Age of Empires Odds: Get the Best Betting Odds for AoE


One of the most famous RTS games of all time is Age Of Empires. This legendary game has even managed to carve out a place for itself in the esports world, having a large competitive scene full of spectators. Such has been its reach that it has come to be included as one of the top markets in every bookmaker’s market.

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For high rollers, it is very important to locate the best odds in the market. However, not everyone is aware of this important element, especially in the case of Age Of Empires. For this reason, here we bring you a guide to understanding the workings and importance of odds in this strategy game.

Understanding Age Of Empires Odds

Just like in any other market, odds define how much money you can win on a winning bet. However, there are multiple types of odds in the betting market. Here are some of the most commonly applied odds in the Age Of Empires betting world:

  • American odds: Are expressed in positive and negative numbers. To know your potential profit, you only need to divide the odds by 100 and multiply the result by the amount bet.
  • Decimal odds: Arranged in units with decimals. The potential profit is equal to the amount bet by the odds.
  • Fractional odds: These are fractions where the first number indicates the potential win if you bet the second number.
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Popular Age Of Empires markets

In all esports, some markets are more popular than the rest, and Age Of Empires is no exception. Here you can find different types of markets, giving you the chance to bet on both rare points and more traditional ones. Here are some of the markets you’ll be able to get yourself:

  • Map Winner: This refers to the winner of the game map
  • Game Winner: Bets on the winner of the most maps to emerge victorious in the game.
  • Highest resource collection: Bets on the player with the highest resource collection during the game. Can be of different resources depending on the betting platform.

Factors affecting Age Of Empires odds on betting

Esports odds can also be modified depending on different factors. These include the performance and statistics of the team or the skills and momentum of the players. It is also possible that the odds may be modified during the live event depending on the events occurring in the game.

Age Of Empires Odds Analysis Strategies

As with any other sport, you can determine what the odds of an event will be. However, this is no easy task. You need to do your research on the players and teams involved.

It is also advisable to check out each player’s style of play so that you have an idea of who will be favoured. In addition, you should keep up to date with changes in the game and what the current goal is. Follow our advanced strategy to beat the bookies.

The role of bookmakers in the Age Of Empires odds

Bookmakers are the entities that provide the odds. For this reason, you can get different types of odds depending on the platform you are betting on. These platforms follow their criteria and algorithms to determine the ideal odds without making a loss. You should also check and calculate the Bookmakers’ margin, this will help you choose the one that takes less % of the bets.

Where to find the best Age Of Empires odds

As the odds are variable, you must know some of the most prominent platforms in the Age Of Empires odds market.

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To Sum Up

The way the Age Of Empires odds work is the same as you can find in other markets. However, the only variable point is the markets you will encounter.

These include esports bets on the winner of the game and less common ones such as higher resource collection, the achievement of an objective or some other non-primary requirement in the round. Even so, the changes in odds are the same as in other markets, so you should always focus on finding the best option among the betting platforms.


What Age of Empires odds are there?

There are three main Age of Empires odds you’ll see at every bookie. Those are American, Decimal and Fractional odds. Of course, there are other interesting odds you’ll find, but these three are the most common ones.

What are the popular Age of Empires odds markets?

While there are quite a few Age of Empires odds markets, you’ll find that these three are the most common ones – Map Winner, Game Winner and Highest Resource Collection. Play around with all three and see which one you like the most.