitch streams include Mouzakrobat (Dutch) and Dakillzor (English). For those who prefer to watch WoT content on YouTube, QuickBaby is the most subscribed WoT channel.

Note that the bookies listed above have a livestream feature that allows you to watch the WoT games you’re betting on in real-time.

Understanding World of Tanks

By the time World of Tanks launched its English version in 2011, the game had already taken Russian gamers by storm. Initially released in the CIS region in 2010, World of Tanks has outlived hundreds of video game titles for more than a decade.

How did it withstand the test of time and appeal to a broad audience for such a long time? For one, the game features over 200 tanks from countries like America, Britain, China, France, and the USSR. This immediately incorporates some sense of tribalism in the game, something heightened during regional tournaments.

There’s also the perfect balance between basic game mechanics and complex strategies. In a standard game, you play as one of the fifteen tanks in the field—thirty in all including the enemies. Yet the game mechanics boil down to simple point-and-shoot controls.

World of Tanks Betting FAQs

What are the different types of World of Tanks bets?

You can place your World of Tanks bets on markets including Winner, Map Winner, Total Maps, Handicap, Draw, Base Capture, and Total.

Which are the most popular World of Tanks tournaments?

The League Grand Finals was among the most popular World of Tanks tournaments until dissolved the game’s professional league into various regional competitive scenes.

How do I choose a betting site for World of Tanks?

To have the best World of Tanks gambling experience, find the bookies that offer the best World of Tanks odds and a set of inclusive promos that you can claim in any video game title.
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