BC.Game Crash Guide: On Strategy, Using a Predictor & Other Tricks

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Welcome to our guide to playing BC.Game Crash. We’ll explain to you what the Crash game is, how to play it, and how to boost your chances of getting something back from this tricky game of chance. This should set you up nicely for making the most of one of the most popular games at this awesome crypto gambling site. So take a look below to see all you need to know about playing BC.Game Crash.

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What is BC.Game Crash?

BC.Game Crash

Crash is a game on the BC.Game crypto casino site. It’s a simple game of chance produced by BC Originals where you’ll see a white dot representing a rocket travelling across a graph diagonally to the upper right corner. As the dot travels onwards, it will pass various multipliers before going ‘bang’.

Your job is to make predictions on how far the dot or rocket travels before it explodes. You can back these predictions up with a bet. If you predict correctly, you’ll win back your stake multiplied by the multiplier passed. If you predict wrong and the dot explodes before it reaches the multiplier, you’ll lose your stake.

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However, there’s a twist here as you can cash out your bet in real-time. This means that once the dot has started travelling up, you can cancel your bet before the dot explodes and get a winning result. Obviously, the further the dot travels, the better the multipliers become, but the less likely it is to happen. It’s a simple concept but endlessly enjoyable!

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How to play BC.Game Crash

It’s so easy to play Crash and you can get started in a couple of minutes. You can play Crash direct from your browser or through the BC.Game app. Here’s how you can go from signing up to Crash to getting that first massive multiplier win!

  • Create your BC.Game account: You can sign up just by providing your email address.
  • Make a deposit: You can do so with a variety of cryptos including Bitcoin.
  • Get your welcome bonus: Pick up your BC.Game bonus for new customers which will match your qualifying deposit with plenty of extra credit.
  • Navigate to Crash: Click on the Casino tab in the sidebar, select BC Originals and then hit the Crash icon.
  • Start betting: Tap on the Bet icon and enter your stake. Now you’ll be able to predict which multiplier you want to cash out on, or save your cash out until the dot has started travelling.

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Can you use a BC.Game Crash predictor?

Nice try but sadly not! BC.Game ensures that Crash is provably fair and this can be seen in its return to player percentage of 99%. This means that Crash only produces random results that cannot be doctored by BC.Game or anyone else. So don’t let anyone tell you that they’ve got a predictor that works for Crash!

bc.game crash strategy

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The best BC.Game Crash strategy

You should always play carefully when you try your luck on Crash. After all, it’s a provably fair game of chance which means that all of the results are completely random. It doesn’t matter whether the last round served up a 50x multiplier or a 1.5x multiplier as it’ll have no effect on the next round.

This means that you’ve got a pretty high chance of losing your bets and therefore you should only play with money you don’t mind losing. Our advice is therefore to set yourself a sensible budget and stick to it.

Plus you’ll notice that most other gamers will tend to cash out their bets around the 2x multiplier mark. This means that you won’t necessarily get the highest multipliers, but you’ll at least stand a better chance of getting something back from this game of chance.

As well as these tips, you could consider implementing some of these popular betting systems into your BC.Game crash strategy:

  • Martingale betting system: Here you will double your bet after each win.
  • Labouchere betting strategy: This is where you raise your betting stake by an equal amount to half of the previous bet after each win.
  • Paroli betting system: Here you will double your bet if you win, but leave your betting stake unchanged if you lose.

bcgame crash game

Some cool BC.Game Crash tricks to try

We’re always happy to share our expert BC.Game tips and tricks, and so we couldn’t leave a game like Crash out of this! Take a look below to see some great ways to get more back from playing Crash:

  • Try the Trenball feature: Once you’ve got used to the Classic version of Crash, it might be worth giving the Trenball option a try. This is where you have to wager on a red, green or yellow line colour that each features their own chances of winning. A great way to mix things up.
  • Look at the Trend Chart: BC.Game handily includes a trend chart that you can use to see how Crash has played out in the last few rounds. Remember that each result is random and independent of the previous one, but it can still be a good way to figure out what your chances are of getting a decent multiplier.
  • Use your bonuses: BC.Game has a massive range of bonuses that you can use to get credit as stakes for playing Crash. These range from the sign up bonus to cool deals like the Where’s Coco Bonus. It might also be worth hunting around the player chatroom and forum to see if you can find a BC.Game shitcode as these deals can give you lots of extra credit to play with.
  • Use the hotkeys: You can use hotkeys to get a much faster way to play. Here you can quickly half or double your bet amount as well as put your bet down via your keyboard rather than your mouse. Great for those split-second decisions.
  • Bet high on low multipliers: This is a cool trick where you bet a large amount and preselect a very low multiplier. Here you’ll have a strong chance of making a win and even the lowest multiplier could make it worthwhile.
  • Bet low on high multiplier: Here you’ll be wagering with very low stakes but aiming at the higher multipliers. Not a trick that you’ll win to often but the rewards could make it well worthwhile.

bc.game crash predictor

Check back for updates about BC.Game Crash

It’s clear that Crash is a hugely popular casino game and it’s easy to see why. After all, there’s something endlessly fun about being able to cash your bets out before the little rocket explodes. Plus the fact that it’s got a generous house edge means that you’ve got a strong chance of getting something back from this game.

Of course, Crash isn’t the only game like this, but BC.Game has been careful to keep it updated with cool extra features like the Trenball option. All of which means that you should get that BC.Game bonus and try your luck on this innovative crypto casino game!

Frequently asked questions

Does BC.Game offer Crash in its casino?

Yes, BC.Game offers Crash, a popular game that allows you to bet on the multiplier of a game round and cash out before the round is over. You’ll find Crash in the Casino section under the heading BC Originals.

Where can I play the Crash casino game?

The Crash casino game can be played at BC.Game – a legit crypto casino. You can play Crash using a range of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, XRP, BNB and others.


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