BC.Game JB Coin Guide: How Can I Use the JB Currency in BC.Game?

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The BC.Game JB Coin is an essential part of this crypto casino site, but not everyone understands what this coin actually is. So we’ve put together this handy guide that explains what the JB coin is, how you can get it and how you can use it.

This means that you should get a much better feeling of what BC.Game is all about. Take a look below, and you’ll quickly understand why the BC.Game JB Coin is so important.

What is JB in BC.Game?

  • A JB Coin is an in-house currency that’s used at the BC.Game crypto casino site.
  • While a JB Coin cannot be deposited, withdrawn or exchanged, it can be used to test out the games at BC.Game.
  • This means that you can use a JB Coin to see which slots are the most fun to play, which table games might be worth a try, and why those BC Originals are so popular.

We should note that a JB Coin is different from the BCD coin that also features at BC.Game.

BCD is a kind of in-game currency that has to be unlocked through wagering before you can make a withdrawal of it.

JB Coin is a kind of credit that you simply use for fun. Perfect for enjoying all that BC.Game has to offer without it costing you any money.

Find out how to unlock BCD on BC.Game here.

How to get BC.Game’s JB currency

The good news is that BC.Game understands just how important its JB Coins are and it gives you many different ways to get them.

So here’s a look at just some of the ways that you can get JB Coin from this crypto casino:

  • Signing up to BC.Game: You’ll receive a good dose of JB Coin simply for signing up to BC.Game for the first time. This can be done in a matter of minutes and you’ll just have to provide your email, come up with a username and password, and then you’ll be the proud new owner of lots of free JB Coins.
  • Losing JB Coins: That’s right, if you lose your JB Coins, you can simply claim some more just by hitting the Tasks button at the top of the screen. Here you will see the Relief tab which can be activated when you lose all of your JB Coins. Doing this will let you pick up 188 JB Coins for free every day.
  • Making deposits: You’ll know that the BC.Game bonus for new customers will match your first four deposits with potentially a lot of extra wagering credit. Well, the same is true when you complete the Top-Up task. Here, you just have to deposit a few coins and then you’ll get 100 JB Coins for every dollar that you put down. What’s best is that you can get up to 30,000 JB Coins each and every day by doing this.


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Why BC Game JB gaming is so much fun

There are a couple of reasons why we think that you should take the time to get some JB Coins:

  • Free gaming: Sure, you’re not going to win anything with JB Coins, but you still get to play some of the world’s best casino games for free. This means that you could get lots of practice in before you try playing with your own money. After all, everyone gets hit with some losses sooner or later, so it’s probably best if this happens when you’re using JB Coins.
  • Lucky Spin: One of our favourite things about JB Coins is the fact that you can use them on the BTC spin game. So you can therefore think of a JB Coin as a kind of BC.Game free spin that could be used to earn some potentially massive crypto prizes. Here, every spin will cost you 5,000 JB Coins, although your first spin will be free.

Your resource for getting a BC.Game JB Coin

We’ve shown you that a BC.Game JB Coin offers you a great way to test out your gaming skills at this crypto casino without it costing you a single penny. Sure, you can’t use JB Coin like you can with your own money, but it still means that you get a great way to find out which games to play and which to avoid.

Plus we loved the fact that JB Coins can be used to play the awesome BTC game where a winning spin could earn you some major prizes. This is enough to show that this crypto casino’s innovation didn’t just stop with a BC.Game shitcode! So be sure to sign up to the site and get your BC.Game JB Coin.

Get 300% Match Up Within 20 Minutes Upon Registration
Up To $20,000
Sign Up & Get Rewards
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Frequently Asked Questions

As a platform-specific cryptocurrency, JB Coins are used to test games out on BC.Game. Think of them as ‘tester tokens’ per se — coins which you can’t withdraw or exchange, but can use to experience all that BC.game has on offer.

Yes, 100%. The purpose of JB Coins is to allow you to experience the thrills of BC.game and all it has to offer without having to deposit real funds. Remember, through, JB Coins are not worth anything and so to experience the pure excitement of betting at BC.Game you will need to deposit real funds.

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