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Dota 2 is one of the most popular games in the world today and home to millions of fans across the globe. It came as a sequel to the incredible community mod of the old-school Warcraft 3 – Defense of the Ancients. Over time, the game evolved from a popular pastime into an esports sensation. These days, Dota 2 features perhaps the most polished Moba experience on the market and has thus attracted the best Dota 2 teams in the world.

Dota 2 teams may shift in power as time passes, depending from season to season, but some names will forever be etched in history and command respect to this day. We’ll mention the top 10 best Dota 2 teams in 2022, and we’ll list them according to the current Dota 2 team rankings as well as their total team statistics.

Top 10 Dota 2 Team Rankings

This will be our top 10 list of the best Dota 2 teams in the world in 2022. Some of these teams will make their appearance at this year’s TI11, and they’re also listed in our Dota 2 The International betting guide.

The list will go through all the teams from top to bottom, and we’ll begin with our number one spot.

1. Team Spirit

best dota 2 team - team spirit

Better known as the International 10 Champions, Team Spirit is the newest member to join the best Dota 2 teams club with some of the best Dota 2 players. The defending champs sealed their tickets to TI11 after winning the PGL Arlington Major 2022 against PSG.LGD.

We haven’t seen much of Team Spirit’s action for a good half of DPC 2022, so the major victory against their long-time rival, PSG.LGD, was the assurance fans needed to know they are indeed the best Dota 2 team of 2022. As such, the dream of becoming a two-time champion is very much possible.


dota 2 teams PSG LGD

Speak of the devil, PSG.LGD is constantly up against different rivals for that number one spot as the best Dota 2 team. This Chinese esports giant has been on fire since securing runner-up at TI8, TI9, and securing the spot at The International 11.

The closest they came to winning The International was in 2018 when they lost to OG in the Grand Final or the same enactment at TI10 against Team Spirit. They’ve worked hard and prepared well, so we’ll see whether luck will serve them this time.

If anything, that’s a testament to PSG.LGD’s perseverance and consistency as a powerhouse which has been on the grand finals stage more than any team.

3. Team OG

team OG

OG find themselves in the middle of our list as they’re currently neck-to-neck with Team Aster. The OG namesake is the legendary back-to-back International winner ( TI 2018 and TI 2019 ) and is one of the highest-earning Dota 2 teams.

Despite the retirement of its founding players, OG still finds similar success with new blood, following their run in DPC 2022. The boys, which include Yuragi, bzm, ATF, Taiga, and Misha, are the proclaimed successors. They share an uncanny attitude in their games, whereby they would taunt the opponents with voice lines. While many cheer on the OG spirit, some others see it as mere copycats of their former predecessors’ glory.

Regardless, OG has time-to-time recuperated from past losses, showing that the current OG isn’t just all talk.

4. Team Aster

team aster

As the runner-up at PGL Arlington Major 2022, second only to Spirit and LGD, fans were baffled when Aster got overwhelmed by OG at ESL One Malaysia 2022. Considering how blatantly Aster shows that they don’t enjoy OG’s taunting attitude, Aster’s loss was a wake-up call.

Regardless, Aster is still among the best Dota 2 teams to represent China, and at 1610 DPC points. They are considered a formidable opponent on the same tier as the aforementioned.

5. Beastcoast


Hailing from the South American scene, beastcoast is among the staples to represent its region in most majors and TI Championships.

For a team that rivals the top spots on DPC Team Leaderboard, beastcoast is heavily underrated. They have shown to be able to go against past powerhouse teams, and defeat other regions’ best Dota 2 teams.

Beastcoast certainly has a history of accomplishments to back their recent performance, as the roster represented Infamous at TI6. It was also that debut, which set the record for highest prize pool winnings a SA team achieved in Dota 2 history.

6. Entity


Entity is yet another worthy newcomer among the best Dota 2 teams, and had a different journey to qualify for TI11. Entity’s rise to fame occurred only during the DPC Tour 3, which meant that they wouldn’t have enough DPC points to qualify into top twelve on DPC Leaderboard. Even if Entity can win first place at PGL Arlington Major.

Nevertheless, Entity proves that they are TI-worthy, after all, by securing their TI11 ticket via the TI11 regional qualifier for Western European teams. We already have three WEU teams that secured direct invites to TI11 (via top twelve finishes on DPC Leaderboard). However, Entity showcased their proficiency during the latest major and qualifier to prove that they are indeed on top.

7. Fnatic

best dota 2 teams fnatic

This wouldn’t be a proper list without mentioning the Southeast Asian powerhouse – Fnatic. These guys have been very active in the 2022 DPC season, achieving 1020 DPC points and narrowly securing twelfth place on DPC Leaderboard.

Fnatic has had a round and close DPC run after considering that they played with three stand-ins at PGL Arlington Major. Although BOOM Esports ranked much higher on DPC, we would put Fnatic at a more reliable placing among the best Dota 2 teams. Fnatic hasn’t had a roster change before the DPC 2022, so it’s a very stable roster to rely upon, especially in Dota 2 predictions for the upcoming group stage games at TI11.

8. Thunder Awaken

best dota 2 teams thunder awaken

Featuring another SA candidate, Thunder Awaken surely sheds light on the region for producing quality teams. Jokes aside, the team is a rising star among the best Dota 2 teams who have been around since the beginning of DPC 2022.

The Thunder Awaken squad is formerly from NoPing e-sports, a SA squad that wasn’t very popular even by its local scene standards.

Yet, the squad had a massive impact in last season’s majors, which was how TA eventually scouted them out and signed them. As their first TI debut this year, they are certainly capable of taking on The International 11 competition.

9. BOOM Esports

best dota 2 teams boom esports

Mushi’s squad is one of the best Dota 2 teams in Southeast Asia, bolstering the region with a decent all-rounder squad. Although they managed to qualify for TI11 with 1482 DPC points in seventh place, BOOM struggles against the international competition.

BOOM’s playstyle is relatively standard and typically around the Dota 2 meta, which is likely why we haven’t seen BOOM deliver more phenomenal results.

1o. Evil Geniuses

evil geniuses dota 2 team

EG is one of the oldest teams in North America, created in late 2011, and has been a controversial option to be in the best Dota 2 teams. Well, at the very least, in North America.

According to the latest Dota Pro Circuit rankings, EG holds the number one spot with a mediocre score of 1052 DPC points to secure eleventh place. EG kept most of its roster identical to its past season, except for a change in offlane player, who is now Nightfall.

Even so, many fans highlight the pain point of EG’s recent performance in recent majors: their stale draft and unwillingness to switch up their hero picks. Just based on one instance at the ESL One Stockholm Major, EG picked Storm Spirit in fifty per cent of their matches, which is a lot considering opponents ban the hero from EG as often too.

Nevertheless, if there’s one NA candidate we would opt for any Dota 2 tournaments, it’s still EG. The EG squad is always performing great in their own region and remains one of the main contenders for the Dota 2 The International 2022 title.


This has been our top 10 list of some of the best Dota 2 teams in 2022. The gist is that the rankings in Dota 2 are constantly changing depending on the performance of each team, so we can expect these to shift slightly in the near future.

Nevertheless, the teams we have listed here are incredibly strong, with top rosters consisting of young prodigies and in some cases, the best Dota 2 streamers. Let us know what your favorite Dota 2 teams are, and share your thoughts on our Twitter.